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Why Companies Should Outsource SEOc

In today's age of information and technology having a website is becoming a need of every company in order to have a place within the global business trend and be competitive. A company website is one way to promote products and services. It is the best way to expand the global reach because the Internet can reach places that are far beyond states and territories. However, it is not enough to just create a company website. It should also be optimized for it to effectively serve its purpose. Having a website that does not rank in search engines is futile.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process that improves the ranking of a website in different search engines in order to increase the number of its visitors or natural traffic. When your web page is ranking high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing, you will have more opportunities to attract visitors. These visitors can soon be converted into online sales that will surely bring additional revenues to your business. SEO helps companies to expand their client base and deliver better results to the business without upsetting the bottom line. There are a lot of SEO companies from different parts of the globe that could help every business in achieving their online marketing objectives.

There are different ways to improve your online visibility. Efficient use of SEO can do a lot for your company website. However, not everyone has the right skills and knowledge in how to complete SEO activities. It is a complex task that needs both time and effort. Site optimization can be difficult to manage, especially if the company owners have no experience and knowledge about it. For this reason, it is better to outsource SEO activities to independent providers and let it be handled by the experts. These SEO providers are the best choice when it comes to handling SEO tasks because it is their job and they know exactly what they are doing.

Keeping the SEO efforts of the company in-house can be very expensive. Aside from that, it is also less effective when compared to transferring the SEO responsibilities to third party independent providers. Whyc Because by outsourcing SEO, companies are ensured that it will be handled by the experts. Companies can focus on the core activities of the business without worrying about the ranking of the company web page in search engines. By hiring outsourcing providers to complete the SEO efforts of a business, companies will be saving money from overhead and operational costs. There is no need to go over the hassles of recruiting, hiring, and training SEO staffs. Furthermore, companies do not need to invest in things such as new equipment or software; these things will be provided by the outsourcing vendors that offer SEO services.

When companies outsource SEO they are being provided with the solutions that every company needs in order to advance in their business. Outsourced SEO staff activities and processes can be customized to work with companies of any size and will fulfil SEO tasks across multiple industries. SEO outsourcing enables businesses to easily subcontract their projects to other providers helps them to create a better bottom line, all while saving them money.

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  1. Copyright Concerns For Outsourcing Web Design Firms?
    Someone in my family just brought this up……if I don’t answer it, I might lose family members (they have never liked the idea of me doing a startup, but being the stubborn idiot I am I’m sticking with it), so I highly appreciate any insightful response.
    I don’t really have a background in web design, so how can I ensure any code
    that whoever outsource firm gives me isn’t copied off somewhere else, and then I get sued for it?
    They insist I go learn some web design before hand….in the past, I’ve tried but really, I personally know I will probably never be an excellent designer….as I hate to be to honest ( I love marketing though)
    I realize you should stick to what you are good at and I hate web design and computer programming, but I can’t seem to convince my family that this is the correct thing to do.
    Also, what could you do if your technical partner leaves you….what could you do
    if you don’t have a strong web design background so that all hell does not totally break lose?

  2. Web Design Outsourcing / Where to find a sales partner?
    Is there any organizations, websites or communities that help web design outsourcing companies find sales partners in USA and Europe.

    We’re interested in such companies as: Advertising Agencies, Hosting Companies, Consulting Agencies, Publishing Houses, Printing Houses and any ohter companies that have customers who may need a website design.

    Our Partnership programm: http://www.esectorsolutions.com/about/partners/programs/

    I am looking not for websites like elance.com – but i am looking for B2B collaboration opportunities to create partnership aliances and work together with sales partner (PMO) at its customer web design projects.

  3. Outsourcing Web Design/Development work to India?
    Does anyone have any experience outsourcing web design/development work to India or other countries? I heard stories: good = cheaper price | bad = communication etc. Any thoughts whether I should/shouldn’t out source?

