Small Business Websites

Small Business Websites

Top Small Business Websites For Inspiration

Small business owners need a website and a Flash website is the perfect answer to this need. A website will give you another venue for your products, or it could be the only place you offer them. Online businesses are very successful if your website is designed to be user friendly and attractive. To do this, you can look at other small business websites for inspiration. What you need to look for is ease of use, quality content, and a pleasing design. All of these factors are important in websites that will draw in customers. Here are some websites that you may find inspiration from for developing and designing your own small business website.

Dog Along is a website that is very simple in design, but very well-constructed. What sets it apart is the use of a screen that stays static as you go from page to page. The new pages show up in a frame, and the graphics and pictures on this website are very well done. The presentation of the information is easy-to-understand, and you only have to go a few pages in order to find out what you need to know. This is a good example of simple design and functional features.

All Elements LLC
This website has a striking landing page that makes a real impact on the visitor. A large black and white graphic that glows green when your mouse hovers over it is the only element on the page. Once you click it, you are taken into the website to the home page. The design of the website is gritty and urban. It is easy to see what they are selling — can cuffs – from the pictures and text on the pages. The music is funky and energetic, and you have the option to turn it off if you like. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger buttons let you connect with the website on those sites. Good use of graphics, text, and useful design are the hallmarks of this website.

Munky Buns
In-your-face pictures make this a memorable website. The home page is a large picture of a made-to-order sock monkey, complete with mismatched button eyes. The cute factor of this website alone is inspirational. The designer included a Facebook button so that you can follow them, and you can even view the “Munky of the Day”. The Collection page displays a grid of pictures of various product categories that you can click to see the complete collection. What you can take away from this website is the excellent use of pictures and graphics to highlight the products. Product images are very important for online shoppers since they can’t actually hold the products before they buy them.

A well-placed mix of graphics and text make this one of the top small business websites. It is a UK-based site offering a no-frills approach to chemicals. There is text to explain how the company works, and on the product pages, you can read about the chemicals and see pictures of the packaging. The website clearly displays the types of credit cards it takes and explains their shipping costs and procedures. Each section is linked to the others, and the entire website is organized so that it is easy-to-use. The use and placement of text on the pages gives you a sense of balance and trust in the company.

BE Styled
BE Styled is a personal shopping website that makes use of color, images, and fonts to create a mood that is relaxed and exciting at the same time. The vibrant frame on the page catches your eyes while the smooth jazz music soothes your senses. Well-designed and well-organized, this website is clear and easy-to-use. The use of color is one of the things you can take away from this website. The Internet is very visual and the way that the designers of this website have used design elements make it very appealing to the eyes.

Ad One Advertising
The home page of this website is simple and sleek. The use of three colored blocks above the name plays into the design principle of using odd numbers: studies have shown that people respond better to odd numbers in design elements than to even numbers. The website itself is well-organized, and examples of their work are easily accessible. Each category has examples that you can click to see more detailed pictures and descriptions. The About Us page includes a carousel of pictures of the company’s personnel that gives you an idea of who you will be dealing with. Simple design, minimal colors, and consistency throughout are what you can take away from this website design.

What all of these websites have in common are good design, use of color, and images. Of course, they also have great content that is clear and easy-to-understand. Take a look at these websites and you will get inspiration for your Flash website and build a small business website that draws in customers and makes you money.

About the author: Maria Wixman Website Builder by I have been in the online marketing industry for over two years and love all things related to e-marketing, writing for the web, SEO and SEM. I’ve been working for a large company that specializes in web design, and love how dynamic this field is – I am constantly learning new strategies and concepts as the world of online marketing evolves.


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  5. You need to talk to a salesperson from a good company who works with all you want to do. Check with The Better Business Bureau.

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