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Have you ever needed a particular program for your computer, only to find that no software designers have created it yetc Of course you have. There must have been at least one time when you needed to do some strange operation on your computer, but there was no tool available to do it. However, had you been proficient in the world of software design and development, you may have found instead that you could create that program yourself in as little time as a few hours (depending on the complexity of the program, of course). For more details go to: There has never been a better time to learn how to become a software designer, so why not discover the amazing world of software programming right nowc

As a beginner software designer, you have access to all kinds of different tools that will be totally free of charge. However, instead of diving right in, there are a few things that you need to do before you even start to code your first program. For starters, as a fledgling software design and development student you need to decide which programming language or languages you want to learn.

If you are primarily a Windows user, it is recommended that you check out the Microsoft Visual Studio Express suite of free programs for Visual Basic and the variants of the C programming language.
For help visit: alternatively, if you use Apple’s Mac OS X, you should check out X-Code and the other free development tools offered by Apple to program in Cocoa. Finally, you can learn how to program for the Internet with a variety of free languages as well.

Once you have discovered which programming language is the most interesting to you, download the appropriate free program. If it is too complex for you and you have found a distinct lack of support online, enroll in a software design and development course at your local community college or purchase a comprehensive textbook to get you started.

Keep in mind that one of your best assets is your creativity. With so much software on the market today, what you want to do is to create something that is brand new, that fills niche that currently has few if any software solutions. At the same time, there is the chance to take existing ideas and make them better than they’ve ever been before, with software that moves faster and does a more comprehensive job.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what sort of course program I would get into to learn mobile software design/development?
    I would really love to get into mobile software design and development, but I have no idea if there are programs in schools such as DeVry or ITT which offer that type of course study, or if they did, what they would call it! I would also like to know how long (if you know) the program would be (roughly) and what sort of classes I’d be looking into taking? Thanks! P.S. Yes, I will also be contacting these schools reps to figure it all out, but for the time being I would really like some insight while I await to here from them! Thanks again!

  2. Tool: Software to design and track a medium sized software development project?
    Hello folks, I am looking for a software which can help me with software development project. It must be designed to be used as a software project management tool. (5 phases support and tracking)

  3. How did you / How can I learn software development?
    I am getting continuously more interested in programming and software design, but I have few friends that are knowledgeable of computers. What are good sources to learn software design and development?

    If I were to want to venture into the realm of video game programming, how would that be different from learning the ropes of business software and database software development? Are the same skills involved?

    For software developers – how did you learn your way around the skills and industry?

  4. It would be helpful to know your foundation/education.
    There are some good authors like Deitel who can teach you a lot in a particular programming language.
    Deitel is not into game programming, but does teach a lot of fundamentals.
    Games are an entirely different application domain than business applications or database programming. Writing good games with a lot of flare is tough since it takes many skills. Of course writing a good business application requires a lot of business domain knowledge.

    Core courses in school are mathematics related.

  5. Computer Programming
    Personally, I recommend a local university OR college, NOT DeVry OR ITT.
    – Better opportunities later [after graduation]
    How to become a good programmer
    Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup
    – – An Introduction to Programming by the Inventor of C++
    Code::Blocks == Open Source C/C++ IDE
    – – codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe

  6. Explain where software design and structures fit into the systems development cycle.?
    Explain all aspects of software development life cycle and software structures

  7. What web design / development software is the best?
    I have been told so many different versions of the ” Best ” Web design software.
    For a few years I was learning, practicing and using Microsoft Publisher.
    A Sales rep from one store told me I would need to use front page.
    Another store told me to use Adobe and last I was told to use Microsoft Visual Basic.

    And the prices of each of these are drastically different.

    Does anyone know which software is the best or let me know if there is an even better one than I listed above?

    Thank you for your time

  8. i’ve written websites for major international companies and i’m rewriting one for a university now and the software I use varies a lot.

    The newer WYSIWYG editors support a variety of languages and write validated code – I don’t know why people still go on about FrontPage it was good in its day but is 10 years old and has now been replaced by Microsoft.

    Here’s some editors that I know…

    Adobe Dreamweaver –
    Microsoft SharePoint Developer – – Made for SharePoint server technologies. I like using this editor.
    Microsft Expression – – Haven’t tried this yet but it looks good as it supports ASP and PHP

    There are some nice free ones as well

    NVU – has been been superceeded by KompoZer –
    Microsoft Visual Web Developeer 2008 – – this software is great, just like the other Express products. The only thing I found missing in it is a multi-line find and replace – only single line find and replace is available in this edition.

    I still sometimes write code in Notepad but with so many good tools available now that’s more like the good old days of writing C or Basic programs without an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

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