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how to start a web design business

Top 5 Best Recession Proof Home Based Businesses

With the economy getting worse every day and the unemployment lines getting longer you might ask yourself if this could be a good time to start a home businessc If you choose wisely a home based business can allow you to thrive financially and give you the flexibility that will allow you to spend more time at home with your family. The number one thing to remember when you are choosing a home based business is to follow your passion. If you provide a valuable service or a product that others will need and keep your overhead costs low, your business will thrive in a booming economy or in a recession. Here is the list of low start-up cost, top5 best home based businesses to start during a recession.

1. At Home Daycare

Starting an at-home daycare is one of best low start-up cost home based businesses to start and is number one on our top 10 list. This business is very easy to set up but make sure to have enough contracts that you can stick with to make a decent profit. With daycare being so expensive now days, many working families prefer to use home day cares where there child will still get personal attention at more reasonable cost. Please check for local rules and regulations before you begin providing the services.

2. Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

Even through tough economic times, people keep spending on their pets. Starting a pet sitting business is a great way for people that love animals to make extra income. You can also offer dog walking service for people who are stuck at work all day. Check for local regulations before you begin and be sure to become bonded and insured.

3. Web Design

You dont need to be extremely skilled to start a web design business from home. All you need is a good personal skills for selling to the businesses in your local area. Many of the businesses in your local area don’t even have a webpage but spend a lot of money on expensive and ineffective yellow page advertising. Learn how to sell your web design services and find out what kinds of sites business owners want. You can always outsource the technical work and still make a very good profit.

4. Freelance Writing

Many people make their extra income with freelance writing. Some even make a whole new career out of. There will always be many places where you’ll be able to sell your work, both offline and online. For offline writing jobs just pick up a copy of Writer’s Market. For work online, find people who need e-books, articles, and emails for their autoresponder. Offer your writing services to them at a competitive (but reasonable) price.

5. Accounting

Accounting isn’t a good fit for everyone, but if this is something that you enjoy consider becoming certified and offering your services to the public. You can either start your own company or buy an already existing franchise.

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  1. What business structure is best if i want to start a web design business and market prodcuts online?
    I want to start a web design business and marketing products online. I would be selling digital products internationally and designing web sites for companies and individuals. What kind of business structure (sole proprietorship, incorporated…etc) would suit both business? Which one would protect me the most?

  2. How to start a Web Design Business?
    I was wanting to start a business where I could sell the service of web page design and development. Is there any legal things I need to do regarding taxes, starting a business, etc? What paper work needs to be filled out to start this business and what would I need my clients to fill out?

  3. If you are looking for protetction you will need to set up a corporation. This is basically a seperate legal entity which files its own taxes and can sue or be sued by other individuals or corporations.

    A corporation does add cost: initial set up, you will need a corporate address (usually not a PO box), annual record keeping, reporting, and taxes. When done correctly it will protect your personal assets from being taken in the event the corporation is sucessfully sued.

    A word of caution in setting the corporation up. There are process and procedures you need to adhere to to ensure your assets are properly protected behind the corporation.
    These include (but are not limited to) personal guarantees, maintaining your minutes book, bylaws, proper shareholder designations, etc. If you do not set the corporation up properly you could be inadequately protected.

    The safest way (but most expensive) is to see a lawyer to set something up but you can use your own discretion.

  4. I would like to start a web design business but should i focus on mobile site design?
    I would like to start a web design business but should i focus on mobile site design? I am alot better at mobile site design. Also, how much should i charge?

  5. Is it still a good time to start a Web Design business?
    I’ll be graduating at the end of this year, from my web design and web development courses. Is it still a good time to start a web design business? And is it realistic to aim to earn £100K per year from web design and web development?

  6. Yes, you should focus os mobile site design. They are worth a lot these days. For charging it depends how long it takes you to make the design but normally they are for one something like 0.99 ^^

  7. I started doing business as a webdesigner before I left school and now have people on a “waiting-list” to use my services. I have been working alone since I started, taking advantage of the full financial benefits but now have reached a point where I simply do not have enough time to cope with the business on my own so have employed three new people to assist me, a photographer and graphic designer, and another two web programmers, one of which also doubles up and works competently with flash. There are other webconsultant/designer/programmers working in my area but there is still plenty of business for us all to have.

    I think if customers like what they get they will pay for it, competition is high but I still manage to find plenty of business in this area of work.

    I would say get out and go for it, give it what you have and it will sort itself out…once you have a good reputation the business will come flowing!

    Hope my advice helps.

  8. What would be the best way to start a web design business?
    I am 16, and have a lot of web design and HTML under my belt that I have been working on.

    Now I want to kinda start a little web design business. I’m not looking to charge you know the 500 to 2000 dollar for sites. I just want to do it from home. What would you charge? And how would you receive the money?

    What software would you use? Any recommendations?

    I probably missed a lot, anything else I should know?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Start offering your services around school and put up fliers around business areas. For kids, cash is usually the best payment, and charge whatever you think is fair based on the difficulty of the job. For businesses who want your service, I would probably charge more than individual kids, but be ready to bargain. I would receive the money after the job is done, but don’t give them the website or whatever you designed until after they pay you. I wouldn’t know what software to use, it’s up to you. (I would also wait for someone else to reply to for more in-depth information, but this is just to start you off)

  10. Assuming you are a capable website designer, you should be able to get started relatively simply.

    First, get a business license. You can obtain the forms and fee information at your local city government offices.

    File a fictitious business name statement (assuming you aren’t using your name as your business name). Forms and fee information are at your local county government offices.

    Keep good records of all your income and expenses. You may want to talk to a bookkeeper about a system to record of your financial information for tax purposes.

    As far as I know, you won’t need your clients to fill out any papers. You should have a contract between you and your client that outlines what you are providing and how much they are paying you, as well as any other terms of your agreement.

    One last thing, you can do very well as a web designer, but you can make even more money by selling web hosting services. Web design is a one-time fee, but your clients need web hosting and they will pay a monthly fee for it. You can get a percentage of that monthly fee by providing a web hosting service, too. The link below contains information about how to get started offering web hosting. It’s free to set up a reseller account.

    Good luck!

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