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Web Designers – Do They Really Know How Many Pages A Website Should Containc

Traditionally web design companies have designed and developed websites for their clients. These days most business owners want their websites to be found via the main search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing. Unless they are prepared to contract the services of a specialist internet marketing company with excellent search engine optimisation (SEO) skills, they expect their web designer to get them high rankings on the major search engines. Web designers however are generally just that, web designers. Some may have a rudimentary knowledge of SEO techniques, but very few are experts in this field and don’t achieve the results for their clients that there clients expect.

Obtaining first page, much less Top 3 rankings for keywords on Google for example, in competitive industries is difficult, time consuming and expensive, and can be a waste of money if not done effectively by true experts with a history of consistent success.

When deriving the number of pages that a new website should contain, the typical web designer will say “the Home page plus pages About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, main Products and/or Services, Prices, and perhaps Our Partners, Privacy Statement etc.”

On the other hand, an experienced internet marketing company with web design skills will derive the number of pages by first agreeing the number of keywords their client wants to be found for then lay out a plan of the number and type of pages required where the focus is on one or two of the keywords only per page. In determining whether a page can be successfully optimised for one, or for two, main or root keywords the internet marketing company will take into consideration numerous factors including:
The extent of competition for the keyword as determined by the total number of results returned for the keyword searchThe link popularity of the websites in the Top 5 rankings ie how many inbound links from other quality websites does each top ranking website have as this is a guide as to the degree of difficulty there will be in out ranking these established websites Which of the top ranking websites have keyword rich domain names as this contributes to their ranking successHow many directories, and which directories, appear in the 1st page search listing results directories are popular, have a high link popularity score, and can be difficult to dislodge in the rankings
Considerable expertise will need to be applied by the internet marketing company in deriving the number of pages that will need to be optimised for the agreed keywords, to give their client the best opportunity of success against the objectives set for their investment in the new website. Once they work out the number of pages required to be optimised based on their experience and expertise, they add in the non-optimised pages like Contact Us, Pricing, Privacy Statement etc, to end up with the total number of pages on which many will base the price of their service.

Internet marketers and web designers in Perth, PositionMEonline, entered the web industry ten years ago as a specialist SEO company. After pressure from their clients who said “you are getting us the results on the search engines we expected from our web designer and didn’t get. We want you to look after our web so please will you provide a web design service.” It took PositionMEonline two years of frequent requests like this before they set up a web design division of their business. For expert advice in any aspect of internet marketing, SEO, SEM, social media or web design, contact web designers Perth and search experts at

About the author: Traditionally web design companies have designed and developed websites for their clients. These days most business owners want their websites to be found via the main search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing.


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  1. How do free lance web designers get their work in?
    Any web designer or SEO here?

    How do you get the chunck of your work in? Is that purely via your website, or only by knocking at doors, or a mixture, or…

    For a starter in this domain.

    Many thanks!

  2. Seeking a SEO or other web designer that can help our non-profit lower the ranking of a web page attacking us.?
    We are a non-profit and have been attacked by a page on a web site. A staff member made the mistake of responding, and it was like throwing fuel on a fire. It has become a nightmare. We are seeking someone effective and ethical who can assist us in increasing the rank of other pages about our good work. How can you find an SEO or other qualified person?

  3. I’ve strictly used word of mouth. I started with one client several years ago. Impressed her with my skills by moving a site and shopping cart, having it up and running without a hitch in under an hour. She was floored. She then in turn yapped about this on several forums, which got me a few customers, who were in the process of moving their carts, only the folks they hired were taking weeks to do, or the cart was foobarred after moving, blah blah blah.

    Over the years she has sent me more. Some decide to go with me and some don’t.

    I’ll tell you this as well: I never take anything I can’t handle, or don’t think I can handle, without letting the customer know. If it’s new to me I’m willing to try it but not at the customer expense. This has cost me a job or two, but not the customer. They stay with me because I’m honest with them. If something takes me too long because I’m unfamiliar with it, I will try to charge less than what I quoted, because it’s not the customers fault I was slow, and I’ll tell them this. Each and everyone has paid my initial quote without question.

  4. I am an SEO and I am looking forward to helping you in this project. You can contact me for further discussion on this project .

  5. Do Web designers / Web Hosters organise SEO for you?
    is Search engine optimization all covered by most web designers? Do they have their own packages already organised?

    Any tips on SEO for beginners is greatly appreciated!!!!!

  6. What places employs people to do SEO work (besides web designers)?
    I’m doing a job search, and I’m trying to step back a little, and think of all kinds of places where one might get hired with SEO skills.

  7. Many of the very large SEO comapnies hire for positionsthat they have open, such as associaes, sellers, projext managers, sem’s, ppc accounts and so on. Then there are many companies that keep SEO in-house and have departments that handle theor web sites and seo,

    One way to see the 100’s of jobs availabe and types of cmpanies hiring see

    Corporate SEO has been moving away from outsourcing SEO to consulting firms over the past year or so as large corporations have started to move toward hiring full time SEO manager(s) and staff for ongoing in-house search engine optimization. Hiring an in-house staff SEO manager offers clear, easily measurable gains in search ranking (often with comparable increases in income) for corporate web properties.

    During my own SEO Job search, I’ve made some interesting observations on what a corporate SEO job entails and noted internal corporate expectations – based on about a dozen interviews and looking over dozens more SEO job descriptions.

