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Uk Search Engine Optimisation Finding Out What Key Words Your Customers Are Searching Forc

An important part of UK search engine optimisation, deals with the types of words that are being researched. This is important as many words, can be ones that can be more popular than others, while some can be words that a website can easily target to make its own.

In many cases keywords can be ones that are searched more often than others. While these can be good words to target for ones UK search engine optimisation project, this is something that should be done at ones risk. When a keyword is more popular, more businesses are going to try and compete with each other, to see if a keyword is going to be easily available for ones use.

In this case it would be advantageous to think about more specific types of keywords. Checking on how often these keywords are searched for, can help as it will be easier to see which subsections of keywords are not as popular or if a generic type is one that will be good enough, for ones UK Internet marketing needs.

Here is an example of how this works. The keyword bunnies can be searched for thousands of times. However keywords like chocolate bunnies or Easter bunnies can have fewer searches. Therefore a business that is looking to promote that it sells chocolate bunnies for sale should avoid using the generic bunnies keyword and go with a more specific chocolate bunnies option.

There are various UK Internet marketing companies out there, which can help to establish what types of keywords are more popular than others. There are also some online services that can be used, to help with researching which keywords are more popular. These services can work in that one can enter in a word like bunnies and get results on how many searches are involved for that keyword and other specific words that relate to it. Be sure to check out these services when looking for information with regards to which keywords are right for ones UK search engine optimisation needs.

Overall keywords can be vital for any UK search engine optimisation project. It will help to go online to see how different words can vary in terms of how popular they are on search engines, so you can establish what keywords should be targeted.

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Jomongee is a UK based Internet Solution Agency, provides a breadth of Internet Services starting from UK Web hosting to UK search engine optimisation. Our custom UK ecommerce website design solutions will enable you to run an ecommerce website on the internet in a user friendly manner.


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  1. Any talented UK web-designers just starting out?
    I run a small design studio with 2 full-time members of staff and a host of freelancers. We produce a wide range of printed material as well as provide web-design services for small businesses and sole traders.

    At the moment I am OVERLOADED with work and am desperate to find another UK freelancer who I can work with in purely on online/telephone capacity (so location is unimportant) producing simple HTML sites with a real touch of creative flair. The pay isn’t fabulous, as we’re only a small firm and are generally thought of as very low-cost, but it is legitimate and will add paid work to your portfolio

    If you’re interested at all, please drop me an email via Yahoo with a link to your own site (or sites that I can verify are yours). Formal qualifications are not important, but creativity and an ability to take harsh criticism from your potential clients ARE!!! My only other stipulation is that you’re in the UK. I can’t be arsed with the whole transatlantic money thing 😉

  2. I need to add an online payment system to my website,can you recommend good reasonably priced web designers UK?
    I only need to add the online payment system to accept credit card payments, but dont require my whole website changing, how much should I be charged for this on average as I already have an existing website please advice as I am really not sure about this and I am on a budget.

  3. You can do it all yourself…

    Payment Gateways:

    6 Payment Gateways Reviewed:
    Ecommerce Payment Gateway Primer:
    What You Should Ask A Payment Gateway Provider:

    PayPal Easy Directions:


  4. I would charge 50 to 60 pounds per hour. But be careful to make an accurate estimate of how many hours you would charge for a specific design, otherwise you (and/or your client) could get a bad surprise.

  5. How much do UK-based freelance web designers get paid?
    What hourly rate can UK-based freelance web designers expect to earn?

    Which programming language offers the best earnings potential?

  6. It depends upon the skills and experience of the particular designer and what theire personal circumstances are concerning their own outgoings.

    Some designers may be employed full time, have little experience and and work from home. They might only charge 30 USD / 20 GBP per hour.

    Another designer might be working from their own office which they have to pay rent for, have their own home which they have to pay a mortgage on. Drive to visit their clients and they might have 10 years experience. They might charge 250 USD / 160 GBP per hour.

    I have known consultants to charge a daily rate of 1000 GBP per day and drive expensive sports cars.

    It depends on so many factors and whether or not they have the knowledge to back it up.

  7. Please post your classified ad in the newspaper or somewhere more appropriate. Yahoo! Answers is a question and answer site, not an employment agency. Thank you

  8. As a local UK web designer are there any ways to get any type of accreditation to boost reputation?

  9. Well John Mason is a “Top Contributor” and yet even he is flailing like a dying whale on the beach!

    Based on that I would guess that the answer to your question is no, sorry.

    After all, John Mason doesn’t know about one so it can’t exist!

    If you are particularly talented you should prove your worth, maybe improve this site? It is pretty bad when compared to Google or Microsoft’s efforts – and Microsoft were a late entry into the internet! Once you have, why not set up your own standard of accreditation and become a multimillionaire?

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