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There are a lot of companies out there that claim they are the top web design firm in the Philippines, of course they show their achievements through their websites and its supposed features, but when you take a closer look there’s always something missing, something that’s important, something that takes the viewers into the sight and keeps them coming back. Only a few achieved this feat, those who do can certainly be called the top web design firm in the Philippines and the firm who earned that title is Optimind Solutions. Optimind Solutions is the top web design firm in the Philippines because of their service, features and of courses their affordability, making them an all in one complete package. Optimind Solutions key character is adaptability, Optimind Solution customers often give specification that other web design firms wouldn’t give a thought because it would take time to figure or learn the codes need to produce such results, but with them they take that as a challenge to better their skills in the field and produce the results that the customers want. Of course the title of top web design firm in the Philippines must satisfy every category like creativity, innovation, affordability and many more, most of the professional companies out here give most of the categories but often neglects the others, but with Optimind Solutions you get everything in your package especially the affordability part. Price is one of the biggest factors in choosing the web designer and this is something that only Optimind Solution can battle it out. So for the top web design firm in the Philippines visit!

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  1. What are the top web design firms in New York?
    I’m looking to find the best web design / website development firms in New York City. Maybe award winners or firms recommended by editors at trade magazines. We are looking to hire
    an experienced firm with an impressive portfolio.

  2. Who are some of the top web design companies?

    My company is looking for a website design company. Who are the top web design companies?

  3. How much would a top notch web design company charge for a website such as?
    How much would a top notch web design company charge for a website such as

    Obviously I am not a dumb dumb to copy Reed’s website or what they do etc, but I am just wondering.

    Would the web design company just do the “design” or can they integrate the backend for adding jobs etc.

  4. This is a tall order mate, seeing the sample website it’s a site with data base and that costs a lot of money… probably around US$3k min. but if you just need the design that would be cheaper, may less than 500 for the lay out…

    You can either hire freelancers which is cheaper or go to a more stable web development company more expensive but it’s a one stop shop.

    I hope this helps,

  5. In my experience, I found New York Web to be the best. They made me a really impressive website, at a really great price. They add Flash to all their sites for free. Flash is the animated component. They also did the wording of the site and put it up online. I couldn’t be happier.

    I’ve tried using godaddy templates and used more expensive firms with horrible results. Nothing compares to a custom flash sites these guys make. I got mine for $475. That’s TOTAL.
    There is no monthly or annual fees, and they guarantee their websites for Life.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a business in the New York City area, they’ll even do house calls (for a fee). These guys helped me with everything from setting up my network to beefing up my blackberry. You have no idea how much better my business runs now.

  6. What are the top web design firms for small/medium sized sites?
    I’ve been trying to find a reputable web design company, but can’t seem to figure out the good ones.

  7. What is your list of top web design message boards?


    Those sites are web programming forums, not web design forums.

    The only one that’s even remotely close is and even the graphics section is software focused, not design focused at all.

    Visual Design != Programming
    “You have to program them in order to design them”

    You have to read to answer a question properly.


    You are not getting my vote. I will delete the question if no one else answers.


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