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Careers for the Future: Web Design and Development

Take a moment to examine this Web page. Everything in your browser window–the blue-and-yellow color scheme, the twelve-point Verdana bold font, and the stock image of the Web-browsing brunette–is a decision under the control of a Web designer. On the technical side, Web developers create and maintain the databases behind some sites and design sites so that search engines could bring you here. If you have a head for code and an eye for design, a career in Web design and development may offer the perfect opportunity to put your skills to work.

A career for the digital age, Web design and development involves the design, construction, and maintenance of Web sites–as well as the files that keep them online. Web designers combine text, photography, animation, and sound to create an intuitive interface–also identifying problems through testing and user feedback. Because Web designers and developers work in a digital medium, their profession combines the creative disciplines of art and design with the technical aspects of computer science and computer system design.

The Final Frontier: Web Design and Development
If you’re interested in a Web design career, you couldn’t have picked a better time. With the dot-com bust now almost ten years behind us, the next generation of Web pioneers is forging a new frontier. Over the next decade, continued growth in the online community is expected to expand job prospects for Web designers and developers by 14 to 20 percent–faster than the average for all occupations. Computer systems design and related services (a sector of the economy that includes Web designers and developers) is expected to add 489,000 new jobs during the decade between 2006 and 2016.
While your career prospects are bright, your potential to earn a competitive living may prove even more attractive. According to a 2007 Salary Guide released by Robert Half International, annual salaries for Web designers range from ,500 to ,500. For Web developers, annual salaries ranged from , 750 to ,500. Senior Web developers enjoyed even more competitive earnings, with salaries ranging from ,000 to 2,000.

Education for Web Design and Development
If you aspire to the income of today’s most senior Web design and development pioneers, postsecondary education is an important stepping stone. Although you can find entry-level Web design or Web development work with an associate’s degree or certificate, employers generally prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree and professional experience. Thankfully, you can gain education and relevant experience through a number of college degree programs.

Design coursework can provide you with a solid aesthetic foundation in typography, color theory, and writing for interactive media–while courses in scripting language, content management systems, digital media, Web page scripting, scalable vector graphics, interactive motion scripting, and interface design can help prepare you for the more tech-heavy responsibilities of a Web design career. Additionally, college degrees for Web designers and developers often include elective courses in project management, argument and debate, English composition, and mathematics to round out your professional skill set.

Between the attractive compensation, expanding job opportunities, and the wide availability of education for careers in Web design and development, you have ample reason to check out degree programs at local colleges and universities, or even online programs. Don’t wait, though–after all, the final frontier won’t wait for you!

About the author: Kelli Smith is the senior editor for www.Edu411.org. Edu411.org lists colleges and career institutes that offer training and programs in Web Design Careers. Schools listed offer free information packages or academic consultation.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/college-and-university-articles/careers-for-the-future-web-design-and-development-629567.html

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  1. Best institute to learn web design and development in UK.?
    Hello guys. I am looking for a best and affordable IT institute in UK. I want to learn web design and development. Is anybody there who could recommend a good institute where i could learn all the skills to become a professional web designer and developer..
    Thank You

  2. How to do this (Web Design – Development Question)?
    Hi everyone… I am a fairly experienced web designer – not especially an experienced developer as i only know html, css very well and i know enough php, asp and a little ajax to build a basic site but not enough to build ebay lol.

    Anyway i have been trying all day to find out how exactly this company has made this effect.. http://www.netdreams.co.uk/index.php/showcase/

    the bit where it says testimonial, click it and it drops down.

    I thought it maybe a little jquery but i cant find anything showing that and when i look at the css it doesnt look like it is doing anything but styling it.

    Can someone spread some light please


    Ive had a look at the external files and they are for the scrolling header, movie player and a few other thick bits like theme change.
    Ive tried div.tml and using the script.js file but still have no luck at all

    Back to top
    Scroll down

    code is for scrolling the page down and moving back to the top of the page. I know its jquery but i cant seem to see how they are doing it, its a pretty cool framework.

