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But one gets under duress when one is unable to handle the pace of today world or does not the means to keep the pace. The technology has this unimaginable supersonic speed at which it is growing in all spheres of life. Along with this advancement came also the development of computer programming, internet, instant communication or messages, web domains, web pages and world-wide-web marketing. We came to learn about companies and individuals who were working on these. One looks at them in awe, of their magnitude and the command they have developed on this line of action.

With this new found technology, we have built our new information highway. Gone are the days of horseback riding messengers, or mail carried on sailing ships to reach the far away shores of foreign lands. The satellites floating above us round the clock make it easy for us to transmit our message within seconds. Loads of information and news can now be shared within seconds with anyone sitting right across the other side of the earth. This new superfast technology ran a thought process in the minds of business men. It took very little time for the quick and sharp minded business men to understand the importance of this new technology and the gains it has to offer.

This has become one of the fastest methods to know about any company or an individual. These web pages talk about the business in detail and showcase the overall concept and personality of the business. A lot of companies resort to all kinds of gimmicks to lure the visitor to come to their website and go through the pages. Through chat people become friends and promote a lot of stuff which they like and hear about some other, from their friends.

There are many urgent usages by the military that can now be trusted to the new technology. They employ thousands on line to put together information that is useful for them by way of methods that are easy to understand and simple to follow.

These companies resort to varied tactics to bring in customers and visitors to their website. There are many technical methods that are available today to make more and more people visit your websites.

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  1. What companies would be best placed to design and build a site like eBay..not to compete..different model?
    Looking for a list of top design and web development companies who are fantastic and could build a develop a site similar to ebay. Not as big but similar concept and who are fantastic at what they do. Any insights would be greatly appreciated?

  2. What are the top web design firms for small/medium sized sites?
    I’ve been trying to find a reputable web design company, but can’t seem to figure out the good ones.

  3. Who are some of the top web design companies?

    My company is looking for a website design company. Who are the top web design companies?

  4. who is internet marketing services from india ? top 5 seo and Web design company in Delhi/NCR?
    who is internet marketing services from india ? top 5 seo and Web design company in Delhi/NCR?

  5. any good web design company could do that, what you need to ask yourself is how much they will charge? How much attention will they give to you and your project? Will they listen to what you want and deliver what you want? Big design companies can be very impersonal with half a dozen people all working on your site while a one man crew / or small company can be very personal and give you lots of their time. Your best bet is to look at sites that you like and find out who designed them then email the comapnies to find out costs and such.

  6. How much would a top notch web design company charge for a website such as?
    How much would a top notch web design company charge for a website such as

    Obviously I am not a dumb dumb to copy Reed’s website or what they do etc, but I am just wondering.

    Would the web design company just do the “design” or can they integrate the backend for adding jobs etc.

  7. This is a tall order mate, seeing the sample website it’s a site with data base and that costs a lot of money… probably around US$3k min. but if you just need the design that would be cheaper, may less than 500 for the lay out…

    You can either hire freelancers which is cheaper or go to a more stable web development company more expensive but it’s a one stop shop.

    I hope this helps,

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