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An important part of UK search engine optimisation, deals with the types of words that are being researched. This is important as many words, can be ones that can be more popular than others, while some can be words that a website can easily target to make its own.

In many cases keywords can be ones that are searched more often than others. While these can be good words to target for ones UK search engine optimisation project, this is something that should be done at ones risk. When a keyword is more popular, more businesses are going to try and compete with each other, to see if a keyword is going to be easily available for ones use.

In this case it would be advantageous to think about more specific types of keywords. Checking on how often these keywords are searched for, can help as it will be easier to see which subsections of keywords are not as popular or if a generic type is one that will be good enough, for ones UK Internet marketing needs.

Here is an example of how this works. The keyword bunnies can be searched for thousands of times. However keywords like chocolate bunnies or Easter bunnies can have fewer searches. Therefore a business that is looking to promote that it sells chocolate bunnies for sale should avoid using the generic bunnies keyword and go with a more specific chocolate bunnies option.

There are various UK Internet marketing companies out there, which can help to establish what types of keywords are more popular than others. There are also some online services that can be used, to help with researching which keywords are more popular. These services can work in that one can enter in a word like bunnies and get results on how many searches are involved for that keyword and other specific words that relate to it. Be sure to check out these services when looking for information with regards to which keywords are right for ones UK search engine optimisation needs.

Overall keywords can be vital for any UK search engine optimisation project. It will help to go online to see how different words can vary in terms of how popular they are on search engines, so you can establish what keywords should be targeted.

About the Author:
Jomongee is a UK based Internet Solution Agency, provides a breadth of Internet Services starting from UK Web hosting to UK search engine optimisation. Our custom UK ecommerce website design solutions will enable you to run an ecommerce website on the internet in a user friendly manner.


10 thoughts on “Uk Ecommerce Website Design”

  1. What do you think of my ecommerce website?

    It’s very basic… Hopefully all the basic information is there though. I’m not very skilled on web design to be honest. For the technically minded I am using FrontPage 2002. I am still trying to work out how to get images into OSCommerce from an external host so there are no product images yet…

    NB No offers of paid assistance or links to your web design company please, thank you!
    I won’t be paying anyone else to work on the site, I don’t have the budget, can’t justify the expense, I am 100% independent in my business dealings and intend to stay that way. It’s no good for me to spend 2 years getting an ecommerce business going and then turn responsibilty over to someone else – not an option!

  2. How much should a basic ecommerce website cost me?
    Having given up on attempting to figure out dreamweaver and shopping cart integration, i have decided to just pay someone who knows how to do it.

    However, i have no idea how much i should be charged. They are evading the question slightly, and asking ‘how much would you like to spend’, which to be honest is what market sellers do when they think that the customer might suggest an amount higher than the value.

    Anyway, i am considering getting them to set me up a basic web shop using ecommerce? I have used this website as a guide for what i want
    I have sent them my layouts and graphics which i created a while ago. All they’d be doing is setting it up. They don’t have to do any design work.
    There would be 4 categories and around 50 items to start off with.


  3. Hi mareasa1
    A friend of mine recently had this done at a basic cost of £1500. It is a 5 page site – much simpler than your example.
    However, it seems that this is your first attempt at e-commerce trading – good luck, but I think there are two points you need to be aware of, if you are not already familiar with, regarding money.
    Most webmasters rely on ‘updates’ for income. A site like the example you gave needs constant updates and changes as stocks and product lines/prices change. Make sure that there is a FIRM agreement of these costs at the outset as they will have the username and password to your site and any changes will HAVE to go through them.
    Second, and equally important. Are you aware that the banks will not transfer the monies to you when goods are purchased? They hold the money back for a long time (I’m not sure how long but maybe three months after the sale) so you have to ensure that you have enough funds to cover this cash flow shortage. When you have been established for one year or maybe 6 months it is only after this period that you will get the money immediately when the goods are purchased.

  4. I need help with creating a website with Ecommerce?
    I am hoping to start my own On-line shop in January but I haven’t got much of an idea how to go about creating a website with Ecommerce.
    I know about website hosting and domain names etc but I don’t want to pay for any of this until I have a fully functioning Website!
    I am not going to be able to design my own site but I am thinking about getting a free template and then editing it slightly.I have Downloaded Nvu which allows you to edit a template but I am having difficulty using it!
    I would like to know if I can do the above and then add Ecommerce to a Css template and I also need help getting all of this without any cost if possible.I live in the UK.
    Any suggestions and help in simple way will be very much appreciated as I can’t even edit any of the template!
    The template I want is downloaded is in a zip folder and I think I may need to do something extra,I don’t know!
    Here is the link to the template site,the one I would like to use is called New Rise it’s the 7th one down ,if this helps!

    Thank-you in advance to any-one who may be able to give me some step by step help.
    Best Wishes

  5. Templates will generate html, so this will give you your site look, what you will need after that is e-commerce plugin.
    Yes, it can be done, but it depends on your abilities, and (as you are asking this question here) it does not look very promising.
    If you can manage to create a site, site-wide css can be used in e-commerce plugin too, I could offer you my services for the purpose of setting up the e-commerce part, but not sure if you can afford my rates (I am in UK too and am used to contracting rates – have been doing it for over 10 years now).
    I can try to guide you in your search if you want…

  6. Recommend a ecommerce designer?
    Hi im looking for a eccommerce website designer in uk to design a professional looking jewellery website??

  7. If suggest checking out Creation Crave Studios ( they are very good, but they’re based in the united states

  8. How do I make these parts of a website?
    Hey, I want to make ecommerce store website, I know most of the php and mysql involved but I’m having a problem with website design. How is it that a website with a navigation bar is made whereby each category might have sub catagories? (For example if you wanted to look for peripherals > speakers > 2.0 speakers on an electronics website with only peripherals showing in the navigation menu to start with), also how would I make a site where the navigation bar, and banners at the top will stay in place even if the window is resized scrolled? In short, does anyone know of a good set of tutorials/guides for the design side of a ecommerse website which will end in something similar looking to but with whatever kind of product I choose instead? Thanks in advance.


    Standard osCommerce, just like 10,000 other shops out there. If you treat your business like this, customers MIGHT wonder how you treat them. To work for two years setting this up, then rely on the standard theme of osC is not good business sense in my opinion.

    Go and grab a free template if you can’t pay for anything. Inspiration in the source link.

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