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Future Strategies For Web Development

If you do not want to waste a lot of money, potentially even hundreds of thousands on your website design, then you need to look at your future website development strategy right from the start. What is the final web design package going to include, and is it going to allow you to expandc If it’s not; will the company you’re using help you expand online, or simply leave you with the site on your ownc

There is a very strong reason for making double sure of any variations of the above questions. Say if you spend 100,000 on getting your website developed, only to want a change of design, or have major additions that simply cannot be fitted in to your existing website without spending a lot of money you could waste a lot of money. Perhaps you want to add a shopping cart after more and more people start to use the site, for example.

If you do not plan for your future website development, then you may well find that when it comes to upgrading your site that all of your original 100,000 has gone to waste if the site needs rebuilding from scratch.

It is very easy to start to add un-planned items to a website, only to suddenly find two key parts cannot be integrated with each other easily. In this situation you may be forced to start from scratch. It’s also very difficult for a web company to give a quote based on “ifs”, so make sure you’ve got an idea of what you want your new website to achieve!

However whilst these scenarios occur surprisingly often, they can be avoided from the start by setting out a future web development strategy with your web design or web development company.

One scenario is that you may want a basic website with just company information on it as part of the first phase of development, in the second phase you may want to add a company blog, in the third phase you may want a full shopping cart added to the site, in the fourth phase you may want it to incorporate with your new finance system for reporting purposes (But you may not have installed that new finance system until 12 months later).

An example of where you can run into problems, is if you do not let your website designer know that you want the shopping cart to integrate with your future new finance system. If you do not let them know, they may in all good faith install a shopping cart system that simply cannot be integrated with your new finance system. The net result of this is that you may then end up having to pay for a new shopping cart system that does integrate with your new finance system. As mentioned earlier; a web company can’t operate on “ifs” and they’re not mind readers – so make sure you end up working with a company who can understand your company’s needs from the very start to the very end. A good web developer will identify things like expansion and be able to recommend your design goes down certain routes to ensure you don’t hit a dead end when you want to expand the site further.

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  1. How can you tell what web design package created a website?
    I’m looking at a few websites on line and I would like to establish what software was used to create each site. Whether CMS was used, Joomla!, PHP Nuke, etc. Is there a simple way of doing this other than looking a the HTML and doing a search for Drupal, Joomla, PHP Nuke………..
    as often these words may well of been removed by the designer.

  2. Not really. There are few things you can pick up, but there is no absolute way to find out. Sometimes the developer will copy over the readme files. You could use google to search the site for these files. Try to lookup google hacking and it will discuss some ways you could this.

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?index=books&linkCode=qs&keywords=1931836361 great book for this kind of thing as well.

    Example being something like this:
    site:website.com intitle:index.of apache and it will probably show the apache version.

  3. what are other web design packages i can compair to expression web?
    Its an assignment……….

    Research one or more Wed Design packages other than Expressions Web. You will need to compare and contrast this other package with Expressions on a number of characteristics such as price, ease of use, popularity, complexity, etc. Include the major pros and cons of each package.

  4. How much does an Educational Networks web design package cost for middle schools?
    I’m looking into various web services for a middle school website. I saw Educational Networks
    but they don’t give prices. Does anyone know how much it costs? Or if there are any other school website design companies, how much do those cost?

  5. Describe four features of a web design package to make a website instead of writing it all in HTML code?
    Name and give a reason for three factors that you would have to take into account when designing the web pages.

  6. Hi Brandy,

    The most used software in direct competition with expression web is Adobe Dreamweaver.

    I can get you started with the rest of the questions as well. Having used both, as well as done web design with other programs and without one altogether. I would say, and I know many web designers who would agree with me, that Dreamweaver is far easier to use, far more, much more complex, and has many more features.

    Dreamweaver is considered to be a standard for web design, just like Photoshop is for photo editing. The Expression package is considered by many to be an under-featured hard to use package.

    Some other programs that compete are:

    Microsoft Visual Studio – this is usually used for other programming languages; however, it can also be used as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor.

    There are a number of similar programs that are free, but have less features. I’ve included in my references 2 sites that I suggest you look at. I would especially look at the first one.

  7. It’s hard to say how much they charge. I would estimate in the $3,000 to $15,000 range. However it would not surprise me if they charged significantly more. There are a lot of companies used to working with government and it can be amazing how much they charge, and often for shoddy work.

    If you are looking for a more general price, I would recommend looking at local web design studios, seeing if they have the experience to take on a project such as a middle school. I’m assuming you are going to need more than a static website. You will need some sort of content management system to edit content, add new content and provide dynamic content pulling from databases and so forth. Not all design studio’s can do that, but there are plenty that can.

    Do a few searches for web design firm or web design studio with your city or region and see what comes up, check out their portfolio’s and pick a few to request a proposal with. The best way to get an accurate quote is to put together a brief email / outline of the website project as well as it’s goals, features, etc. and send that to a few studios for a quote.

    To get you started many better web design studios have a project question Word document to get you started by asking questions about your project, if they have one fill it out. You can check out this Word document http://www.acketon.com/wp-content/uploads/acketon_client_idea_project_sheet.doc
    from my design studio to get you started with thinking about features and components needed in the site.

    I would guess out of the blue you would be looking at a somewhere between $1,500 and $5,000 to get a site designed and running on a good open source content management system. I would highly recommend Drupal, ( http://www.drupal.org ) it is very powerful and one of the main CMS’s that I develop websites on. ( see: http://www.acketon.com/drupal-website-design/ )

  8. 1. good usage and choice of color combination
    2. dynamic, can be applied as template
    3. rich pictures (sometimes designs are based on what images you have)
    4. light (small size) for easy loading, using of codes for animation and design rather than images.
    5. a flash header is a plus point
    6. can be viewed without any loss of design in any platform/browsers (ei, mozilla, opera, etc)

  9. I use Site Build It! for the site I’m building which is http://www.panama-city-beach-vacations.c… I’m old enough that I didn’t have my first computer until sometime after college…and you can see how far I’ve gotten with minimal frustration. You do not have to know or use any HTML or CSS with their system. However if you do, you can use it.

    It’s more than software…It’s a complete system. What I really like best is that they take you STEP by STEP through everything from choosing a profitable topic to planning and research to choosing a good domain name for people and search engines to building the site to submitting to search engines to building traffic and more.

    http://www.sitesell.com/Brenda55.html is their info/ad page. The 2.5 minute video near the top is a good quick overview. The rest tells you…probably more than you’ll need to know.

    As far as factors:

    1. Is the page focused. If someone is looking for specific info they want the info…they do not want to know about your new puppy (save that for a friendly blog). Also is the layout clean and free of distractions.

    2. Is the information great. People will come back if you give them better information or information that they do not find somewhere else. Along those lines is the layout easy to read? Are the pictures helpful?

    3. Can I make money with it. I guess that’s self explanatory.

    Good luck with your site!

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