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Ardyss International Review~ Is It A Pyramid Scamc

Ardyss International is either a Scamc or a Pyramidc

In this article we will discover:

Who or what is Ardyss Internationalc

What is a MLM/Pyramidc

How do I become an Ardyss Distributor or purchase Productsc

In 1989, the Diez De Leon Family, Mexican natives, had a desire to provide single mothers (and fathers) an opportunity to create additional income, from a Home based business which would allow mothers to stay at home with their children. This revelation was partially provoked by Mr. De Leon’s encounter with a couple of school teachers who were Mary Kay representatives, and used the extra income to support their families over the vacation period. It became his passion! Ardyss International and its flagship 2 Step system is designed to help anyone lose up to 3 dress sizes, and for the men belt sizes by a process Ardyss has coined as Lipo-Transportation. Redistribution of the extra weight tissue is transported to area’s which Women prefer. The bust, buttocks, and brains are the only places where we should retain our weight. As the Body Magic reshapes on the outside, Levive will help to create Health from the inside Levive is a juice which contains Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegrade, and Noni. The massive combination of these fruit creates the Levive making it one of the Highest antioxidant beverages available. This Powerful, and instantly gratifying 2 step system will provide immediate results, with continued use, become permanent.

What is a MLM/Pyramidc

MLM (multilevel marketing) is an attractive business proposition to many people. MLM offers the opportunity to become involved in a system for distributing products to consumers. Unlike the person starting a business from scratch, the MLM participant has the support of a MLM company that supplies the products and sometimes offers training as well.

As an MLM participant, you make your money by selling the MLM products to other MLM participants. If they’re not already a member of your MLM company, you sign them up. Besides earning money off your own sales, you also earn a percentage of the income generated by the distributors that you’ve brought into the MLM plan (your downline). Often there are bonuses for selling particular amounts of MLM product or signing up a certain number of new members.

The big difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme is in the business’ operations. The entire purpose of a pyramid scheme is to get your money and then use you to recruit other suckers (ahem – distributors). The entire purpose of MLM is to move product. The theory behind MLM is that the larger the network of distributors, the more product the business will be able to sell.

How do I become and Ardyss International Business Owner or Consumerc

Ardyss International allows you to become a consumer or business owner 3 different ways.

Full Price consumer… everything is full price

ReOccuring Client…. your Nutritional supplements are shipped to you on a monthly basis, which are yours to purchase at a wholesale cost. Ardyss includes a replicated website which allows you to share your opportunity worldwide. PowerPack………….Purchase products at wholesale cost, you will receive an Ardyss Website. Powerpack distributors are Highest Paid, participating in the PowerStart program which pays 100% matching bonuses of the enrolled to the enroll-er

About the Author:
NAKIDA FRIDAY is an at home Mom whos Life Changing disability from an accident completely shifted her life. Experiencing Financial Disaster, Nakida was introduced to
Ardyss International and has 1 of its fastest growing Teams~
Nakida is dedicated to provide MLM Coaching to those searching for financial Freedom. Sign Up for free training CLICK HERE

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    Im taking a web design class in highschool right now. I know how to design it unto my desktop, yet we havnt learned how to publish it on to the web yet. I really want to know now! can someone please help me?
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  5. Aptana Studio is very good, free version contains almost everything you need for writing a good website.

  6. wow, that’s incredibly vague. You should include things like what language you’re programming in, ideally post some code along with the question. I’m not trying to chew you out or anything, just trying to help you ask future questions a little more clearly. That being said…

    Basically you’re going to need to make an HTML form with some inputs so the user can input whatever data you need for a user. Also, you need to set the action attribute on the form to the name of the file that will process the information (php, python, jsp, etc file).

    clicking the submit button will push the input’s data to file.php. Depending on what language you’re using, you will use different syntax to get those parameters and enter them into the database. I’d at least need to know what language you’re programming in to help you out anymore. good luck, hope that was some help 😉

  7. Goto http://www.elance.com, there are all kinds of freelance projects up for bid, try a small project, see how it goes. If you start doing work people like, via a site like that, you’ll start getting more business.

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