    SEO Manager Job Responsibilities

    My top ranking observation is the varied list of responsibilities among those SEO positions I’ve reviewed. Just because the job title includes SEO or “Search Marketing” in the job listings, it doesn’t mean that is all you’ll be responsible for.

    Many job descriptions are written by human resources or cobbled together based on existing job postings available online and elsewhere. If the company doesn’t currently have an in-house SEO Manager, they may base their job description on that provided by their outsourced SEO vendor.

    It is common for responsibilities to include management of both organic and paid search. Larger companies separate those two jobs into SEM manager and SEO manager positions. BUT, don’t expect them to be entirely clear on the division of duties or the minutiae of what each position entails.

    Some so-called SEO jobs are very heavily biased toward analytics and extensive reporting, while others lean toward content management and CMS duties – including SEO copywriting. Many SEO job descriptions incorporate entirely unrelated duties that they feel are peripherally related to the SEO position. I’ve seen those duties include odd disconnected things like customer relationship management (CRM), database programming, and even sales related tasks.

    Corporate SEO Pay Rates

    Many companies that choose to move SEO jobs in-house do so to reduce the costs of outsourcing SEO projects and ongoing maintenance. Their understanding of expected salary ranges for full time SEO managers may be based hearsay and rumor about average pay rates. In some cases, companies that have had one person doing both SEM and SEO and are splitting the jobs into two positions, which has a depressing effect on pay rates at that company.

    During a recent interview, when we reached the “What are your salary goals?” question, the interviewer was startled at the yearly income range expected. When I asked what they were willing to pay, I realized that this person had not only written the job description, but had based the pay for this position on their own salary, which was lower than average for SEM positions.

    PJ Fusco, in a ClickZ article in March of 2006 mentioned SEM Salary Ranges from $30K yearly for small company positions to as high as $200K for the most experienced SEO manager at large corporations. SEO and SEM positions are comparable in pay rates and clearly depend on experience, the size of the company, and the city they are based in. Pay rates appear to range fairly consistently from:

    * $40K to $60K for less than 2 years experience, or for a smaller company
    * $60K to $75K for 3 to 5 years experience working for larger companies
    * $75K to $120K for above 5 years experience working for major corporations
    * $120K to $200K when managing a team at major corporations

    There’s an interesting Salary Range site called PayScale, which asks a set of questions including experience, industry, job title, etc. and allows you to see a range of salaries for any job. When applied to “Search Engine Optimization” it shows a range from $70K to $110K for 5 years experience in a couple of major cities. The site requires membership and cookies to work properly – so take a trip over there to enter your relevant experience, location and education data.

    SEO Certification Requirements?

    Many of the top SEO’s who began in the field before 1999 were self-taught by subscribing to the recognized SEO industry newsletters, blogs, discussion lists and forums and reading voraciously. Because search is constantly evolving and algorithms are constantly adjusted, that habit is one that must be firmly entrenched and never ending for the best SEO’s.

    Due to this constant evolution, search managers often attend multiple search engine related conferences and workshops a year to remain current in their SEO knowledge. When applying to any corporate position, make certain that they expect to send you to at least two or three search related conferences per year to maintain your knowledge of latest developments. Since the search engines rarely give freely of their search algorithm secret sauce, little can be offered beyond those week-long courses or conferences in terms of standard SEO best practices and the continuing evolution and “art” of SEO.

    There are currently no educational requirements for SEO managers, but you may see degree requirements in “Related Fields” as in the following from an actual position currently available as of this writing:”A degree in Information Science, Information Architecture, Library Science or related field.” Virtually all SEO/SEM positions will require a college degree, regardless of area of study.

    Most companies know that there are currently no degrees available in search engine optimization, but employers often want some sort of certification or technical training background in SEO candidates. The Direct Marketing Association just launched and completed their first DMA Search certification training at the DMA conference held in San Francisco this past week.

    There were already multiple training programs offered by organizations like Search Engine Workshops and SEO Pros Certification. Do week long courses provide true mastery of search marketing by say, a freshly minted college graduate with no work experience? The short answer is no, but it may make or break a job interview, so if you are light on experience and don’t have a substantial client list, the cost of about $2,000 for one of those programs are certainly justifiable for the “cred” they confer. Certification and eventually degree programs will no doubt emerge to help SEO’s justify their generally well paid status.

    Finding the Best SEO Job for You

    The major drawback to relying on any single job board, or even recruiters and headhunters is that each has a limited number of resources to draw from. For example, recruiters will only tell you about those positions they’ll get referral fees from, many of the SEO organizations and job boards rely on posts by employers. While employers may use a single recruiter, rely on a single SEO jobs board or simply ask their human resources department to find a suitable SEO job candidate. Each of those have limitations and shortcomings that are dependent on incomplete knowledge and restricted sources.

    It can get a bit tedious trawling through each of the major job boards for SEO positions due to their poor internal search engines (ironies abound). So concentrate on the following top standbys for SEO job searches:,, SEMPO’s SEO job list, the new vertical search at, Craigslist, (which draws extensively from Craigslist), or you could try the custom Reality SEO Job Search Engine which draws from ALL the above, with backfill from Google web results.

  8. What do you think of my web design and seo related web site?
    I just need an expert web designers’ opinion about my web site:
    It is related to web design (tutorials, videos, news, seo, etc). I would appreciate any detailed suggestions and reviews! Thank you!

  9. Most designers are not SEO analyst they can give you some relevant meta tags but not well optimized site. They can submit your site to various search engines and other off page process. Hire one SEO analyst to rank better is my suggestion

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