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Many businesses in this world use many different techniques to get more customers and increase their profits. One of such technique is building a website for your company, and if you live in Ghana and looking for a domain registering and Web Hosting, Ghana; then Ourghana Company is the best option you have. Ourghana Company was established in 2004 which majorly offers web design and hosting services. We majorly specialize in web and custom development, web application, ecommerce development, website design, flash and SEO work. We make and design your website and get it to the top ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.
When we are dealing in website design, it is important that the designer knows all about eh company and the services the customers company offers; according to this information, a website is designed. Our company is flexible enough to give you unique ideas in designing and Web Hosting, Ghana. We aim at customer satisfaction; therefore we dont let our customers pay more than what is supposed to be charged. Our SEO Company, Ghana offers professional services that are affordable enough, along with best results for your website. Our clients for Web Hosting, Ghana include B2B and B2C businesses and many sale companies.
When we talk about the services of a web design and Web Hosting, Ghana; we mostly think only of websites. But our company offers wide range of professional solution services to people, other than just website designing. We offer domain registration, internet marketing, travel and tourism promotion, graphic designing, web programming and development and professional hosting and Web Design, Ghana, etc. Our company focuses on professionalism and search engine friendly technology, and designed in a way to improve more sales of their client. For development, we use XHTML/CSS web site development, custom web site design, custom content management system, multimedia and flash development and web application development.
Our web design and SEO Company, Ghana also offers search engine marketing and search engine optimization services to promote the websites of the company. We also offer website analysis, competition analysis, search engine ranking reports, custom keywords reports, monitor website traffic, website marketing strategy, website maintenance plans and site analysis for website visibility. We assure to satisfy you with our world class web designing and web hosting services along with the SEO/ SEM services. Web Design, Ghana and Web Hosting, Ghana may require consultation; therefore, try to choose the bets company that offers you complete services, and helps you to grow, bigger and better.

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A company, established in 2004 and located in Accra, Ghana offers the best affordable web hosting and Web Design, Ghana. This SEO Company, Ghana also offers SEO/SEM services. To know more, visit their website.

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  1. Setting up web design and Web hosting help?
    Hello a friend and I have been making website for a little while now and where thinking of taking it further as in not just friends and family.

    This question comes in to fold, one about hosting and reseller accounts and the other on design it

    now the idea is do make websites for people, in the past we have just had the person that that we are making the site for pay for there hosting them self and then getting the login details from them so we can do our stuff.

    If we wanted to do this more professional how would we go about that 1st payment side of things, Would we use a resellers account or some thing else. I was on chat with a web host and they mentoined some thing about eNom and that we would need that to be able to register domain names our self.

    does any one have more or an idea on what that is. and can any one explain in full what a reseller is and what the difference in the eNom sellers and reseller are

    any advice on how to start and best practice would be a big help. thanks

    If any one would like to contact me to advice and discuss more please do so asoe209@yahoo.co.uk
    in short we want to design website for people, but would ideally like to be able to register there domains our self. have an easy way of getting payment.
    letter the owner have there own cpanel if wanted.
    so if you buy a reseller account and let say some one comes to me and want us to set up there site how does it work?

    lets say they want mysite.com are we able to set that up with the reseller account or do they need to have bought that them self.

    as im thinking if we bought that for them then it would not be coming through our service.

    or can you just by a domain name with out getting the hosting at the same time.

    so they buy mysite.com then but the hosting from us and we do it like that….

  2. web design hosting , web interview sites?
    Hi i have a junior web developer interview next week , i got a phone call this morning i must have applyed a few weeks ago and forgot about it, it got me by surprise . The guy wants me to have a basic idea of how to approach development a friend told me to use my HND notes would this be helpful. I have so many parts to this question so i am going to continue onward with it.

    http://www.123-reg.co.uk/ would this be a good site to start hosting with , i have a paypal account and it seems like a good option. I want to get a few other sites up and running but i want a host as it would provide me with resource for interview , also the guy said he has an opening the week after so i may be able to hold the interview of for another week so i could use the week for design and such
    yeah i have basic knowledge of all these things so i think i should be ok in the fields needed, my main concern is the date so i am wondering would i be able to schedule it later, but if i try that it could seem that i do not want the position to be honest it all happened so fast that i dunno wtf to do. From me memory the basic salary is near £40,000 a year i think , i got the phone call went through questions and at the end thought to myself wtf when did i apply for this

  3. Best web hosting company for makin online graphic design studio website targeted at people in US/UK/Australia?
    Im starting an online graphic design studio. I have no programming knowledge but can work on dreamweaver to some extent. Im planning to design it myself through “what you see is what you get”. My website will be targeted at people of UK, US, Canada, Australia and NZ. Also, I need to put up my portfolio on the website in flash format and it would be great if the web host can provide me with some support towards this. Is it wiser to get a webhost belonging to some specific country from which im expecting a majority of my traffic like US?How good is yahoo as a web host?Please suggest a good web hosting company that will suit my requirements.Thanks in advance.
    Im starting an online graphic design studio. I have no programming knowledge but can work on dreamweaver to some extent. Im planning to design it myself through “what you see is what you get”. My website will be targeted at people of UK, US, Canada, Australia and NZ. Also, I need to put up my portfolio on the website in flash format and it would be great if the web host can provide me with some support towards this. Is it wiser to get a webhost having their server in some specific country (eg US) from which im expecting a majority of my traffic like US? How good is yahoo as a web host?Please suggest a good web hosting company that will suit my requirements. (I want a .com domain) Thanks in advance.

