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Watch Bootleg Movies in DVD Quality

Websites have sprouted up all over the internet, enabling people to watch bootleg movies online. These movies are usually in flash video format on streaming video sites such as YouTube, Megavideo, and others. Additionally, there are many movie downloads available on P2P file sharing sites as well. The problem with most of the movies you can watch online or download from these sites is a lack of quality.

Lack of Quality in Most Movie Downloads

If you have tested out some of the streaming bootleg movie sites online, then you have probably noticed that the quality is lacking. The movies on most streaming bootleg movie sites are often presented in flash video format, which does not provide strong resolution or audio. A common problem with flash video is the synchronization of the audio and video throughout the stream. The actor or actress’ lips sometimes speak the words before you hear them. Additionally, since flash video does not require high resolution, it is usually recorded with poor equipment.

Rather than tolerate the decreased quality provided by flash video sites, people often turn to large file sharing sites such as LimeWire, Bittorrent, and others. The issue with downloading a bootleg movie from a large public file sharing site is the saturation of marketing and viruses within movie downloads. Movie downloads from public P2P file sharing sites often contain viruses and unwanted advertising. Additionally, many movie downloads from these sites will only play the first 25 to 30 minutes of the movie and then present an advertisement, which basically states that you must purchase the download from some site to see the full movie.
Finding High Quality Movie Downloads

One option, that does not appeal to many people is paying a monthly membership to gain access to movie downloads. The issue with this is that many of the movies contained in these movie databases have already been released on DVD for some time already. Additionally, paying monthly fees defeats the purpose of attempting to save money on entertainment.

Private file sharing sites can be a very useful source of movie downloads. A good private movie download file sharing site will often have millions of movies. Not only can you find the latest releases, but you can also download TV series and other media such as video games and music as well. Private file sharing sites are different, since they kind of represent the middle ground of file sharing. They do not usually charge monthly fees, but there is usually a one time sign up fee comparable to the price of a few DVD movies at the store.

The reason why these sites are the best source for movie downloads is that they have a support staff, anti-virus software, and their movie downloads are usually in DVD format. Additionally, you can usually download DVD burning software from these sites as well, so that you can keep the chapter selections, when you burn the movie to DVD. If you know where to look, you can find private file sharing sites with millions of downloads available. Finally, you should note that these sites do not limit the number of downloads you perform and they do not bill you after you have paid the one time fee.

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