  3. What gives you better job prospects web design or web development?
    I am in the UK i am studying a web design course in oct and after the course i will be a web designer but i want to know which area i should focus on
    JR we learn all those on the course linx, flash e.t.c so i will think hard about the development side as i study. I will certainly not waste this course i want a future and career out of it. I would prefer to work for an employer as freelance customers wont give u their business if you dont have experience and i dont

  4. How did they do this (Web Design – Development Question)?
    Hi everyone!

    I’m trying to create a banner, but decided flash is a ‘no no’ so I started looking into alternative solutions.. and I found this site http://www.omdesign.co.uk/ and I really like their banner but I don’t know how they programmed it?

    When you move your mouse over it it does two things:

    1. it slides in from the bottom of the picture a panel with a bit more info about the project,
    2. it shades out the remaining pictures.

    I really like this effect and if it was flash I would have it done long time ago but this really made me run in circles – can someone please shed some light?


    Hi guys!

    Thank you so much for your answers! I noticed they have 2 different banners on their site (have a look at their page about web design: http://omdesign.co.uk/web-design.html) so I started checking the source code on this page as well. Now the second banner is not only smaller (which would work even better for me) but scrolls as well! Is this also done using jQuery? Funny thing is – this would be so easy to achieve in flash.. I would just put a mask on top of a long strip and could scroll left and right but this non flash version is so much better for my project but I’m still trying to learn what to use to create a similar banner…

    I thought I knew enough about web design or should I say web development but then iPad happened and now I’m trying to go back to basics and it turns out it is much harder then I thought!

    Warm regards from London – all covered in snow!
    Sorry, for some reason the links aren’t active so just in case here they are one more time:




    Hope it works this time.. 😉

  5. IF you want to make a living, abandon “web design”: it pays 10£/page, and turn into Web Application Development.
    This means A LOT of learning (several languages to start with)
    Applications are complex programs that just happen to run on a SERVER (the Web!), so several users are accessing the same code.
    YA! is one of these. If you can develop YA!, then you are an Application Developer, and that pays well (50k+/y).
    Start on LAMP servers (Linux/Unix, Apache, Php, MySQL): you only need (X)HTML, javascript, AJAX, Php, mySQL, and you can aquire the basics of these in a year or two. Stay away form any Window servers, ASP, JSP and anything “dot Net”.
    IF, on the other hand, you are good at “Arts”, become a GRAPHIC designer (like those making adverts, paper or TV).
    You can just make the “design” and get paid for it (a good logo design can pay pretty well, especially once you are known!). Join hands with a Coder and let HIM do the coding!

  6. well,this effect is the mixing of jQuery + css.
    the css class for these images is ‘rollover’
    and some of the attributes are as following :

    .rollover {
    opacity: 0.82;
    .rollover {
    background-color: black;
    min-height: 172px;
    text-align: center;
    .rollover {
    cursor: pointer;

    i hope, you could understand the css script.

    now, these images are registered as onMouseOver event of javascript.
    so, when the mouse gets over on these links, it shows you this fantastic effect 🙂

    I hope, I could give you some idea about it.. 🙂

  7. Update

    You’re right I tottally jumped to a conclusion on that scroll section. But after looking at this more carefully the “magic” has to be happening in this section of the script file

    $(‘div.sc-large div.img:has(div.tml)’).each(function(){
    $(this).append(‘ ‘).find(‘a’).css({
    return false;

    You can see here where it hides the div.tml and adds the anchor with a class of tml_open ( which in css has a background calls testimonial.png) It also adds an action”slideToggles” any siblings of the blank anchor on click.

    I haven’t created an effect like this myself but I can tell you a few things.

    1. It’s not flash, if it were flash it would say so when you right click on it.

    2. It’s almost certainly javascript

    3. They’re using a really cool javascript frameworkd called Jquerey
    In header:

    4. It looks like the Jquery code is onclick=”scroll(this,-25);return false;”

    Check here’s the code in that area:

    Back to top
    Scroll down

    The guys at Internet Dreams have done an awesome job with my site. Every step of the process was so enjoyable, with their expertise in design and coding coming through loud and clear throughout; the result is a site I love to use and which has already proved hugely popular with everyone who has stopped by to look and listen. I really can’t thank them enough!
    Jono Buchanan,

    Jono Buchanan

  8. How can i get people to view and join my web design and development forum, magesoft.co.uk?

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