  4. Outsourcing is only a good idea when market exchange can provide you the same or better value than producing the same resource or capability in-house. I wouldn’t do it for communication reasons. What hours is your office open? What kind of lag or lead time issues will you be facing? Imagine asking a developer to create a web application and you get up and go to work and it’s not like you imagined at all; not only would you not be able to call and have them fix it, but they likely would not receive your message until work the next day and you wouldn’t have the problem fixed until two days later. The lag time could prove to make your operations very inefficient. Not to mention that, in looking at India’s demographic trends, outsourcing will probably not make financial sense in the future as the standard of living rises. I recommend hiring cheap interns (college students) who are currently facing a rough job market and having them work without pay in exchange for job experience.

  5. You must do your due diligence by thoroughly researching and verifying the credentials of the prospective outsourcing candidates. You want to go with a company that has a solid track record over a number of years.

    Reputable companies can show you examples of their past work, provide you with professional references, and assure you in writing of their ethical standards.

    There is no such thing as 100% risk-free endeavor; but nevertheless, you should strive to do is to minimize the risk to an acceptable level. By taking reasonable measures to protect both your investment and yourself, you reduce the chances of any adverse repercussions when some unforseen incident occurs.

    Ideally, you should acquire enough knowledge to enable you—at the very least—to be able to speak intelligently with the web design folks. Learn enough about the various technologies and solutions so that you will be able to confidently ask the right questions, and weigh the merits of the various solutions.

    II recommend that you be proactive, and plan what you need to do if a problem arises with maintenance, update, or upgrade of your site. Backup and contingency planning are vital parts of running a business. Discuss various what-if scenarios with the prospective firms. Make sure that you have—in writing—the contractor’s and your rights, responsibilities, and duties. Remember, anything that is promised to you, but is not in writing, is simply illusory.

    Most importantly, create you written a well organized, flexible, and comprehensive business plan—from the general to the specific. It is your roadmap and your “help file.” You will be constantly referring to and modifying this document.

    Good luck.

  6. How to do web design outsourcing when everyone claims to produce perfect quality?
    I have tried for the past 2 months to find anyone who could produce a dating site for me, but every company/individual so far have been lacking in quality. Many spelling mistakes, error links, non-current web pages, possible phishing sites, etc. Is there a place which I can trust to ‘authorize’ top quality web designers/programmers so I am assured that I will obtain a high quality product instead of something which will obviously fail? (But still at outsourcing prices, i.e. 50% or less than Swedish web designer/programmer prices.)
    Initially I thought it would be sufficient with the ISO 9000, but several claim to have that, and still can not show quality results.
    (I have heard so much about how highly skilled/educated they are in for instance India, but how can I find a great result of that? Where exactly are those great people? The ones who speak great English, and KNOW great design (many of the Indian sites I have seen look as though they are ~10y/o). Or do the universities just give away the MBA diplomas to anyone who can find the computer’s on-button and say ‘I am the best!’ nowadays?) If anyone would like to start a site which lists web design result ‘durability’, I would love to be the first customer.. (i.e. a site showing the combination of internet surfer usage and for how long it stays open, non-bancrupt..)
    (Actually, I did find ONE Indian company that knows great web design, but their communication skills were awful, and they continously tried to up the ante..)
    I should probably clarify that I have found many bad ones here in Sweden as well. The difference I think would be that the bad designs seem to be cheaper here than abroad. Another thing I wish to know is how come most prices in India are at around USD 20/h (SWE around: USD 90/h plus VAT), and yet the results/quotes are only 50-60% cheaper, sometimes even at par.. Anyone knows?

  7. I don’t believe that there are any companies that would recruit partners for you. Try trade shows, tech schools, and good old-fashioned cold calling.

    Good luck!

  8. Find sites you do like

    Look at the bottom of their home pages for the names of the companies that created those sites

    Contract with them

    Remember my client’s favorite caveat, however: “Good, fast and cheap: Pick two.”

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