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Social Networks: Impact On Today’s Living

Just lately social networks end up increasingly popular. And with their progress they begin to have an effect on almost all spheres of peoples life. The results of various studies claim that the 1 / 2 of the internet is already covered by social networks. The idea of social networks was invented before the online world together with social networking. In 1954 it was presented by the American sociologist James Barns. Since then social networks have turned into a popular conception that became fundamental in web 2.0 design. Nowadays social networks have developed tremendously and you can find lots of networks made for unique purposes, the primary of which are actually to look for acquaintances, to get acquainted, to get job or employee as well as to improve your online business. The competition among social networks is very awesome now and only really quality together with helpful projects can bring in visitors now. This tends to make web-sites to apply improvements such as unique types of chats, video platform, media content, and so forth. Social networks have a lots of positive aspects and even negatives. Below we will talk about the key: 1.Address within the user profile. On one hand, it is extremely convenient in case you forgot the address of the close friend and / or his / her mobile phone number, you can actually simply have a look at his profile in social network. Still on the other hand it’s a risk to add such information as your house address in public page. Making the home address accessible only to the friends can easily solve this problem, but then you ought to be convinced in all your friends. Besides, a number of social networks never ever remove your information totally, consequently decide smartly what info to provide. 2.Escape from reality. Social networks help to make a approach to conversation simplier and easier plus much more handy. But in case when this becomes a routine and then a person stop to get in touch with individuals in real world it can come to be a problem. Yet there exists a further significant benefit: in social networks people are able to get in touch with friends from all over the world plus distances and even borders won’t keep individuals from having a dialogue. Beyond that, these days unique technologies, like video chat, let visitors to talk and see each other in real time. 3.Content. Currently in social networks all visitors have chance to view a lot of media content: video, music, and so on. On one hand it’s very useful that you may view almost any video or even listen to famous music on-line. Still simultaneously it is usually difficult to find anything at all in networks as a result of amazing amount of this content. 4.People. The greater is the social network, the greater is the probability that you will find a person you need. Nonetheless a amount of spam in social networks is usually really great. In these days this concern can be solved replacing a ordinary tool for conversation by text messages into live chat, in which only real men and women may take part. Still generally speaking social networks undoubtedly are a superb innovation which might be combined with invention of the the web. They made our living incredibly easier and offered a unique opportunity to communicate with a great number of persons from numerous places without even leaving house.

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  1. How about some Web Design 101? ?
    Okay so I somewhat know how to design a website template using PS. I just want to know how to … code it now. Are there any websites / tutorial pages that show how to design -and- code the layout? Please don’t send me any little HTML sites, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Web 2.0 Designs and coding such as xhtml/css/java/etc. Thanks in advance!

  2. How does one break out of web 2.0 design?
    So I’m here trying to find inspiration for my websites….I can come up with themes, but to make them practical(as in more usable) I have to make them cleaner and clearer. It’s hard to explain, but can someone give me an example of a design that is both practical and beautiful? Anything without the usual diagonal stripes, gel effects, gradients, big fonts etc…

  3. What is the best website about web 2.0 graphic design?
    I’d really like to know if there is a website filled with free tutorials and articles about graphic design for WEB 2.0 style websites.

    Thanks for helping me.
    Designing for web 2.0 isn’t like designing every other site, it has some rules I think. Such as light colors, lots of white spaces, colours fadeout in boxes,standard effects, such as reflection, in logo, etc.
    Is there such a site explaining how to build a webpage layout and to design graphic elements following the web 2.0 guidelines then?..

  4. What do you think of Web 2.0 Design?
    Hi there,

    I’m a design student, conducting a study into web 2.0 and how it impacts on design on the web.

    I was wondering if I could collect your thoughts on what you think of web 2.0 design. Do you think it has totally revolutionised the way we use the web, or just a silly fad? Was it necessary to improve the quality of our web experience? Does it represent good quality design, or is it totally overused?

    When I talk about web 2.0 ‘design’, I’m mean web design that has appeared along with the advent of web 2.0 technologies – a move towards more ‘user friendly’ and ‘user controlled’ web experience, such as Facebook, Flickr and You Tube. You’ll know what I mean – just think of gradients, stickers, beta tags, shiny plastic buttons, cute icons, simple navigation, bigger text, reflections, more white space and a triumph of content over pixel space. It is a style that is very popular at the minute, and some argue that it’s on its way out.

    For examples of web 2.0 design see:

    The above incorporate elements of web 2.0 design. Also our very own Yahoo Questions looks like it’s had a bit of the ‘2.0’ treatment with lots of white space, simplicity and careful use of colour with the green and blue shiny buttons.

    Of course the alternative to the simplicity of 2.0 design would be something like this:


    Which is a throwback to the days when the web was a free for all. It’s hard to know where to look on the page because there’s so much going on. Not a friendly experience for the user at all.

    Do you think web 2.0 limits the designer as to what they are able to produce?

    Please let me know your thoughts, all contributions are valid!

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Your question is unclear!
    “break out of web 2.0”?
    Web 2.0 is NOT a question of “graphism”: it is a way of CODING!
    Web 2.0 means that all “pages” are fully INTERACTIVE,
    so when the surfer clicks or hoover on something, something happens, but the PAGE does NOT refresh (reload).
    This is achieved with extensive use of AJAX (again, nothing to do with graphics!)

  6. ‘Do you think it has totally revolutionised the way we use the web’

    No, it’s just much easier to create good looking websites these days. e.g. Microsoft finally supporting PNGs with alpha transparency, much better and consistent mark-up, CSS support etc.

    ‘or just a silly fad?’

    Again No, but calling it ‘web 2.0’ design is.

    ‘Was it necessary to improve the quality of our web experience? ‘

    I think the ‘improved … experience’ has more to do with the underlying code/mark-up than the graphic design.

    ‘Does it represent good quality design, or is it totally overused?’

    Many of these sites aren’t designed at all – they are generated from a list of options, a good example of design by options can be seen with Artisteer (link below)


    Totally overused? – no, but there should be more effort put into personalising the generated templates.

    I don’t think it’s particularly fair to compare the yaxay site to the others you listed because it’s a much older site and the webmaster will have other, more important considerations to bear-in-mind when updating the site rather than it’s appearance.

    ‘Do you think web 2.0 limits the designer as to what they are able to produce?’

    No, there are a limited number of things you can do with a rectangle so I’d say it’s the ‘container box’ nature of html that limits the designer.

    Hope this helps.

  7. How can you describe exactly what Web 2.0 design is?

    When somebody is telling you “Your website should have Web 2.0 design” what does that mean exactly? What are the characteristics of this type of design? Can you provide us some on-line documentation or links to websites that have this type of design?

    Thank you in advance.

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