Web Design Pricing

Web Design Pricing

Thinking of becoming an Account Executive in an advertising agencyc

The role of Account Executive in an advertising agency may seem glamorous but few people realize exactly what it entails. An Account executive is also referred to as being in Client Service which is a more accurate description of the job.

The role of an AE is key to the advertising agency’s success.

The AE is tasked with representing the client’s interests at the ad agency and the ad agency’s interest at the client, both with impeccable professionalism.

The basic AE job description involves getting an advertising brief from the client usually a marketing professional or brand manager.

The brief is a description of what the client needs which could be anything from sales flyers, corporate brochures, business cards, branding to multimedia presentations, websites, print advertising campaigns, outdoor campaigns, or Search and Social marketing and that’s just below the line.

These jobs could entail copywriting, design, digital design, voice-overs, photo shoots, media planning and booking, digital strategy, 3D, animation, print, concept, video production, setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts amongst many other disciplines.

The AE has to be knowledgeable enough on all these disciplines to give insights and advice to the marketing manager, and take a comprehensive, logical brief back to the advertising agency. Some of the requirements of an AE are:
AE’s must have strong communication skills. They must be able to communicate briefs, budgets and timelines through to the correct channels within the advertising agency. Excellent time management and attention to detail is also required. Account Executives must guide the ad agency’s creative work within the realms of the brief. A full understanding of their clients’ markets, products and competitors is required. AE’s must ensure that all of the advertising agency’s systems are followed and that all client / ad agency communication is clear and concise. The advertising agency senior management must also be informed and updated on all agency accounts and projects. AE’s are required to seek new business for the agency testing their fledgling sales skills!Financial skills are also expected from agency and client budget management and report backs to full campaign and media management by the agency. Pro-activity is also highly valued by advertising agencies.
AE’s are at the heart of the agency and sometimes have to deal with great challenges as part of the agency nerve centre. AEs tell us some of their worst parts of the job:

“Having to tell the client you or your supplier messed something up or are going to miss a deadline”

“Telling creative the client didn’t like their work”

“Trying to get an extension an impossible deadline”

“Thinking you took a great brief and then showing the final work to the client and they hate everything!”

“Getting numerous last minute changes to approved jobs”

But a big plus to this job is that AE’s are also exposed to a variety of clients and gain valuable exposure across varied industries. A typical AE at an advertising agency may work on up to 8 10 clients. This keeps the AE stimulated across many industries and they get a great all-round knowledge that will serve them well in their future careers.

Personal relationships between agency and client can also bloom into friendships and many agencies retain clients over decades due to this type of relationship building.

On the fun side the Account Management Team also celebrates in all client successes (and failures!). They share in conferences, strategic thinking and team building all the while filtering this knowledge back to the agency.

Some of the AE’s at Artifact Advertising agency shared some of the best parts of their job:

“Seeing your client’s campaign come together beautifully when you took the brief”

“Friday afternoon drinks at the advertising agency bar!”

“Winning pitches over other advertising agencies!”

“Lunches, wine and strategic thinking..”

“Seeing something that you’ve helped create on display or in printnice!”

We hope that this look into the life of an advertising account executive will be useful to anyone considering a career in an agency.

Lindy Taoushiani – Strategy Director – Artifact Advertising

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  1. Custom web design pricing?
    I’d like to design my own layout in Photoshop and my own graphics in Illustrator. I need a site to promote and sell my own products so basically I’d need someone to string together some code to my layout, and set up the Paypal shopping cart thing.

    How much does this typically cost, avg. ballpark figure? How is pricing broken down?

  2. How do you price Web Design work? Is there a formula?
    I have been asked to design a Web site. I do not have all the details, but the client intends to call me and explain his project to me.

    Now he recently sent me an email asking the following: “How do you charge for your contract services? Do you have a formula?”

    I have never been asked this question before. I usually get paid an hourly wage. Plain and simple.

    How should I proceed with pricing a web project?


  3. Web Design Pricing Question?
    I need to know (approximately) what I’ll be looking to pay for what I need.

    I’ve recently purchased a domain name and hosting from 1&1. I used their website builder to design a fairly attractive and professional looking site. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do with their tools.

    What I need:

    I need visitors to be able to sign up and become members of my site.
    Upon becoming a member, they will be asked if they want to provide a ‘referrer’.
    If a member gets credit for a referral they will receive a portion of the sign up fee in their respective account.
    Users will need a ‘My Account’ tab where they can keep track of the amount of money they’ve earned by referring people.
    I would like users to be able to transfer the money they’ve earned directly into the account they signed up with and/or have saved in the system.

    About how much am I going to have to spend to get this up and running how I want?

  4. Assuming you have php and mysql, setting up a login system is not very difficult: go to http://www.web2coders.com, scroll down, click on “login script” and download the ZIP file: it contains everything you need.
    For the referee system, it is a little bit more complex: you need to set-up an “accounting” system and keep track of movements. Again, not too hard to do, but time consuming.
    The cost of installing this feature depends essentially on HOW your code has been written by the IDE (usually very badly), and many parts may have to re-written.
    A login + accounting + referees would be around a few 100’s.
    If you wish to zip your codes (no images), you can send them to me (contacts, web2coders), and I’ll give you a quote.
    Best regards.

  5. important. Web design pricing??
    my buddy does web design for websites but theyres alot of people wanting him to do theyre sites and he wanted to know a good price to charge keep in mind the web hosting itself is 100 dollars. He done them from 175 to 400 and up but he wants a set price. Thanks.

  6. That depends on the size of work necessary for you. The best and cheapest place to get freelance web designers, programmers, etc. is GetAFreelancer:


    Open a free account, create a project, set your budget range (how much you are willing to spend) and write everything you need and web designers will come to you and offer their prices within your budget range.

    Choose web designer with good feedback and good price. Also, because of GetAFreelancer’s escrow service, you don’t have to pay anything until the website is completed and running to your satisfaction.

    Best regards,

  7. Depends on a your talent, and what your customers are looking for.

    Basic HTML (That is static page(s) ) , a plain site with 5-10 page(s) probably will run $200~$300 , minimal graphics

    Custom Graphics + HTML is more in the neighborhood of $700-$800

    Dynamic website (Something that needs to generate pages on the fly) this will require programming experience in ASP , PHP or CFM and runs for $1000+

    It also depends on your customers expectations.what they are looking for, their budget etc.

    No real web design firms who do this for a living charge anything less than $500 unless they are offshore…

  8. Is there a price standard/guide for web design and development?
    Basically I am looking for a price guide/standard. I am new to the pricing my own freelance and am looking for a helpful resource to get me started on pricing web designs and development as well as CMS. Sometimes I have to price logo designs as well.

  9. There’s a lot of factors that go into this, but if you really want to be universal, charge by the hour. It is not uncommon to see web developers make between $10 to $20 an hour or more. Most clients want a fixed cost, so you’ll need to factor in time spent coding their project (reuse will influence how much you can undercut the other guys), doing the design and layout, adding content, and any administrationconfiguration tools and training. You’ll of course need to do consultation to define their website and project goals. Be aware of off the shelf solutions that will save you both time and money. Do spec out time spent and costs of common projects such as blogging, entertainmentevent websites, ecommerce applications and business wikis so you’ll have ball park figures you can use.

    Hosting must be discussed, who’s responsible for the final residing place of the project?

    There’s also the matter of support to be discussed, are you available to fix problems after the contract is finished? When is the contract finished? How much will you charge for support? If there’s a problem with the hosting service, make sure they know you’re not responsible for fixing it, or consider that as part of support.

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