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Website design is not child’s play at all. It requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge to design a website which can be considered good. Not only that, a website is said to serve its purpose only when it can attract lots of visitors and surfers, so that the number of prospective customers and clients gets increased. To achieve this, the website in question must rank highly in the result pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Therefore the new age website design is considered to be a great mix of search engine optimization and the traditional techniques of website design. This is why SEO website designers rule the roost today in the professional world. Many modern search engine optimization firms provide a large number of web usability services. One such service is the website conversion and persuasive usability audit. This evaluation strictly focuses on call to action prompts, persuasiveness, authenticity, desirability, basic accessibility standards, and whether or not a particular website is meeting your business requirements. The results of this audit can be used to deal with conversions, low traffic and slow sales. A special web usability service for small businesses is also there. The objective of this report is to help small businesses understand the importance of web site usability and alert them of potential problems. Testing methods and guidelines are based on ongoing case studies and data collected from the Human Factors fields, World Wide Web Consortium and disciplines culled from the Quality Assurance Software Testing, User Experience and Accessibility industries. This web usability service uses the over all site cognitive walkthrough and 40 point heuristic design checklist. It includes your overall message, authenticity, desirability and navigation review. It is perfect for a quick design checkup, designed for small and medium business startups and anytime checks. For improving the design of a website, it is essential to do a website usability survey regularly. This survey needs to be designed carefully only after consulting some high quality SEO website designers. These surveys are highly valuable methods of getting to know the feedback that your clients, customers or just the visitors to your website have for you. They can help you in modifying or tweaking parts of the website in order to attract more customers and thus, do better in business. Such website usability surveys are great for a website and consequently, the business at all stages of website development. At the very start of a website project, such a survey can provide vital clues about website organization and design of the information architecture. During the development process, they can be used to design test cases and to make sure that all requirements and goals are reached successfully. Once a project is finished and the website is up, these surveys can be used to handle any issues that arise and to find the optimum solution.

About the author: Bhushan Parnerkar Says: At, we provide small businesses across America with exceptional web usability audit services such as website usability surveys, usability evaluations and site assessments.


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  1. What is an acceptable rate to pay for Website and SEO packages?
    Seeking the assistance of website designers to determine the acceptable rate to pay for a 3 page website, a business facebook page, twitter page and logo design.
    My current proposal from a marketing firm includes the following:

    Website: $800 for a 3 page with ecommerce
    Logo design: $300 with one revision
    Basic business facebook: $600
    Twitter account: $350
    SEO: $450 per month (traditional SEO not national) I was told national will be $800 per month.

    Are the prices listed above within range of what most website designers/SEO experts charges?

  2. How to get more orders for seo , website design and web development? : We are leading web designers from India, we also provide search engine optimisation services and web application development services.But we lack international orders, please let me know how to get international orders for above services.

  3. I am not too sure but in my opinion they are charging you too much. Just head over to the website called Fiverr to get your work done efficiently at cheap price.

  4. Do website designers usually provide SEO services as part of the design process or is it a separate service?

    If SEO services are a separate service, what is the usuall rate for these servicces?

  5. SEO considerations should be accounted for even before one web page, much less a whole site, is created. However, since doing the SEO work takes time and effort there is usually an extra fee for that work. In terms of cost, as mentioned above, they vary widely. It is probably best to ask for referrals to help ensure that the company that you are working with actually knows what they are doing.

    Good luck…

  6. Hello,

    I would suggest you advertise your services on freelance sites such as getafreelancer. There are lots of people looking for SEO services so you will surely find something.

  7. SEO question – beginner website designer needs help!?
    Alright: I’m starting a website, or perhaps a series of websites.

    Initially in my head I decided the websites would be structured as follows. There would be one main site, for example and then 50 or 100 other sites that would be,, etc. These sites would automatically forward the visitor to or

    I read something on an SEO website talking about how google does not like masking or something else, and would remove sites that did this from their database.

    Is what I’m considering doing called masking or forwarding or something, and does google, and other search engines not like this? It’s not a problem only setting up the main page, I just thought the site would pull in a lot more people if I had the 50 or 100 other sites automatically linking to the main page.

    Please help! I’m new to all this
    I don’t know if is a site – I was just using that as an example, the idea I have fits into that structure.
    Thank you Sm.mS… you’ve been really, really helpful.

    My idea really has nothing to do with people’s names, it’s just the structure that would be similar – but I really appreciate your checking for me.

  8. I own a website, what precautions should I take before firing my designer/SEO and hiring a new one?
    The company I am using has designed my site and is doing our SEO campaign. There are a few reasons we are considering changing companies. They have been OVER-PROMISING and UNDER-DELIVERING, I find myself having to ask several times before things are done and I feel we are no longer getting what were paying for. I told him a few months ago that our budget only allows until the end of January unless we get the results he promised by that time. I want to make sure to take all precautions before we make our final payment so we don’t get in trouble. Our SEO strategy consists mainly of backlinking.

    1) What passwords do we need to change? I.E. FTP, Admin, Google Analytics………

    2) What should I get from him that I will need to give to our new website designer/SEO? I.E. Source code, list of backlinks, SEO plan, etc.

    3) How can I ensure that he can’t delete the backlinks or undo the SEO he has already performed? Our rankings are already somewhat established on Google among other search engines

    4) Are backlinks a do it once and forget, or do I need to get in touch with the websites we have backlinks with and establish communication with them?

    Thanks in advance! If you are an SEO/designer looking for a client, we are tentatively looking for a replacement. Our main keywords are very competitive, 1 star according to Traffic Travis and we are currently towards the top of page 3 of Google for them. We are in month 5 of our SEO campaign.

  9. 1)Just you need to change FTP pass words and hosting details..
    2)Back Links , Seo plan not at all required
    3)Once the admin has approved the links then he cont do any ting with that links as I am from SEO we can build up more links than previous links
    4)Back links are like do it once and forget.. for more assistance visit our website .We can provide you free action plan. we have more than 8years experience and Experts In SEO,SEM,PPC..

  10. OK, let’s start at the beginning:

    If you have the idea, get the domain name now and build your concept around the name you actually get.

    Setting up your name with subdomains would possible be more relevant: and then run the login from there. Then the user can be redirected to the homepage.

    Google will accept multiple submissions from multiple names, but if all of the additional names are simply a redirect to a single domain, Google may see it as spam and either not index the page at all or ban it.

    What you suggest is forwarding / masking and should be used with care.

    Registering (these are not necessarily available):,,, & would allow you to do multiple subdomains for each name, but would not necessarily overload the spam detection. Registering 50-100 domains would ring the alarm bells.

    Update: Just checked and http://WWW.ISMYFIRST.NAME is currently available.

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