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Website content writing service is one of the most productive services being outsourced nowadays. Web owners are finding it more and more profitable to hire off shore staff that professionally update their sites. Advantages include highly skilled professionals pre-screened to suit the clientcs needs at cost effective and efficient terms.

The content is like a sales representative or marketing person of the company. Its function therefore is to interact with the visitor to the site about the purchase.

Website content writing aims at two things i.e., relevance and searchability. Relevance means that the meanings represented by texts should be useful and beneficial to readers. searchability indicates usage of keywords to help ease findings by search engines

Welcome to Corporate Mechanix

We are a Creative company with tenured people offering complete solutions for the web to companies in India and abroad. We consult and service companies on Web Design & Development, Web Content Management Solutions, Customized Web Applications, Web Marketing & Website Promotion, Web Hosting and Domain Name Services.

We help clients build an online presence exposing their company and products 24/7 to potential customers and most importantly we help visitors reach websites through the leading search engines. With every project we undertake, we emphasize on strategic solutions that fits the client’s need with superior service and long-term support. Since our incorporation, we have rapidly become known for our expertise in search engine optimization and web development. We always remember that we are a service company. Each and every customer is valued as a part of who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow. We work to earn our customers trust and loyalty – without disappointing them due to our negligence. More than simply responding to customer needs, we work to anticipate them with unquestionable honesty, fairness and respect. We work for the success of our customers, our company, and each other. We understand and respect the value, the contributions, and the achievements of each colleague. We support personal growth through training, advancements, and new opportunities. We don’t see us with who we are, or what we have accomplished. We are challenged by what is yet to come.

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  1. What should I look for when selecting an SEO (search engine optimization) company for my website development?
    Want to use part of my advertising budget to improve traffic and ranking of my website to grow my business, but there are a lot of makeshift companies out there and no standardization. I don’t want to waste my money!! Looking for recommendations….

  2. Where can i find a job for computer repair, website development, or seo work?
    I live in new york, i want to find a job as a computer technician. I have a lot experience with this i have experience in this field. I applied for geek squad and waiting for there reply. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas where i can find work.

  3. How to get more orders for seo , website design and web development? : We are leading web designers from India, we also provide search engine optimisation services and web application development services.But we lack international orders, please let me know how to get international orders for above services.

  4. Sure, as long as you know how to build backlinks, work on keywords, etc, it should be easy to get work from outsourcing websites such as, or

  5. Hello,

    I would suggest you advertise your services on freelance sites such as getafreelancer. There are lots of people looking for SEO services so you will surely find something.

  6. Ok, first of all, you need to check our the SEO firm’s experience and ask for client testimonials (as well sample keyword ranking reports) proofing their work and results.

    Is the SEO firm’s Web site already ranked for various keyword terms in the major search engines? What competitive search terms is their site ranking for?

    Ask them whether they will perform natural or paid-per-click services, or a combination of both for your Web site.

    Ask them what their exact procedure and process is for every SEO customer. Do they believe in only performing ethical and fair search engine practices, or will they cloak your site, insert hidden text or other practices considered illegal or unethical in the eyes of search engines. You wouldn’t want your Web site banned in the search engines.

    Get pricing information about the SEO program they will be performing for you…do they bill hourly, monthly, annually? Get competitors pricing as well, to determine if the SEO firm you are considering is priced too high or too low below its competitors.

    Ask how many Web pages they will handle for you, how many keyword terms they will target for you, how much (if any) link popularity they will do, as well what other SEO services come with your SEO program.

    How will you know what keywords you are currently ranking for? What kind of analytics will they be using on your site? How will they track Web site visitors?

    What professional business and/or SEO organizations do they belong to? Does anybody on their staff have an SEO certification? What types of college degrees do the staff have at the SEO firm? How long has the SEO firm been in business? how many clients do they have? These questions and others will help you determine which SEO firm to hire to optimize your company’s site.

  7. I have never visited the link frankly speaking. But since you have enlisted under web development section, I will sometime definitely visit the one. Thanks for the help!

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