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2D and 3D CAD Drafting

CAD drafting is used widely in most of the industries today. It is used from 2d models to 3D models. Let’s now discuss the difference between the 3D and 2D drafting techniques.

1. ) 2D drafting can be considered as an extension of manual drawing board as it makes use of electronics. With 2D drafting, you can make plans and other technical drawings. 3D drafting allows drawing, and viewing the drawing from various angles. For any specific details or working of the model view can be changed. But all this is not possible with 2D CAD drafting.

2. ) 2D CAD drafting is just like the manual drawing but on screen. 3D CAD objects make use of solids, with which, height, depth and width can be calculated. Any error can be rectified easily.

3. ) With a 2D model, client cannot view how the model will look like when developed. Only when the model is developed, then only client can see out. Any errors thereafter prove to be very hectic and both time and money consuming. With a 3D model, it can show up by having materials added to it. With the 3D model client can view what exactly the final design after development will look like. Any changes can be made easily.

In today’s time period, architects rarely design on a drafting table. CAD has replaced the older drafting method. Now CAD is the preferred choice of the designers. CAD was 2D before but now, 3D CAD is the most preferred choice. 3D allows designers to model objects and produces many views of the design. 3D CAD usually offers more functions for the designer.

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  5. SEO considerations should be accounted for even before one web page, much less a whole site, is created. However, since doing the SEO work takes time and effort there is usually an extra fee for that work. In terms of cost, as mentioned above, they vary widely. It is probably best to ask for referrals to help ensure that the company that you are working with actually knows what they are doing.

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