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Small Business Website Design – Why 70% Of Small Businesses Have a Website

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Facts about Small Business Website Design:

Did you know that over 50% of small businesses currently have a websitec And that 13% of small businesses that do not have a website plan on having one within the next 12 monthsc
Now you may ask yourself why so many small businesses are searching for small business website designc Well in this article we will help you understand why having a website for your small business is key to success.

First of all the main reason why your business should have a website is to win new customers from the internet, duh! If you don’t have a website then how do you expect to gain new customers from the internetc Its 2010 ladies and gentlemen and today everyone is using the internet! What sounds easierc Looking for your yellowpages book and flipping around pages for 5 minutes looking for a plumber or just typing up Plumber in XX, California in Google c!

The second reason why you should be searching for small business website design is because your competition is doing it! If your competition has a website and you don’t that means that 100% of customers going on the internet will be finding them and 0% will be finding you. Now ask yourself this: Did you start your own business to have your competition win all the new clientsc I didn’t think so.

Another very important reason why your business NEEDS a website is 24 hour access to your products and services. Let me elaborate, just because your work day ends at 5pm everyday doesn’t mean potential clients aren’t searching for you type of product or service. When you have a website your product or service is featured 24/7/365 and is accessible to anyone on the internet. You are essentially winning new clients while you sleep.

All of these reasons and many more bring us to the conclusion that having a website for your small business is a necessity and in this rough economy you cannot afford to not be on the internet, it is where you will gain most of your new business. I would advise any small business owners to start searching for small business website design as soon as possible.

Gain New Clients with Small Business Website Design

About the author: Hey Gang my name is Dana aka Small Business Resource Queen. For five years now I have been gathering up resources for small business owners and posting them online. I take pride in my work and my main goal is to help small business maximize their potential in this rough economy.

If you are a Small Business Owner then educate yourself on how to gain new business and thrive in your industry!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or feedback!

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10 thoughts on “Small Business Website Design”

  1. How do I go about designing a small business website for free?
    I have a small cake decorating business and I’m interested in expanding my business by designing a small website – mainly to showcase my work, provide basic information (prices, flavours, contact details etc) and perhaps even an online interest/order form. Can anyone suggest online website design solutions that are quick, easy and free?

  2. Where can I find the best price and service for small business website design?
    I run a small company and need a simple 5 page but yet a very professional looking website. I looked at some of the web design companies and the sites they design for the price is not up to the mark.

    Any suggestion?

  3. How much should I charge to design a Website for a small business?
    How much are people paying to have a website designed for their business? I designed the website for our family owned company. But now I have several people asking me to design sites for them and I’m not sure how much to charge.

    They are other small companies that just want a basic design….no online sales or anthing like that. Just a basic site that describes who the company is and what they do.

    Any thoughts?
    Here is the site that I designed:

  4. Grand Web Designs still running Small business website competition?
    They were accepting applications from small businesses in UK to win a free website design in our local paper in Chester to celebrate some award they had won. Is that still running?

  5. What is the going rate, per page, of small business website design?
    I graduate in a year with my e-commerce and web design degree and I already have small businesses asking to design their websites. I have to do one for free to satisfy my intership requirements, but what do I charge afterwards?
    My specialy will be small or family owned businesses, businesses that usually make well less than a million a year. Obviously I’m not going to charge $400-$600 per page to a mom and pop store. So what would be a an average, fair price?

  6. Don’t bill per page, that’s just amateurish. More importantly, don’t undersell yourself. Bill an hourly rate that is fair for your skill level. Somewhere between $25 and $150+ an hour (probably closer to the former – the latter is reserved for truly high-end talent). It doesn’t make any sense to sell at a discounted price just because some small businesses think it is too high. That just betrays a lack of understanding on their part about the true value of a website. If they need hardwood floors, they pay full price for them even if it is alot of money, because that’s just how much hardwood floors cost. I have had many small businesses not just balk, but actually get angry and accuse me of trying to rip them off because they wanted a website for $200 and I quoted $10,000. They just don’t have any understanding or frame of reference for how much a site is actually worth – in development time or in real dollar value.

    If they simply can’t afford your rate, then make them a website using a template – some decent ones can be had for as little as 50-100 dollars – so that you can bill fewer hours to keep the cost low. Make sure they understand up front what you are getting, otherwise you are devaluing yourself. Word spreads – you will be known as the designer who only thinks his work is worth about $8/hr in real dollar terms, because of how much work you do for such a low rate.

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