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Two Or Three Option Of Sketch – Your Client’s Requirements In Web Design

Hints for beginners in designing web:

Do you have any interest in knowing tips and tricks for good web designc. Fine, lets get gear up to create good website with simple and easy method from scratch. I am going to teach here the procedure to construct a website with excellent color combination to your customer.

1.Every company has its logo which is identity of that company from color to design, so here we start from logo, Colors may be picked up from your clients company for most comprehensive color combination. Its simple and easy way to select most suitable color combination in web design|.

2. Make two or three good color combination from logo colors with light and dark shades. You may now start website layout designing, For designing layouts I prefer photoshop. Inspite of availability of other softwares in the market like indesign, fireworks, etc., photoshop is the most liked one by me.

3. A meeting with client is necessary for designing website to understand clients requirement carefully since his satisfactions is what is crucial finally.

4. It is always better to assess his demands and draw a rough sketch then for time saving, but some of our friends skip this step and start directly designing with the help of softwares which is not right.

5. Two or three options of sketch may be made keeping in mind need of your client. It is needed to be see whether the points in toto are available in the design as per all the points your client had suggestedc. In order to offer maximum satisfaction rate to you client, you need to cover 80% to 90% of his requirement, if not 100% as I said.

6. In web design, images play a critical role and hence you need to find appropriate images suiting your clients business, if all these things are ready now. Your website will be made attractive by careful choosing of images.

7. With proper selection of images as per clients business you also need to select fonts carefully for the website. Font selection is also important for good and creative website designing.

8. Carefully create all the Graphics for layout with proper color combination and visual effects where necessary.

9. The balance of the site cannot be maintained unless due care is taken in placing every part of website and same importance is not given to each part of the website.

10. it is Websites Images, Graphics, and Typography which are three important areas that demands proper attention while creating and applying it to the website.

Besides above all the things you should also keep in mind that Website design become attractive and effective only it contains Easy Navigation, Neat and Clean Layout Design,

Crucial skill in the field of web design is creativity. Howsoever good you are as an artist and at having creativity, your future employer should be satisfied with your ability to meet the targets in time without compromising on the quality. You can do this best by showing previous portfolio examples. In case your are in college or came just out of it, your school portfolio deadlines can be shown as an example of working effectively under pressure. If you are looking for web design sydney then http://www.heathgrayson.com/ is the best choice for you.

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  1. Web design: placing images on a website automatically?
    I have created a PHP script so that people can upload files to my computer.

    Do you know any websites that will tell me how to make them display on my website automatically?

  2. web design and images copyright protection?
    i new to this business, im a web designer, i did a custum website, and now the client want the PSD files, so she can change and edit the work done by me, ….

    so my question is, i know she can use those picture in the website, only in that domain, does she have the right to edit those files, or i have to charge her extra for that, and give her a permission to edit and publish the work.

  3. When doing web design in photoshop, how large to I make the initial image?
    I’m doing web design image to slice up in photoshop. how many pixels do I make the image I start with to cut up?

  4. It kind of depends on the agreement, but most of the time in this type of agreement ownsership transfers over to your client.

    It would not make sense that you keep copyright. These people have hired to you build something for them. That mean that you fall under their IP / copyright while you are doing work for them.

    In other words, none of that is yours and if you dont fork it over, they can sue.

    I am currently working on the website for the company i work for. IBM are the ones designing and getting the work off initially. I have just confirmed that the copyright does indeed belong to my company and not IBM.

  5. People can steal the originals, smaller image file size means faster page loads, lots of good script program manipulate smaller images easier and faster, faster uploads to server because of smaller size. Just a few.


  6. Assuming you stored the images in a folder for the user, you already have more than enough skills to pull this off. It’s just going to take adding a single line of code to your PHP script to upload the file:

    echo ““;

    Just make sure to escape the double quotes and you’re good to go.

  7. Do RGB/CMYK Affect Web Design Images In Adobe Illustrator?
    Ive Just started Getting Into Illustrating cartoons, People Etc etc.
    And im Following some Video Tutorials on it.
    But in the video, the Guy shows how to get custom colours, From the swatch Library.

    And in the swatch Library, There are “Web” colours, Which are apparantly set so each computer monitor can read them colours.

    But i dont see how that makes a difference because an image is just a bunch of static Pixels, which are merged together.

    The only thing i can see affected is colours on HTML, which wont be the same contrast/depth on a different computer.

    Maybe im wrong, Please can someone help me, Im confused ;[
    Im more into Making Web design Images than Print off artwork.


  8. I’d say the lowest common denominator is VGA

    standard VGA size of 640 x 480 (pixel width and height)

    that fills the monitor screen on standard settings with 72dpi resolution.

    The browser is going to resize it anyway. Whenever I’m feeling around for an answer about pixel dimensions, I take a screen shot of a web page, crop the captured pic and open in Photoshop to see what the pix wide, pix tall is. Remember whatever art you do, save out at 72dpi for web graphics to get close to the 1:1 for what your artwork size was in Photoshop to look the same on the web page. Make something at 600 dpi and the browser will take a long time to download it. Open 600 dpi in a photo viewer program and the picture will have to be scrolled in both axis to see a “knothole” view.

    I use the VGA dims for PowerPoint slides and on higher res monitors, it fills the screen with a good picture.

  9. Its like this – light comes in stupid amounts of different combinations of colours. The printer cannot create nearly as many colours on paper, because of this – colour is dumbed down to a version a printer can work with – enter CMYK.

    Colours made of light are called RGB and the colours that a printer can print are CMYK.

    Because ur monitor uses light to display, it utilises RGB. You only use CMYK colour mode on something that you plan on printing.

    So when ur working with CMYK ur limiting the colours ur using to just the ones that the printer is able to recreate.

    When it comes to web design, you get “web safe” colours. This is why:

    Uve probably noticed that ur system’s colour quality is running on 32bit (you can see this if you go 2 display properties>colour quality). This means ur system can display around 4,000,000,000 colours. Not even 15 yrs ago, it was normal to be running a computer with win 95 with a colour quality of 8bit. This mean that it could only display 256 colours.

    Over the years the colour quality has improved – but it didnt happen overnight, so thats why web safe colours were created, to make sure that all monitors – new and old see exactly the same colours.

    Today most computers can display high levels of colour so it isnt as big an issue as it used to be. This means u can feel free to use any colour you feel like using.

    Note: HTML is limited to around 16,000 colours but this only applies to the coding E.g. words and borders. Images can display as many colours as you want so it doesnt matter what colours you use on ur illustrations, theyll all show.

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