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How Much Money Will It Cost You To Start A Website

Finally, you have decided you want to make a website, but you need to make sure you are financially able to do so. A website can be expensive if you do not read the fine print. There are a couple of things that can easily snag your wallet when you are not careful.

First, you need to make sure the host is reliable and not a scam artist. A lot of people each year get scammed out of a lot of cash in the process of making a website. You can find sites that are hosted by them and see if they have any feedback on the difficulty level of paying their host. Some hosts can be rather expensive.

Second, you need to read up on the monthly fees and the overage fees. The overage fees are the ones you have to pay if you exceed your bandwidth, monthly transfer, or space limit. Some sites are really serious about their limits, so those fees could be outrageous. The best thing to do, if your site is going to be large, is buy the package with the most space. You most likely will not use all of it, but as long as it is not too much per month or year for that package, it is better safe than sorry. There are few sites that actually have unlimited space and bandwidth packages out there.

Lastly, you may want to try to add up the monthly or yearly fees plus the domain cost to figure how much it will cost per year. This is a big help especially if the host you are looking at has a nice looking price for just monthly fees. After seeing how much it will cost you a year, you should be able to determine whether or not you can afford it and if it is worth what they are asking. You may also want to consider how it will affect your other bills and household needs.

Hopefully, now you can find that host with a great price. You really need to read the fine print and understand everything you need to before buying into the website world. It can be rather costly if you are not careful. If you are careful, it could save you money and make you money far beyond what you can imagine. Internet websites can be used to make money, but some people think they are get rich quick schemes and are easy. Nothing worth doing and that you can profit well from is never that easy

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8 thoughts on “Start A Website”

  1. How much did it cost you to start up your website?
    I want to start website very soon but I need to know certain costs. What factors did you have to pay for when you started up our website?

    How much was a website designer?
    How much was your domain name?
    What is your monthly rent for the domain name?
    How much do you pay to servers per month?
    How much does it cost you now?
    Any additional fees?

    I’d love to hear all different answers and please give any advice if you can. 10 Points best answer!

  2. I’ve owned a number of websites and gone through almost every avenue of getting one designing or purchasing, CMS or static, so I’ll try to give you the best summaries.

    Designers are expensive, allocate AT LEAST $1,000. However, you can also get a really beautiful theme for $40. I used to be adamant about designers, but these days I will frequently just get a theme, for my wallet’s sake as well as the fact that it’s immediate.
    $10 per year. Don’t pay any more than $12, unless it’s a country specific TLD ( .it, .de, etc.) I’m a big fan of You don’t rent domains, you own them, or more of lease.
    Hosting can cost anywhere from $3/month – $200+. I’m assuming yours is going to be a relatively small site (not Twitter, Amazon, or Zappos), you could probably get away with $5/mo.
    There is definitely economies of scale in play when hosting small sites. I own at least 15 sites, 5 of which are actively maintained, domains cost me $150+/year, but hosting is still $8/month total for me.
    If you’re selling something or making logins you NEED a secure certificate, which depending on the trust level can cost you $50-$400 per year.

    I love referring to this site: because it tells you exactly how to do everything in the right order, and with it you can get your site running in an hour having NEVER done it before– I’ve timed it. Using it’s recommendations you will pay $64 yearly + site design or theme + certificate (if necessary)

  3. is it possible to start your own like website were you give advice like a dear suzy or what not?
    I love giving advice and my friends say im really good at it. I think it would be super fun to start a website where people can ask me a question and i will anwser. Like a dear suzy ya know? or do you have to have a permit or is it not possible? haha Im only a high school student BTW i just think it would be fun.

  4. What should I do to start website business?
    What are the skills that I need to run a website business, I want to display some useful info on my site to earn money. I am not talking about designing part, I know how to launch a website but don’t know how to get advertisements from companies, marketing, managing, updating, customer service and there are many more things that we need to run a website business or any other business in which we are selling our services. Do I need to do any kind of course. Do I need to hire staff for it. Please help thanks.

  5. Get new domain name and start website in UAE?
    Is it possible to register a domain name and start web site through Microsoft Small Business in UAE ?.
    If it is not possible through Microsoft small business, please advise me the best website to create a new website which can operate from UAE.

  6. Why not try blogging?  It’s all the rage these days and, with the right software, you can quickly put together an excellent website which people will enjoy reading.  Blogs can also be monetized with banner ads  for affiliate products and you can incorporate Adsense ads as well.
    I think it’s an excellent business and I think you should, at the very least, check it out as it seems to fit in with what you want to do.
    And don’t worry if your level of knowledge is weak in some areas because there’s good training to be had, if you know where to look.
    I’ve come across this review for a program which may well prove useful to you and there’s  plenty of other useful information on this website to give you to give you more than enough food for thought. Hope this helps


  7. which is the best ebook i can get to start a website using wordpress?
    I want to start website for affililate marketing.

  8. Take into consideration that web hosting is a global service. It does not matter what country you are located in; US, UK, Canada, Australia or UAE. It is good to note that the cost of hosting services in most countries is generally a little more expensive in comparison to the same services in Canada and the United States. Specifically, American web hosts offer a much better value for money than any local hosting.

    As you may know a domain name is just a name, not a real website. If you are going to create your website: 1- Buy a domain name. A domain name is a name you want to call your website (ex: To get a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. 2- Buy a web hosting service to provide your online space and enable you to get your website online at your purchased domain name.

    To get further information take a look at:

    You need a web hosting service which supports online payments like, Master Card, Visa & PayPal. It is very important that your service be uptime. It means that you can access your account whenever you want to update your web pages, and your visitors can view your website whenever they type your website address. If your hosting service is not uptime it is real hell!

    If you want to start your website I recommend purchase your domain and hosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some hosting services offer this gift today.

    Take a look at:

    There you can reach the three reputable companies that are leaders in the E-commerce web hosting industry. They fulfill all your requirements to sell online or do/accept any online payments. By using each of them, everything you need for such a website is provided in one business Hosting Package.

    Hope this helps.

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