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Seo For Video – How To Make It Work

Today, promoting your business on the web is easier than ever, and small businesses have limitless options for creating web sites that not only build credibility with visitors, but also lets users purchase online, communicate interactively, participate in social platforms, use web tools or widgets, play games, or any number of other useful activities using web apps and new features. But of all the web technology available for small business web sites today, one of the most effective is web video.

Web video has become a standard fixture on many business sites today, and is commonly used for product demos, tutorials, testimonials, advertisements, entertainment, etc. But did you know that by adding video to your web site and social networking platforms, you can also improve your search engine rankingsc

If you are thinking about adding video to your web site, or if you are already using web video, make sure you are getting all of the SEO benefits possible by following these tips:

1. Write interesting, attention-grabbing headlines and titles that include your keywords.

Dont get lost in the online crowd, try to stand out with a catchy title for your video that gets noticed by users. Include your keywords as well, since thats what the search engines will be paying attention to.

2. Post your video to multiple video outlets, such as YouTube, Google video, Yahoo video, Blinkx, etc.

The more exposure you give your video, the better. Getting your message out in front of as many people as possible means there will be more chances for your video to go viral and be shared with others, and more places for the search engines to find your video on the web.

3. Use your keywords in description boxes when posting to outlet sites.

Most video outlet sites have a box where you can add a description of your video. Be sure to weave your keywords into your description text, since this will not only help visitors find your video on the outlet sites, but will improve your chances of being listed for those keywords in the major search engine results as well.

4. Add your web address near the beginning of your video description.

Using your web address at or near the beginning of your description will make it easy for the search engines to find your URL, and will also give your users clear direction on where they can go to find more information.

5. Always tag your videos with keywords.

Video outlet sites often include a field where you can add your keywords when uploading a new video. Be sure you take advantage of this opportunity to tag your video with the same keywords you have been using in titles, descriptions, headlines, etc.

6. Provide a thumbnail for your videos.

A thumbnail is a small, still-shot image from your video. When creating a thumbnail, try to use something interesting like an image of a person (rather than a title frame, for instance). Thumbnails are often included with the search results, so dont miss the chance to create additional visual interest for your video as well.

7. Put your video on the home page of your own web site.

Dont hide your video too deeply inside your web structure; put it on your home page where users and search engines can find it easily. Also be sure to use your keywords in the headers, titles, and descriptive text on the page with your video.

8. Keep adding new videos as often as possible.

Adding new content including new video content attracts the attention of the search engines, and also keeps your visitors coming back to see whats new. Search engines are most interested in fresh, relevant content that is useful to searchers, and will skip over outdated content that never changes or offers anything new.

Adding video to your web site and social platforms is typically a great idea, but you can benefit even more when you use appropriate SEO techniques to optimize your video. By adding keywords and tags, and by posting your video for a wider audience, you give your video (and your business) greater exposure on the web, and give the search engines additional places to find your video. Together, it can mean more traffic, increased conversions, better search engine positions for your web site, and more overall value from your video.

About the Author:
Lauren Hobson, President of Five Sparrows, LLC, has more than 16 years of experience in small business technology writing, marketing, and web site design and development. Five Sparrows provides professional website, marketing, and social networking services to small businesses and non-profits at affordable prices, giving clients access to customized services that meet both their needs and their budgets. More at Copyright 2010, Five Sparrows. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Is there a service that can automatically Email people when a web page is updated for my small business?
    I’d like to be able to allow users of my small business’ web site to register so that they can receive automatic Emails whenever a specific portion of the site has been updated. Is there a service that can do this, without having to resort to an RSS feed (as we feel that point of entry has a barrier too high for most of our users)?

    I’m hoping any solution is CMS-agnostic, as well, since to be honest I’m unaware of any CMS we might be using, if any!

  2. Who hosts my Small Business web sites?
    I have a contract with YahooSmallBusiness, who “supposedly” host my websites, or do they?, or don’t they?. “Don’t think they do” I pay Yahoo in US $ every month and they have a 3rd party who hosts my sites. Who are they? Its not Yahoo7, who are they? Who hosts my web sites? Now I’ve never had a problem with Yahoo USA. Yahoo7, who I actually got to talk to on the phone. That in its self is a metrical, they told me, they don’t host my sites. Who does?. Ever since Yahoo Sitebuilder freezes my computer over 3month ago, my websites have changed by themselves. I haven’t been able to install sitebuilder again because it freezes my computer tried about 8 times and can’t get answers. I can’t update or work on my site. Did Yahoo also give the 3rd party the SiteBuilder software? Because its no freeking working?

  3. My contact form on my yahoo small business web site does not send the form results to my e-mail address ?
    My contact form on my yahoo small business web site does not send the form results to my e-mail address. Help?

  4. Why am I getting an error posting a picture to my Yahoo! Small Business Web site?
    I am trying to upload two pictures to a Yahoo! Small Business Web site. The JPEGs are the same size & DPI as the previous pictures that were posted there, and I can see the thumbnail in the cart if it is selected to buy, but on the actual Web page I just get the cursed red x. Help!

  5. make sure that your link is correct

    then make sure that what’s capitalized is capitalized.
    for example: i’ve had where my pictures won’t show up, but my file was actually written… “Picture.JPG” …
    what was showing in my editor is “picture.jpg” so it’s usually case-sensitive.

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  7. How many small businesses have web sites in United States?
    I am evaluating the size of the small business web site marketplace for a new service which would be sold to web site owners. The SBA currently states that 99 percent of the 25 million companies in the US have less then 500 employees. I am looking for the best way to determine how many of these companies have web sites?

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