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Hottest Technology Trends For Future!

2010 and 2011 were known as the years of the cheap tablet PCs and cheap smartphones – where the hottest technology trends were those which were dominated by the touch screens. With Apple shinning brighter than any of its counterparts with the iPhone and the iPad, the precedence was set for the rest of the tech companies to follow.

If technology trends are to be kept in sight, then 2011 was also surely the year that the cloud-based services and their potential were recognized. So with the year almost over, the question that’s popping up in everyone’s mind is, which technology trends will define 2012c

Here are a few top choices for definitive technology trends for 2012:

1. “Cloud” is here to stay:
Yes, you read that right. With Apple pushing iCloud out in the mid-October, there is much more yet to come from cloud computing. As more and more IT departments move away from the traditional sharing of resources, over to cloud services we’re seeing ever shrinking private data centers which are sure to make their mark on not just technology but businesses at every front.

Moving everything over to the internet for IT companies is also an easier choice as it gives them much more freedom to move around their data between multiple centers. Industry analysts predict that in the next couple of years, businesses are likely to ‘rent’ their servers rather than maintaining their own. Thereby making sure that this is one trend that’s here to stay.

2. Internet Television:
Google did dabble into the internet TV market in early 2010, but just like Google Wave (and very recently Google+, which got rave reviews but eventually failed to make its’ mark) it flopped. Though in all honesty, the reviews for Google TV weren’t all that great but coupled with poor service and lack of interest from the public made Google table the deal for a bit.

However, 2012 might just prove to be the year of Internet TV. With Sony’s Internet HD TV, Logitech’s Revue and Apple’s foray into Apple TV, Internet TV is certainly poised to make a comeback as one of the biggest technology trends for future.

3. Better, faster and cheaper smartphones:
As more and more inexpensive, faster and “good lookin” devices are coming into the market, the competition is getting tougher for smartphones. One thing is for certain though, smartphones define the future of technology.

The iPhones and the Androids have the market pretty much cornered but it’s an open field for their competitors who are out there making cheap Smartphones that cater to every need. Mark our words, this is the future and is probably going to remain one of the hottest trends for year 2012!

4. A Hybrid between a laptop, smartphone, tablet PC:
With more and more users opting for smartphone and tablet PC like the iPad and the iPhone the market is ripe for hybrids, thus making it one of the most eagerly awaited technologies for the coming year. The PC market has taken a hit with its sales down in the year so far, but all is not wrong as the tech companies acknowledged that the consumer is looking for a cross over device that comprises all of the technologies that are part of their daily lives.

With Apple’s iPad providing some sort of cross over gadget between the above, Google has its Chromebook in the works whereas HP has its Omni PCs to thank and improve in the coming months. We’re waiting to see what magic the tech companies have in store for the next year. If you enjoy this article about cheap smartphones,you can buy them in the cell phone watches stores or online. This article originate from the wholesale electronics shop-, please indicate the source if retweet, thanks very much!

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If you enjoy this article about cheap smartphones,you can buy them in the cell phone watches stores or online. This article originate from the wholesale electronics shop-, please indicate the source if retweet, thanks very much!


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  1. Web Design Contract for a restaurant, can you help?
    So, my brother referred me to a web design job for the restaurant he works at. Its a newer steak house, only 3 locations in the country. The currently do have a website but it sucks. Thats why my brother mentioned me to his boss. He knows i can do it. Well of course i can make his boss a great flash website with all the information he needs, easy to navigate through, and at a great low rate. This will be the first installment into my professional portfolio and i really want it to count. the only problem with making a website is i am oblivious about paperwork. Im sure the owner is the type who wants documentation, no under the table sort of thing. Im not sure what to do. Legally binding things with a contract seems like a bit too much. For some reason a work agreement seems more appropriate for the whole deal. Basically i was hoping to just walk in with a presentation, having a printed agreement of some sort so that on paper, both him and i know what kind of work is to be done, and for him to pay half up front and half later on.
    Can anyone on answers guide me on what i aught to do, maybe even tips for the agreement document. maybe ive got the wrong idea or am just being lazy.


  2. How much should I charge for web design?
    I want to offer basic websites to the local businesses in my area mostly restaurants. I will register them a domain name, setup web hosting and do basic web design. Mostly just a few pages with photos, restaurant menu and food prices, location and directions,hours, contact info, a page for them to post specials or promotions and any additional pages for things like info on catering and such. How much should I charge and should I do it by bandwidth, number of pages, get payed by the hour? any ideas would really help 🙂

  3. Our company’s web department does similiar work, my advice to you is very simple.

    Listen very very carefully and take detailed notes of the meeting
    Create a template or a demo site
    Return and explain whats what and ask for his opinions, take more notes and confirmed with him
    until you are both happy with whats to come, this is the bit where you both entersinto a contract
    once you both agreed on the task. then you agreed on a price, before you set the price, you
    MUST ensured you have covered all possibilities, also add within contract the option to add extra
    cost should he changes his mind on the agreed terms, or to add extras within the site
    Arrange a weekly meeting for 30 mins to run through the progress, theres no point do the lot then
    find out its no longer what he wants or his vision has changed. A weekly short update meeting can easily avoid this, also would protect you should he decided to back out as the judge would ask him
    why he didnt mentioned that the site is not what he were expecting.

    But the key to all this is, you need the skills to do the job, you need to be able to listen and digest and UNDERSTAND what he wants, and finally deliver the goods, the listening bit , to me, is the most important part, if you dont even understand what he wants, your vision will of the site will never match what he have in mind.

  4. Nightclub Web Design and flyers, anyone know good websites /examples to reference?
    I’m helping a friend design their website for their new Nightclub/ / Restaurant that will opening soon. I needed better references of good nightclub websites, examples of flyers, etc. so that I get a better idea of what’s out there in order to design. Even magazines or design books would help.

    Thanks so much!

  5. I have to design a logo for a restaurant and need help?
    I do web site design but a current customer has asked me to do a logo design, which I have never done before. I am wondering if there is anyone out there that is willing to help if I email them the picture. They just want the name of the restaurant to go on a curve on the top of the picture itself, but I don’t know how to do that or don’t have the right program to do that. Is there anyone that is willing to help me design the logo?

  6. I’d be happy to help. Send me an email with all the details, and I’ll get something back to you asap.

  7. Web design company questions?
    My friend and I just quit our job at a fast-food restaurant and we decided to use our web-design experience to open a business.

    We’re new to professional design and I was hoping I could find some answers on here from some successful people who can help answer questions like pricing, advertisement, etc. Just general information would be helpful.

  8. I applaud you in your quest. I would recommend that you take a look at several others who offer the same services and make some competitive prices accordingly. You do not have to be the cheapest either. You can have a bit higher price so long as you show what sets your value higher. I do not have my own web-design business. However, my wife and I build our own sites. We do it teamed with the web host we use. I will give you some links that may help you become competitive.
    I will gladly share more information I have as well.


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