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Cheap Web Design in India


Your website will put you at your customers’ fingertips. For many businesses, your website is the main line of communication between your customers and your company. Even if you do not conduct all of your business through your website, it may be just what the customer needs to see to choose you over a competitor. Beyond business, you may like to appear as an individual, a forum owner or a blog writer. You’ll often feel to establish your strong presence on the world wide web. Your website will let you do it.

How it works:
Your website will be custom-designed and fully functional so that you can begin attracting customers immediately. You can include sub-pages, photos, mouseovers, and even flash on your page. We can custom design a website to suit any business, whether you need one page or multiple pages.

When you’re ready to begin:

You have to request for a quote by telling us what you want on your site. If you request a quote, we’ll send you detailed estimate along with other necessary information that will help you to start working with us.

After you pay the basic fee, we’ll go through a design process, where you will be able to view at least two custom designs for your website and make revisions.

Once you approve your design, we’ll program the page for you.

When we’re finished:

You’ll pay us the remaining amount (Total Fee – Basic Fee).

We’ll deliver you the deliverables to your email id in .ZIP or .RAR format, or we’ll upload the files on server.

After you accept the work we’ll add you in our client list and we’ll let you remark on our company.

If you want some changes in the final deliverables you’ve to contact us within 7 days. We’ll perform the required changes and re-send it to you. This step continues until the situation of step 3 arises.


Web update process is similar to web design. You’ve to make a request at first. We’ll reply you with necessary information. We’ll start update after you pay the basic fee. You’ll pay 100% and we’ll complete the update routine.


Website AMC is similar to web update. You’ve to make a request at first. We’ll reply you with necessary information. We’ll give you a list of cost-per-time-period to select. You’ll select one and pay us in advance. We’ll take care of your site. AMC includes complete redesign, page modification, new items implementation, database update, database security and threats protection. Please tell in details about the tasks, you want us to do, during the maintenance period, while requesting a quote.

Scripting & Coding

We design websites with HTML-CSS, Flash, Java Script. Server Scripting are done using PHP-MySQL, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and CGI. We also use ready-made Open Source Scripts and Templates. Content Management System (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo), Forum/Bulletin Board (phpBB, vBulletin), Blogs (WordPress, Blogger), Ecommerce Carts (osCommerce, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, Account Labs Plus), Support System (Koyako, Support Logic) – We install these scripts and configure them to build-up a complete website. Ask us for a quote, if you need these for your site. Don’t forget to mention the certain categories of Scripting Languages or Open Source Scripts.

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  1. How much money does it cost to make a cheap web design program and a high quality one?
    How much money does it cost to make a cheap web design program and a high quality like dreamweaver

  2. whats the cheapest way to get a cheap web design?
    i want to start a new small business and i need a site to market my product but i am trying no to spend to much money. any suggestions?

  3. The way I see it, best way is to outsource it. You’ll find that prices for web design are much lower in Asia and Eastern Europe. I’m owner of a web design agency from Serbia called Fluena. We do web development, internet marketing, SEO and other stuff related to web technologies. You can find some of the work at http://www.fluena.com and see if you like it. If you do, please feel free to contact us (there’s email address and contact form on the site), I’m sure we’ll be able to find some kind of solution for your business.

  4. Some great web trade forum, i need very cheap web design.?
    Hello, i would like to ask about some great web trade forum, i need very cheap web design.
    I preffer very cheap design and so is also possible some Asie web trade forum.

    Thanks very much for any advice.

  5. Where Can i get the Best Hosting and Web Design For Cheap?
    I need Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting and maybe a website designed for very cheap For my company

  6. Hosting1000.net is very Good There Hosting Prices are Phenomenal. Its $ 1 a month for Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwith and Cpanel. You Can Buy hosting for 1 domain for $1 a month or for $2 a month you can host unlimted websites.

    They also provide web design if you email them. They will give you a quote. I am currently hosting 5 sites with them and they have great service. I highly recommend them

  7. you can use a forum, like a local forum trading
    you can use free forums, the two i recommend
    phpBB3 and mybb. you need to have a little web designing experience to do this, but you can use free-online one like webs.com or freeforum.com or darkbb.com

  8. Try exohype, it’s £55 for a 5 page website, and they’l sort out domains and hosting if you pay a bit more. exohype.com

    Good Luck

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