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The Volatile Trends Involving Mobile App Development Technologies

Presently, there are four major categories of mobile app development technologies which rule the market:
Webbased technologies (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and frameworks (JQuery, Sencha, )
Native app development platforms (iOS, Android, Symbian)
Proprietary middleware and clients (Red Foundry)
Hybrid WebKit/Native web app development kits

One of the key advantages of Web-based technologies is that their deployment process is quick and that helps in the processes of App Stores. Many developers perceive this feature as a huge benefit to in a space which is dominated by some vendors including Apple and Amazon. Some analysts are of the view that web technologies welcome phishing and fraud since the hackers and attackers look out for young browsers for infringing security.

Sometimes mobile web based solutions are stricken by the same problems that their desktop counterparts face. These solutions have to face browser incompatibilities, latency, etc. Additionally, they have to bear the slow progress of web standards. Mobile Web apps do have a market in the future but it is important that one should take care while choosing a technology and should be aware of its advantages and limitations.

Apps developed in native technologies have managed to find a good market in the mobile app development space but they are dependent on old proprietary desktop technologies and tools. For example, the iPhone SDK is based on a technology that was developed in the 1980s. The same is the problem with Android SDK which is reminiscent of the decade-old Swing SDK and its declarative UI architecture.

This is the prime reason why native mobile app development technologies look unnecessarily complex since they are not based on simplified mobile solution construction. Developing a native application for both the iPhone and Android devices requires advanced development skills and is extremely complex too. The native technologies are not sustainable enough since there is a very small number of companies which develop mobile applications using native SDK directly.

This has led to the emergence of cross-platform solutions in the market including PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, AppMobi etc. There is also a small number of companies who rely on Domain Specific Languages through which one can create native code. The best advantage of native code is that it can be changed, compiled and deployed once the app is written from scratch. Additionally, one of the best advantages of using domain specific languages for mobile app development are the rapid development cycles which can be achieved due to the simplification of the programming model.

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  1. Want to get in to web development & mobile app development?
    Assume I am a beginner who knows absolutely nothing about programming/development– what languages or courses should I be learning in order to develop web pages and iphone apps?

    Please suggest the languages in order since they often build on others.

  2. Is there a better front end web development app than Dreamweaver?
    I’m looking for a new option. I work on a Mac.

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  4. I think Dreamweaver is the best html editor, but it will make mistakes. You should use it as a tool to save time, but still learn the code. I work in split view to see both the code and design view.

  5. Does Anyone Know of a Compressive Web App Development Resource?
    I was wondering if anyone knows of a comprehensive list of sites where an application can be developed and launched for greater exposure to existing social communities (marketing).

    For example, I know of facebook, igoogle, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, IE 8 Add-ons all have developer guidelines, even Ford’s SYNC and Intel’s newly launched AppUp are out there, but does anyone have a link to a more comprehensive list?


  6. Use C# and C++ for Iphone development and PHP for web pages. I will also suggest to visit some IPhone Development website for some tips and ideas for free.

  7. What web app development language should I learn?

    I’m currently a PL/SQL developer making applications for the web. I’ve been offered some training, and am not sure what to ask for to learn next.

    I know html and basic Javascript stuff.

    I’m thinking that PHP or more advanced Javascript might be most useful.

    What would you recommend? What’s hot? And what’s yesterdays news?



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