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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Web Design Company

With todays technology, more and more companies are utilizing the World Wide Web to promote their businesses. Prior to putting a website on the Internet for individuals to view, the company must first set up the website. This is where web design companies enter the picture. A web design company is hired to construct a website for an individual or company that is suitable to their tastes. There are a few factors to consider prior to settling on a specific web design company to construct your new website.

Examples of Prior Web Designs
One important factor to consider when choosing a web design company to develop a website is the type of web designs which the company has produced in the past. Many web design companies will make portfolios available for potential clients to view so that they may see the style of the web design company and determine if their finished product is what the client is looking to achieve in the way of a website. This is extremely helpful when trying to determine if the work product of the web design company is up to ones standards. Therefore, always ask to see samples of a web design companys prior work before signing them up to construct a website.

Estimated Completion Time
Another important factor to consider when selecting a web design company to design ones website is what their estimated completion time may be. This is beneficial to know up front so the client can expect the finished work at a certain time. Since many individuals are using the Internet for conducting business, it is important that the client get their website up and running as soon as possible. This will also give the web design company notice that the client needs their completed product at a certain point in time and they will be less likely to push it to the side and work on other clients projects.

Cost of Web Design Project
It is also crucial to know up front how much the completed web design project will cost the client. Since many businesses are on a tight budget these days, it is vital that one knows how much they will need to pay for their web design. Along with the total cost of the web design project, the client should also receive a breakdown of the individual costs of the project.

What Is Included with the Total Web Design Pricec
One who retains a web design company to construct their website should also ask about what items are included in the total web design cost. Some companies will include follow-up consultation in the web design price or web design help in the future. It is important to inquire about these things in the beginning so as to know what type of items they can expect with the amount that they paid for the web design.

For those clients who wish to be on the safe side and know exactly who they are dealing with, requesting references is always an available option to the client. Many times the web design company will offer references that will vouch for their professional behavior and wonderful finished product. References are a good way to weed out the bad web designers from the good ones.

Volume of Past Experience
It may also be beneficial to inquire about the companys amount of experience. Companies that have been in business for a good many years may just have a bit more experience than newcomers to the web design scene. Although this is just one of the many factors which should be looked at with regard to hiring a web design company, it does help to sway the decision maker one way or the other with regard to hiring or not hiring a specific company to prepare a website for them.

Customer Service
It is also important to consider the customer service skills of the web design company. One who is paying good money to have their website designed wants to make sure they are dealing with a company that will listen to what they want and make themselves readily available to their clients. If one is considering a particular web design company that has bad customer service skills, it might be more advisable to choose a company that is more client-oriented.

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  1. What is the price of doing web design in USA?
    Can somebody tell me what is the price of doing web hosting and we design here in USA?

  2. How do you price Web Design work? Is there a formula?
    I have been asked to design a Web site. I do not have all the details, but the client intends to call me and explain his project to me.

    Now he recently sent me an email asking the following: “How do you charge for your contract services? Do you have a formula?”

    I have never been asked this question before. I usually get paid an hourly wage. Plain and simple.

    How should I proceed with pricing a web project?


  3. What’s a good price/web design firm for an artist (band/musician) website?
    How much should an individual expect to pay for a modern-looking, well laid out band website containing information such as bios/tour dates etc without being overly flashy?

    And can anyone recommend any web design firms that do this sort of site well?

  4. Is this a good web design price?
    I am starting my own web design business and have come up with my first price so please tell me if it sounds reasonable enough.

    350.00 pounds for a 5 page website including free GRAPHIC DESIGN WORK! contact forms, calanders, photo gallery, web marketing, SEO, free updating and content, hosting.

    And then i will be charging 100 pounds a year to maintain the website.

    So basically its a one of payment of 350 pounds and then 100 pounds a year.

    How does this sound?

  5. The price for web design varies dramatically depending on several factors, including the complexity of the website, the language or languages it is coded in, who is designing the site, how quickly the project needs completing, and so on. Prices range from free to thousands of dollars.

  6. You could pay someone several hundred to several thousands of dollars for a custom site. If you don’t need it to be custom you can always pay for a band website template and edit it yourself. Usually you can get them for free – $50 or so. It does take a little work to customize but the results are gratifying.
    Your other option is to go with something like Mr Band which is a band website/hosting site which does it for you http://www.mrband.com/ or another one http://www.rockbandsites.com/.

  7. Yes that is a reasonable price.

    You certainly are not over pricing if you provide a quality service. As long as you aren’t UNDER pricing!

    Good Luck!

  8. Is there a price standard/guide for web design and development?
    Basically I am looking for a price guide/standard. I am new to the pricing my own freelance and am looking for a helpful resource to get me started on pricing web designs and development as well as CMS. Sometimes I have to price logo designs as well.

  9. There’s a lot of factors that go into this, but if you really want to be universal, charge by the hour. It is not uncommon to see web developers make between $10 to $20 an hour or more. Most clients want a fixed cost, so you’ll need to factor in time spent coding their project (reuse will influence how much you can undercut the other guys), doing the design and layout, adding content, and any administrationconfiguration tools and training. You’ll of course need to do consultation to define their website and project goals. Be aware of off the shelf solutions that will save you both time and money. Do spec out time spent and costs of common projects such as blogging, entertainmentevent websites, ecommerce applications and business wikis so you’ll have ball park figures you can use.

    Hosting must be discussed, who’s responsible for the final residing place of the project?

    There’s also the matter of support to be discussed, are you available to fix problems after the contract is finished? When is the contract finished? How much will you charge for support? If there’s a problem with the hosting service, make sure they know you’re not responsible for fixing it, or consider that as part of support.

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