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Advantages of software developers in freelance contract programming

In any reputed software development firm the software developers are usually very experienced and expertise, but only in their own modules. In a recent survey it has been found that software developers do not wish to work in different modules in the same or a different project. As these developers are expertise module wise the software houses allot the task accordingly. It is because of such habit that the software development cost increases.

Hence nowadays contract software developers are become the hot cake for different reasons like several years of expertise in varied modules (sometimes it is also possible that they are professional in different programming languages too), extremely impressive and professional work and their time defined work, these freelance software programmers are master on acute presentation of their work and are affordable by nature as well.

These professional software developers are a pleasure to work with. They are honest and sincere to their work, apart from being very knowledgeable with superb expertise in web programming as well as in custom software development. These freelance contract programmers have the ability to judge the nature of work very easily and are capable of figuring out the problems as well as solutions in a quicker and effective manner.
Contract software developers may know a single programming language like PHP programming, Java programming, dot net programming etc, but they know the perfect procedure and thus produce error less creative programming for your website. They mainly concentrate on the following three tough parts of custom software development.

Error Handling: Skillful software developers have the supreme capability in all kind of error handling works. The error handling jobs are really very crucial by their nature because all functions are interrelated with each other and if you are about to change one thing it is bound to invoke error in different places. Naturally this is the original part in software programming where contract programmers concentrate much. Thus high level knowledge is delivered by professional software developers while they solve those errors. These kind of critical error handling jobs makes a software developers famous in this custom software development industry.

Database Connectivity: It is the phenomenal area in modern software development where the knack of any software developer can be judge very easily. It is divided into mainly three parts, database design, database development and the most tough database administration. Creating tables, fields and structures are not so easy, but according to me, data retrieval from those database elements (which in know as database administration) is the most tough job for any contract software developer. Which tables will be buffered (to reduce the database hits) and which will not, is the most difficult task to do. A superb data retrieval from the database makes a website perfect.

Form Processing: Nowadays in any website we can find online form through which visitors communicate with the website owners. These contact forms are very easy ( having just 4 to 5 fields) and that can be handled by any programmers. But in case of typical e-commerce websites, there are many critical kinds of forms exists (with several fields) like registration form, contact form, get a free quote form, add post form, add reply form, online application form, payment forms etc. These above forms should have enormous numbers of fields which are connecting different tables. Thus you can assume how difficult the work to do by any professional software developer is. Absolute concentration is required while doing programming on such forms. Single mistake can put an error and the communication between client and business will stop. Thus, knack of any contract programmer can be judge through form processing abilities.

About the author: This article is written by Cristina Gomes, she is working as the senior PHP programmer in an Australian software programming firm. She shares her knowledge with her readers as a professional software developer.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/programming-articles/advantages-of-software-developers-in-freelance-contract-programming-1223241.html

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  1. Is it possible to learn web design in 2 days?
    I saw an ad. It says learn to design website in just 2 days. I want to know if this is possible for those who doesn’t know much about computer stuffs.

  2. Is it possible to learn web design in 2 months?
    I have done basic JAVA programming but have no experience with HTML or any other languages. I need to design an e-store for my business. I can work on this full time so that won’t be an issue. I was wondering if it was feasible (doing it full time) to be able to learn and develop an e-commerce site in 2 months.

    Also any suggestions of where I should start would be great.

    Thanks in advance!
    Oh, I would be doing this by myself, no formal classes or courses.

  3. I have a shoplifting record, will it be hard to get a web design job in 2 years?
    Will my shoplifting record making it difficult for me to get a job in web design after I finish my schooling and get my degree?

  4. How can I find n employ someone from India for 2 months for a web design?
    I need a web designer for a project and I would like to hire someone overseas instead of in Canada (where I live)…

    Any ideas?

  5. No, it takes a ridiculous amount of reading since you need to learn web languages such as html.

  6. Can you support a wife and 2 kids by doing web design and comics for a living?
    I’ve been a Tech for 10 years now who does freelance design on the side for T-shirts, CD cover and web design. I’m also working on a comic book and would love to do that for a living although I don’t think it could support a family, I need facts and how to do it so I can change careers here. How is it done?

  7. Of course it’s always best to have a professional do it. You will simply get better results. However when that is not an option, download Zen Cart.

    Next download a template. I strongly suggest starting with one that is well designed like :

    well written code will make your life easier.

    consult all the documentation and you should be okay

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