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Business Benefits Of Private Clouds

Without a quality web hosting solution, a business will not achieve success in their online business endeavors. Fortunately, businesses now have a web hosting solution that is effective, flexible, and affordable. More businesses are moving to the Private Cloud.

A Private Cloud is a computing platform that includes a private network, private server, and storage hardware. The entire computing platform is dedicated exclusively to one client. Resources are allocated on an as-needed basis. Businesses of all sizes and types are migrating to the private cloud because of the web hosting solutions this innovative web hosting solution offers.

Business Advantages of the Private Cloud

When a business moves to the private cloud, users can configure their cloud platform for their own unique business needs. With a private cloud, a user can customize and configure the cloud platform to meet their own specific enterprise computing needs. As well, there is reduction in the use of physical servers because of virtualization which amounts to significant cost savings.

Another benefit of the private cloud is the cloud host will provide a team of expert technicians that manage all of the technical aspects of the cloud. Down time is reduced or eliminated ensuring high performance and high availability. Customers will always have access to the business’s website. As well, the private cloud’s dynamic scalability and flexibility greatly benefits business. Users can scale up and down as needed which enables the server to efficiently manage sudden spikes in traffic by migrating data and resources to another virtual server.

With the private cloud, in almost an instant a user will receive essential resources. The cloud server, bandwidth, memory, and storage space is constantly monitored by a specific piece of software which will detect when more resources are needed. Resources are automatically re-allocated when needed and they can be turned off when no longer required.

Private Cloud Security Solutions

The Private cloud offers businesses complete protection. There is no need to worry about lost data due to efficient back up and disaster recovery technology. If one server fails, everything will migrate to another server so there is no loss of data. In addition, a business will satisfy SOX, HIPAA, and PCI compliance standards. The cloud host provider offers the latest security technologies. This ensures protection against worms, Trojans, viruses, unauthorized intrusions, DDoS attacks, and more.

Private Cloud Cost Savings Benefit Business

The private cloud offers businesses significant cost savings. With a private cloud hosting plan, resources are charged on a pay-per-use fee structure which is billed on a monthly basis. The payment structure is similar to how you pay your utility bill. You will not pay for more resources than you need which amounts to cost savings.

When a business migrates to a private cloud, they will benefit from virtualization and on-demand pooled resources. The benefits of the private cloud and the business solutions it offers make it a popular choice for all types of enterprise. Check out how a private cloud can help your business grow and prosper.

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    I’m looking for a quality free web hosting service that provides plenty of specs with no advertisements on user pages.

  2. What is the best company, lowest cost and highest quality, for web hosting.?
    I’m hosting my first site, and want to know what is the best company to do it with. I’m currently paying $7.99 for basic service.

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  5. Have you looked at Host4Profit? I use them to host several of my sites. Their support is excellent and they never have any downtime.

  6. who has quality web hosting at the best price?
    looking 4 a spot to register a new domain name where i can get good quality hosting at the best possible price. suggestions please. thx.

  7. powweb is good for forum websites, they have a 1-click full website creator with admin panel

    another good one for this is bluehost

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