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Key Elements In Web Design That Give Your Visitors A Reason To Return

In web design, the technical soundness and the visual appeal of the site are paramount. Yet, many times, despite a good design and the graphics, the website fails to attract a stream of visitors, who can be converted into long-term clients. A probable reason for this trend is lack of value and reason in the design.

In order to attract targeted audience to the site, you need to invest in quality website design and other strategies (read: SEO and PPC) that would bring exposure to the website. Once your website manages to gain a prominent position on the SERPs, a stream of targeted visitors would start visiting the site and browsing through it. A steady traffic to your site is half the battle won; the other half of the battle is won when the visitors keep returning to the site and become your customers.

There are several elements that can be incorporated into the web design including:

1)Call to action- When working on the website design, it is important to strategically position an attractive call to action button with a compelling text that catches the attention of the visitors. This button enables them to take a positive action on your site by either filling up the Contact Us details or signing up for the newsletter. By registering for a subscription or by taking a similar action, the visitor shows his willingness to know more about you and work with you.

2)Offer something that cannot be ignored- This is a common behaviour among customers that whenever there is a special offer or something free is being provided by the company, they always prefer to try it. In case of web design as well, you should integrate a section where you can provide special offers and FREE services for a limited period of time to the visitors. This strategy helps in luring your potential customers and entices them to take the first step of getting in touch with you. Moreover, weekly or monthly offers are also a good reason for these customers to return to the website to check out for other freebies.

3)Demonstrate your specialisation- The content of the website isnt enough in convincing your visitors about your expertise and specialisation. When the visitors see your work, it leaves a strong impression upon them and they feel like working with you. Your work portfolio can be a great way of demonstrating your specialisations. You can also use images and videos to display your expertise.

4)Referral tool- This is another key element of website design that must be integrated in order to engage the visitors and enhance the popularity of your site. The referral tool makes it easy for your customers to refer your site to their friends. Such tools help you track the popularity of your site.

5)Contact information- Your contact page should never be left as a broken link. Rather, you should link it with each of the web page of the site so that the moment your visitor makes up his/her mind to contact you, he can do it with just a click. In the contact us page, you should provide all possible medium through which they can get in touch with you, including phone, email, local address, maps and driving directions.

6)Easy shopping cart solution- In case of e-commerce web design, greater focus should be laid on integrating a strong shopping cart system that facilitates the online shopping experience of the clients. When the customers are able to purchase the desired products through comfortable and reliable source, they end up become loyal customers and recommend your business to others as well.

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About the Author:
At Sigma Infotech, we develop website design that is based on advanced technical knowledge, and is created to enhance user experience. We have the proficiency in developing affordable web design solutions that help you maximise your business potential on the Web.

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  1. What is the cheapest website to design and order quality t-shirts?
    I am in my Junior year in high school and my friends and I were thinking of designing our own class t-shirts online and then having them printed. We would probably be ordering somewhere between 10-20 t-shirts. Does anyone have a good cheap website to do this?

  2. Looking for website design donation?
    I belong to a non-profit organization and we are looking for a new, high quality website design to be donated. Professional designer or design company would get a tax write-off for their time. We would prefer the designer to be in the LA/OC area.

  3. Website design problems. Images poor quality (yahoo sitebuilder)?
    I run a website and some of the pictures I upload seem to come out very poor quality.

    When they are uploaded they are 3mb – but for some reason yahoo converts/compresses to 60kb.

    This means that colours, especially red and black merge together.

    Is there any way to remove this compression tool, or reduce it?

  4. How difficult is it to learn how to design a professional quality website?
    BQ: Which is better: Flash or HTML?

    I want a professional, jazzy website and i’m just not satisfied with the quality of templates/designs that are available through the domain hosting websites like Godaddy or Hostgator. I want a site that looks like I spent some major cash on it. But, I don’t really want to spend the cash.

    Is there a “For Dummies” book on web designing that I can buy to learn as I go? I want to launch a website by the year end and i’m already working on articles for inclusion on the site.

    Is this an unrealistic goal? Also, what software is the best for novice individuals like myself?

    Thank you AGAIN!

  5. Does Anyone Know A Quality Website Design Company in Los Angeles?
    I’m looking for a great website design company location in or around Los Angeles. I’m trying to design a website and get a great website design company to design it for me. I’m interested in Flash, Shopping Cart, Photo Gallery. Any help would be great!

  6. I’d say Zazzle.com excellent quality on shirts and you have the option for public and private purchase!

  7. I know of an amazing website design company located in Los Angeles California. It’s called KryptonicWave or Kwave. KryptonicWave designs high-end and quality websites for affordable prices. The manage website design companies from around the US. Visit http://www.kryptonicwave.com to check them out.

  8. Ok. Here’s the problem.

    Eveybody knows how to draw or paint a picture. Does that means the painting will be a masterpiece? Or does that means that you can create a portrait or a comic book?

    Same applies to Web Design. There are so many tools online that can help you out with your website, including templates, software, free icons, etc. Does that mean that you can make a professional quality website? NO!

    First of all, you gotta learn XHTML and CSS (minimum). JavaScript or jQuery will be a PLUS. But that’s not enough. You have to master these technologies to be a real professional and follow web standards. Keep learning new technologies and how to apply them into your projects. Then you also have to have a good eye and do a ot of testing to make sure your website is error free, cross-browser compatible, user friendly and accessible, etc.

    But most importantly, you gotta have the talent. You can have all the tools, all the knowledge… but if you don’t have the skills or talent to do it, then your website will look amateur-ish.

    Sorry for being pessimistic, but I have to be honest here. Not everybody can design. In fact, I personally know a lot of talented programmers/web developers that simply cannot design. Same with Graphic Designers… I have many friends that are Graphic Designers, good with ads and posters, etc…. but cannot design a website. It requires a different mentallity, different approach, different techniques.

    Now with your questions:

    Q: Which is better: Flash or HTML?
    A: You will need HTML anyways, even if you use Flash. But if you are refering to a site completely in FLASH vs a site completely in HTML then I will have to say HTML. Flash is awesome for animations, etc. but with the existence of jQuery, CSS, etc. you really don’t need FLASH for certain things that developers used to use FLASH for. That’s why you will notice that 90% + of websites are built in HTML.

    Q: Is there a “For Dummies” book on web designing that I can buy to learn as I go?
    A: Yes! There’s a lot of books about design. But… its not just the knoledge or technique. You really need to have the talent.

    Q: Is this an unrealistic goal?
    A: It is not!!! But it will all depend on a lot of factors.

    1) You need to learn the right stuff and practice, practice, practice. And I think 3 months will not be enough.

    2) You need to learn aesthetics and usability. A website is just more than just a pretty site. And this can take you years. I’m a professional and I’m still learning.

    3) You need content for your website. You can have a good looking website but if you don’t have content, then whats the use.
    4) You need time. If you think 3 months is enough, then go for it. But a good quality website can take months… and you still have to learn. and

    5) Talent! If you have talent… if you are artistic… GREAT!!! If you are not, then prepare for lot of frustrations and dissapointments.

    Q: what software is the best for novice individuals like myself?
    A: Free – Aptana. Commercial – Dreamweaver

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