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The Main Tips When Designing New Web Portal

Today it becomes a common trend to create own websites. Many organizations, business institutions and even ordinary persons have their own portals which spread useful and may be even helpful for others information. Thus it is very significant that your portal should be easily and without any troubles explored. It must offer visitors all needful information in a very short period of time. If your portal pleases users’ needs and inquiries it will get high traffic in a very short period of time.
Before the web portal type choice the next points and questions should be resolved and taken into notice. Try to answer the following questions for yourself and determine beforehand what kind of site you want to receive finally.
1) Set the purpose with which you create your site either it is done for money earning or may be just for entertainment. A lot of portals in Net are created with the purpose of money getting offering various products or some other costly stuff. Such content type is paid that is visitors should pay money for material they receive. But the greater deal of web portals proposes their free of charge stuff. Sites which have intensions to gain money that operates with business purposes worry about their rates and positions among other portals in search engines. Such websites try to increase their attendance with various possible ways because site traffic influences greatly on money earned for their existence. 2) What site demands from its visitorsc There are portals which users can visit without any obstacles, but there are such ones which require from users their contacts, sometimes money for site attendance and more frequently registration.
There are portals which bear static and dynamic character. Of course sites which are dynamic that enlarge and refresh their content enjoy greater popularity than that ones which content remains the same starting from time when it was created.
Possessing great amount of material popular site should have easy for handling system of content management. For example all movies at PornOxo are grouped into niches or categories.
3) What words users should insert in search engines in order to discover your site in Netc
Each portal should have its own so called keywords in accordance with portal stuff or even domain title.
4) Supply your portal with some options which can help to investigate your site. For instance with “Log in” section for receiving advanced options like leaving comments as at PornOxo, “Download” site content on computer, “Post e-mails” and so on.
5) For whom this site will be predeterminedc Who will visit it – constant I-net user or maybe inexperienced personc Of course great part depends on portal content – either it has business or entertaining character. Be aware of site content. It must be clear and easy to understand for any user who will attend your portal. If there are such terms or words which need explanation make at your site explanatory dictionary to simplify stuff management and understanding.
6) Be aware of the main ways to promote your site. Think over about your portal advertisement through the whole Net world.

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  1. I am planning to open a online store.. what website provides professional service and is east to setup?
    I am planning to open a online store.. what website provides professional service and is east to setup?

    Also, doesn’t need me to install anything.

  2. Trademark or Copyright my website/professional services?
    Hi! I have a website that seems to be getting more attention lately. It is a website that offers professional services, kinda of like a virtual assistant services we will say. I am about to get an LLC and I’m wondering should I really need a trademark or copyright on anything? I guess I’m not sure what to even trademark or copyright. My worry is I was told by a business man that my website services are new to the world and very ingenious and now I’m afraid of someone stealing I guess. Thank you for your time!

  3. I have never visited the link frankly speaking. But since you have enlisted under web development section, I will sometime definitely visit the one. Thanks for the help!

  4. What is the best website to sell a professional services or non tangible product?
    I am trying to find a way to advertise my company and what I offer. What are some affordable websites to offer a professional service (e.g. maid’s service, a limo Company, insurance, real-estate, etc.) something that would fall into one or more of these categories?

  5. For local services like these, craigslist is excellent, and it’s free. Just be sure to advertise in the right category and the right geographical location.

    You could also try a pay-per-click service, like Google Adwords, but only very carefully. Be sure you understand how it works before you launch a campaign. Read all the FAQs and knowledge base. The basic idea of Adwords is that your ad shows up as a “Sponsored Link” whenever anyone does a Google search for a phrase that matches the keyword phrases you have bid on. Your ad then must link to a small web site (that you set up) where you advertise your services and give contact information.

    You’ll have to include your geographical location in every one of your keywords. Otherwise you’ll end up paying for clicks from people who couldn’t possibly be interested in your services. And you’ll have to set a daily budget that you can afford. Local keywords can be very inexpensive, but be sure you don’t spend too much.

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