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Graphics on Your Web Pages Why Color is so Importantc

Graphics on your web pages why color is so importantc

Graphics on your web pages why color is so importantc Let’s imagine you want to start an online project. What is the first thing you make your idea come truec
Surely, a web site! But ask yourself if you need an ordinary web site that will make no impression on your visitors, your potential customersc Of course you want something special from the point of view of usability and of course of graphics on your web site. Professional web graphic design is what will attract your visitors at first!
Let’s leave the usability question to the experienced web developers and focus on graphics since it is the issue we are going to talk about in this article.

So, you have a general idea what your web site should look like. What is then the most important thing you should concentrate before you startc
Have no answerc We will help you:) – this is the color!
Right color spectrum equipped with remarkable flash animation will make your web site attractive and rememberable whereas a bad color combination may whittle down all your undertakings.
The fact itself that you have customers on your web site means that a general color combination has been chosen right.
However, to make your web site more visitable, you should think about a really successful combination of colorful graphics on your web pages and your web graphic design represented by a perfect color match. Even a person being far from psychology will tell you that every color has its own meaning and same colors in different cultures may have absolutely different meaning.
Let’s focus now on general color combinations available for professional web design and what meaning content each color brings.

First of all professional designers never use more than three colors. Multicolored web graphic design distracts customers’ attention from the essence and sometimes even irritate.
What are the colors you wonder that would make everybody happyc Usually these are the colors that inspire calmness, confidence and serenity such as green, blue, white.
A combination of blue colors presented in professional web design is extremely popular as well as a combination or white and blue.
Such colors as pink, lilac and orange are also popular among designers due to the fact that pink color associates with softness and generosity, whereas orange and lilac are favorite colors amid kids.
But the main principle of choosing colors for your web graphic design should be your target group.

Web sites for women should be accomplished in soft pale shades, such as pink, lilac, white.
Web site for men may use gray and dark tints, web site for children should contain bright, vivid colors such as orange, yellow, violet, green.
And of course you should never forget about cultural differences and ethnic aspects while selecting the graphics solutions for your web site.

Let’s consider it on an example of simple white color. For European countries white color stands for marriage, angels, peace.However, for most Oriental countries white color does not bear emotions as positive as for Europe.
For China white color stands for death and mourning, for India means unhappiness etc.
That’s why understanding of color theory is so important especially for the beginners.
When you create your first web site you want it to be as expressive as possible, bright and vivid, that’s why the most popular mistake of young designers is to use the colors they like.
As a result the web site looks like a Christmas tree.

Obviously a multicolored web site containing all the rainbow spectrum is not what will make your business look confident and serious.
There is a combination of primary colors such as reds, yellows and blues that may serve as a basis for different further color combinations.
If you are a beginner and have some doubts concerning how to combine this or that color, the best way to reach the harmony is to use warm colors with warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and cold ones with cold ones (purple, green, blue).
Good color combinations are also possible with tints of the same color (for ex. red and pink, dark and light blue), but what you really should always keep in mind is the target group you are going to hit.

About the author: President of Graphicson company

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  1. What are the best schools to learn web design and graphics in GA?
    I am trying to learn more about web design, graphics, multimedia and eventually open my own marketing business. What schools (including online schools) are best for what I’m looking to accomplish? I already have a marketing degree from GSU.

  2. Which Indian institute is good for graphics and web design ?
    Hi,I’m graduate,seeking my career in animation.So for firm foundation I want initiate my knowledge from graphics design and then 2D then 3D animation.
    So you please help me to find out a good institute in India.I’m interested in short term course in graphics and web design.
    As far as i came across the knowledge “Arena Animation” and “MAAC Institute” are good ones but I don’t know as they teaches graphics and web design.Please help me to select best one.

  3. Whats the best way to get into web & graphics design?
    I already have a good full time job but I would like to get into web design for fun. Where would someone start? What are some basic programs you need to start making graphics and web pages? Whats best PC or Mac? Is this very expensive to do? I can draw pretty good – are the same skills needed for graphic arts?

  4. Where can I find a freelance job for in graphics or web design?
    I’m currently 18 years old and about to go to college. I have a job but I want another way to make some more money fro college. Is there a website that gives you small jobs in web or graphics design that pays? I’m not looking for a lot of money, just some that I can accumulate over time.

  5. How can I start my own company, I have A+ certification, experience in graphics design, web design. any ideas?
    Hello, I have been working for the “geek squad” at best buy for the last year or so. I am thinking that I would like to start my own company. I have skills in computer repair, web design, flash, html, graphics design. How could I go about starting my own business?

    Could you list all the things for me to do

  6. I Dont Know Any Schools But I Know A Site Which You Can Post Your Material and get it checked out by other member who will tell you what to improve on, the site has just only started and there is currently no members also i know the owner, but if you want to join go to: http://www.graph-design.tk

    or look up on google for graphics designing schools and find one for you, were you live and thats close or take up an online course

  7. The BEST way is to know your chops. Know the tools of the trade and how to use them.

    Photoshop, for instance. It is not enough to know how to run a graphic through a series of filters, or to be able to switch heads from one person to another’s, or to put someone in a different scene of to change someone’s eye color. Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool with tremendous capabilities in graphics. To use Photoshop only for those purposes I described is kind of like spending several hundred thousand dollars on a high performanc sports car just to burn doughnuts in a parking lot. Lots of smoke and noise, but not particularly difficult and only impressive to someone who doesn’t know any better.

    You need to learn how to use the tool to it’s full potential if you expect to impress clients or a potential employer.

    And that’s just Photoshop. The same thing applies to the other tools of the trade like Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Flash, Dreamweaver (or other web design app) Acrobat Professional, Word, and many, many others, depending on the directions you want to go and the specific uses.

    Many of these tools have some common functions. But the REASON that there are so many of them and why it is worth the money that graphics artists spend on them is that EACH of these have very specific uses. You CAN drive a nail with the fat end of a combination wrench, but why would you when you have a hammer available? And why would you use a twenty pound maul to drive a cabinet finishing nail? You use the RIGHT tool for the job.

    Take some design classes. Most community colleges will offer these at VERY low cost. If you don’t want to invest the time, yet, on even junior college, you can often find classes in some of these apps at local adult education classes.

    Or, go the slow, painful route of teaching yourself out of a good tutorial book. (I recommend the Classroom in a Book series published by Adobe. But you have to apply yourself dilligently if you expect to compete with the thousands of college grads with degreess in the arts, all of whom would LOVE to beat you to a job or a client.

    Draw pretty good? That’s nice, but there were some cave men in France, about thirty or forty thousand years ago that could draw pretty good. But the tools of today require the tools of today.

    Start with the relatively inexpensive Photoshop Elements. It retails for less than $100 and does most of the things I expect you want to do. I believe it may also help layout web pages, but I’m not sure if it is only possible with the “slice” tool of the full version Photoshop. Check it out.

    I also gave “factdesign” a thumbs up for some very good info on how to start with some basic web design.

  8. you need an initial capital, a good location of business, manpower, highly technical facilities etc…

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