  4. Poll: Web Design Opinion?
    Hello Everyone,

    After Completely redesigning my web hosting website I’m not sure whether I have made the right decision…
    That’s Precisely why I have turned to yahoo answers for impartial advice and suggestions from it’s community members.

    The website is located at:

    The Website Offers Quality UK Web Hosting with perks which most web hosting providers don’t usually offer…

    I need your suggestions on the design, layout, simplicity and your general outlook towards the website…

    Please be as honest as possible here seeing as I really need your suggestions and opinions…

    Thank’s for your really helpful feedback guys!

    Here, treat yourself to free webhosting on me… Select the BronzePlan and Use the coupon YahooAnswers

    Thanks again,

  5. Within the web hosting and design industry, is there a demand for website repairs and templates?
    My friends and I have a web hosting and design business (DriveYourWebsite). We have being looking for a gap within this certain industry as we know most about it. We was thinking about introducing a repairs section where they get either a quotation or pay to have a part of their website re-done or modified, for example: A website which was made in 2001 probably will not S.E.O ( Search Engine Optimisation), they pay to have it added in so they don’t have to buy a new website. Another example would be a website which was made in 2005 and wants to freshen up their website by having a new toolbar, new banners or a new page added in; this is so they don’t have to purchase a whole new website and can save themselves a bit of money.

    The second thing we want to introduce is template websites; this is where a customer picks and chooses how they want there website to look without having a quotation. The company can pick and choose, what they want on their banner, what style of toolbar they want, how they want it arranged and the specific theme. They will of course a number of options to choose from. This then saves time and money as we the company wont charge them extra for travel. They can do it within the comfort of their office and only takes 10-30 minutes to do whereas a quotation would take up to a few hours.

    We want to know if this would be a good idea? We want some critical feedback and how we can improve or even ideas on how we can improve as a company.

    If you’d like to discuss it in more detail with me then please email me: billy@driveyourwebsite.co.uk

    thank you very much.

  6. Interesting questions and answers you have. I often wonder who is paying for what. How does it all work too. Even mobile phones that cost such a lot. I’m with Fasthost said to be Uk favourite but pictures don’t always work even if you follow their instructions to the letter. I suppose it is eemploying people that adds all the cost, especially when something goes wrong with customers website. Yahoo 360 was probably most popular site ever. but they closed it down because it was non profitable and often needed maintaining. myYearbook is another social website doing well.

    I thought many years ago be good to have a website that allows you to use their software. Such as Film Studio, music mixing, pdf converting and so on. Expect they have this now? Also speaking into phone that puts it into text. Save all that typing. That is available but not very well developed.

    Studying the problem is always best before jumping in at conclusion. Getting to know your customers and their needs. As you may know people always have difficulty getting website that is right for them. Once you get good name word soon gets around. But marketing is nonetheless important.

  7. I’m not sure if anyone will search for a company that provides “website repairs”. There are other companies that provide updating services for websites.

    Again, other businesses offer templates for customers to choose from.

    Because other companies are providing what you’re contemplating, there’s a market for it. Work out what makes you different and why people should switch to you as a provider.

    Having looked briefly at your website, your prices are within average tolerances. Don’t major on price. Concentrate on demonstrating what will be of benefit to your potential customers and why they should come to you instead of your competitors.

    Good luck!

  8. I recommend Dreamhost http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html

    You can also pay them by paypal, and they offer a lot more than 123-reg.co.uk:

    1. You get 2 Free domains from them
    2. They have 500 GB of Disk Space
    3. 5TB (5000 GB) of Bandwidth
    4. You can use their huge Disk Space and host multiple sites (you can add unlimited number of domains, and host them all on a single account)
    5. Their price is $119.40/year ($9.95/month if you pay yearly)
    6. Which is a pretty standard price but they currently have a promotion:
    Use the Promo Code: PLUS (at sign up page) and get a $50 discount + 2 Free Domain Names
    7. This way you get them for $69.40/year ($5.78/month)
    8. That’s about 35 GBP/year (2.9 GBP/month)

    P.S. Since you’re from the UK also check out http://www.hosttell.com/one They are one of the leading European hosting companies (hosting over 500 000 websites), and they currently have a promotion in the UK. They are offering free hosting and a domain (I think you have to pay about €10 setup fee and that’s it). This way you get hosting and a domain for a price of a domain. Check them out.

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