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Cool banner design ideas to get more clicks

If you want your banner ads to generate favourable clicks for your business, you need to invest time for planning and generating ideas. Specially, if you want your banner advertising to be a great hit among viewers, you have to generate great banner design ideas.

Web banner design ideas will depend on how you visualize your banner. How the banner will look different from other banner adsc You need to apply different website banner ideas to make innovative online ads. Bring ideas about the purpose of banner advertising. What you want to do with your bannerc You can design the banner for advertising your product, service or business offers, getting more traffic to a website, making new registration or membership for business database etc. When you have the clear idea about the purpose of banner designing, the design will be much easier.

The text on your banner is the ultimate call-to-action factor. More clicks you receive, more banner traffic you generate. Experimenting with making the banner an animated one can be an awesome web banner design idea. Some catchy call-to-action texts can be Signup Today’, Click Here’, Join Today’, Get Membership’, Download Now’, View the Product’, Learn More’ etc.

A great heading can easily create the lasting impression for your banner. First, you need to know well your product. Determine the keywords that go with your product or brand or special offers. Try to include these keywords in your punch lines. Following examples can help:

Free bank loans to finance your business.’

15% discount on all Trendy Glass products.’

Get access to 101 internet marketing techniques for free.’

Get body hugging women’s leather bags @ only.’

Start your own career in modeling.’

Breathtaking collection of summer fashion.’

Enjoy thousands of your favourite music @ /month.’

Let employers have a better look on your CV.’

Carefully you can provide the brand name in the main punch line.

Using the website address on your banner can also increase the brand recall for your site.

Keeping all these web banner design ideas, you can go for designing your own web banner. Even if you hire a banner designer, your own website banner design ideas will help you a lot to give suggestions to the banner designer. All you need to do is get one creative idea for banner design that will generate more traffic to your target website.

About the author: Steve Saha a designer by profession specializing in website, blogs, minisite, banners, ecovers and flash designs. He has created hundreds of minisites for his clients all over the world. You can find more details of his work and articles at http://www.design4banners.com/

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  1. Web Banner Design Software?

    I have been searching on the web for a while now and I can’t find a good software to design web banners.

    I have even tried different ones on Download.com however, alot of them are just basic shareware softwares that you can expect to get… I have over 100 banners to design so it needs to be a good solid software.

    I know they are out there, and I don’t mind spending the money for one, so if there is one you could recommend that would be great….

    Thanks Alot….

  2. Have anyone know about new web banner design?
    Hi Friends,
    Anyone know about new wordpress web banner design here? until, when i cross up your answers…no one have submit a new answer in this…
    pls check and update me friends…

  3. How do you make a web banner without stretching the image?
    Hi there,

    I am designing a web banner for my website and I am wanting to use a picture for the whole of the banner. I am using 800 by 200 pixels and the picture looks stretched, how can i maintain the picture without it looking stretched?? how can i stop it from stretching. I am using photoshop 5.0.

    Thanks x
    Hi, thanks for your answer, but I have tried that and it doesnt work, it still seems stretched out…

  4. Step by step guide to designing web banner ?
    Hi there

    I’m setting up an online store and would like to know how to design a web banner with company logo. Does anyone know of a guide on the web for this? My main questions are:

    – what program should I use (I have access to Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator)

    – what are technical requirements (eg. size, resolution of image, font stuff, do I save as GIF or JPEG) etc.

    thanks everyone

  5. If you simply google ‘tutorial+web+banner+photoshop’ a multitude of step by step tutorials are available to help you design a web banner.

    I also recommend that you use Photoshop (It’s a great program, but I’m bias as I have little experience with Illustrator and Quark) and save the image as a png – as it is the highest quality.

    The size of the image is really dependant on the size of your web site, although I would suggest that you view your web page with different screen resolutions to decide on an appropriate size.

    You can download free fonts from dafont and many other websites, however you would need to check up on whether you can legally use the fonts as you would be making money out of them (as you are using it for a business). I’m sure you would be able to commission a nice font from an artist at dafont for a small fee.

    Good luck!

  6. Where can I get some good web banner design ?
    Im starting up a web business and will be advertising on google adwords image ads and I need some really good banners designed.

    Does anyone know and good banner designers?

  7. Unfortunately you cannot stop it from stretching. You will have to bring the image width down to 800px and then select a section of 200px in height that you feel would suffice.
    Otherwise you will have to stick with a stretched image which looks VERY unprofessional.

    You could of course go with a flash banner and then you could have the image scroll within the 200px height.

  8. It depends on the type of banner that you want to make. I do my animated banners in flash (usually). If the server or service doesnt support flash and they need to be animated GIFs. I use Photoshop and Imageready. For a non animated banner (static banner) you can use any image generating software. Photoshop, GIMP (free linux based inage editng software) or even Corel Draw or Illustrator.

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