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Banner advertising has come a long way since the first banner ad was run on Hotwired in 1994. It started out as an extension of the traditional advertising mediums of print and outdoor. In fact, banners are till date believed to be the closest online thing to print advertising. With the introduction of flash into the banners, they got reference as the representatives of television medium on the web. With time and technology improvements banners have emerged from the shadow of its offline counterparts and made a name for itself as a distinguished online advertising medium.

Online banners come in various shapes in sizes. Also, there are various kinds of banners. They can be customized to fit into any requirements. You can run small static banners to full screen flash banners. Off late, 3D banners have also hit the market hard. They have taken online advertising to a new level and opened up endless possibilities for developers.

No matter how you use this medium, the purpose or utility remains universal. Banners are the shot in the arm for your business to gain instant marketing recognition and help you drive large traffic to your website. The cost element that made banner advertising unviable for many has also seen a substantial downward trend to make to it a mass utility medium.

Banners have not only broken away from the shackles of print and television advertising, they have gained some key advantages over them. Banners give you an opportunity to pay per acquisition or pay per click instead simply shelling out a large amount without being assured of its reach. This makes the banner advertising budget a well spend one. Banners also give the unique feature of tracking its performance. You can review the number of clicks, analyze the data and draw reports based on the banner impressions. It is an extremely useful tool for marketers to access where there are going wrong and where they are on the right path.

The benefits of banner marketing have reached a new high since the introduction of Facebook. In Facebook, yuou can run a targeted banner which has revolutionized this medium. You can select your age group, location, income group etc. and the banner will be shown only to those audience. As a result the cost of acquisition is bound to come down drastically.

Technology promises to improve by the day, making banner a marketing tool that is sure to become stronger and stronger with time.

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  1. Web Design Stretch Banner Tutorial?
    Does anyone know a good tutorial that gives the basics to creating a header banner, that stretches with the width, instead of becoming smaller on wider screens?

  2. As above!
    For some sites who want a fixed image, make an image that can cover the widest possible screen (1660 for the moment), and position it left, center or right (depending on the object of the image).
    omega-arts.com is a typical: the left side of the banner is important, but the river continues ad-vitam eternam to the right (who cares?).

    I like (and apply at times) the sliding door technique. You need an image that has parts that CAN stretch. You just make a table with a 100% width, no padding and collapsing borders. Fill some areas with an “expandable” image. See an example at http://www.web2coders.com/w2lessons.php – lesson 6: slicing.
    What applies here to the navbar applies for ANY banner that can be sliced.

  3. Where can I get some good web banner design ?
    Im starting up a web business and will be advertising on google adwords image ads and I need some really good banners designed.

    Does anyone know and good banner designers?

  4. Web Banner Design Software?

    I have been searching on the web for a while now and I can’t find a good software to design web banners.

    I have even tried different ones on Download.com however, alot of them are just basic shareware softwares that you can expect to get… I have over 100 banners to design so it needs to be a good solid software.

    I know they are out there, and I don’t mind spending the money for one, so if there is one you could recommend that would be great….

    Thanks Alot….

  5. Have anyone know about new web banner design?
    Hi Friends,
    Anyone know about new wordpress web banner design here? until, when i cross up your answers…no one have submit a new answer in this…
    pls check and update me friends…

  6. It depends on the type of banner that you want to make. I do my animated banners in flash (usually). If the server or service doesnt support flash and they need to be animated GIFs. I use Photoshop and Imageready. For a non animated banner (static banner) you can use any image generating software. Photoshop, GIMP (free linux based inage editng software) or even Corel Draw or Illustrator.

  7. Does anybody knows how much it costs to get a professional to design a web banner ad with animation?

  8. I could do it for you. It depends on how complex the banner is. i can make a flash banner, which look great!!! I guess somewhere between AU$90 – 200. Maybe cheaper…

    Please email me

    Caleb Giandomenico

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