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Absolutely Free, Get A Facebook Custom Landing Page.

Businesses need Social Media More Than Ever! Turbo charge your Facebook page with a Custom Facebook Application from SEO Web Designs A good way to increase brand awareness and find a target audience is to make sure your business has a Facebook page.

The time for small business owners to begin investing in their brand is long overdue as large corporations like Coca Cola, Home Depot and others are cutting traditional marketing budgets and are spending more on Social Media. Coca Cola and Home Depot have a social media strategy of trying to encourage branding loyalty and long-term business partnerships and friendships. How are you marketing yourself through social mediac

Since Facebook has more than 400 million users, a personal landing page is a wonderful method to attract customers, improve brand loyalty and steer traffic to your main website.

The instructions of adding a custom landing page are found by following the link below. Being registered in the Facebook business page, this Facebook application only acesses your name and the Facebook ID. The application saves the facebook ID of the business that is registered by using the site.

Start by tailor making your page. You may put whatever text you would like to here. You want to make every attempt to give your visitors a reason to “like” your page. A good landing page will bring in more Likes. Add links by using the tag Be careful that you use any one of the target tags such as [target =”_top”] or [target =”_blank”]. If not, the hyperlink will end up spawning within the Facebook iframe, and those end results usually look fairly bad. Two hundred fifty characters is the maximum charactors allowed.

Upload your own logo or custom image, or use the one provided. 200k should be upper limit of file size and image should not exceed 480px X 400px size. The example image measures 285px tall. Utilizing a taller image will make the app seem taller, thereby setting the bottom red arrow at a lower point. You have the ability to line up the arrow to align with the “Add to my Favorites” hyperlink on your Facebook web page.

Once you have customized your landing page you will be taken to the application wall; this is where you will add the app to your page. To add the page, click the add my page link in the lower left-hand corner of the app’s wall.

Setting the application as your default landing tab is the next task. In the upper right area of your Facebook page wall, select “Edit Page.” The “Default Landing Tab” setting can be found on the page “Manage Permissions”. Click “Save Changes” after choosing “Landing Page.” That’s there all there is to it. Now when visitors who have not “liked” your profile will be directed to the personailzed landing page. The remainder of the people will continue to land on your wall if they have “liked” your page.

Use the link below to begin the customization of your Facebook landing page, at no charge.

As Facebook is full of options like targeted advertising and customized applications, it’s necessary to have a web developer who is experienced and has examples to back up claims to help you through the process. See our portfolio to get a sample of the Custom Facebook Applications created for our clients. You can contact us at 386-734-9844 or visit our website www

Free Custom Facebook Landing Page

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Free Custom Facebook Landing Page / Web Development by SEO Web Designs


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  3. who is internet marketing services from india ? top 5 seo and Web design company in Delhi/NCR?
    who is internet marketing services from india ? top 5 seo and Web design company in Delhi/NCR?

  4. Techmagnate, a leading SEO Services Company in New Delhi has been ranked number 5 SEO Company in India by,Techmagnate comprises a team of highly-experienced SEO experts who diagnose websites for their search efficacy and customize solutions to maximize search engine visibility.

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    Look forward to hearing from you!

  6. How to best promote a web design and SEO blog?
    I am not a newbie at SEO or Web Design, but I am always looking for new ideas to help build traffic for my new blog

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  7. i want start a course. but im confuse to do this between SEO and WEB DESIGN?
    want start a course. but im confuse to do this between SEO and WEB DESIGN? i should better for me and a good career?

  8. Couple suggestions for you…

    1) add your website to this directory.

    2) You need to get a lot more backlinks, so far it looks like you only have 5 and they’re mostly from Yahoo Answers. Start posting on relevant dofollow blogs, signing up for forums and maybe writing some articles for ezine, or something. Be sure to make your anchor text Ottawa Web Design, or whatever keywords you are trying to rank for.

    3) Write some awesome articles on your blog and social bookmark them like crazy. Start a tweeter feed, that kind of thing.

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  9. Focus on both…and your career will be much better for it. SEO is the art of combining search behavior with compelling web design. At the end of the day, you need to focus on both in tandem so you can understand the best practices of both (given that today’s coding and design environments requires skills in both).

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