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There’s A New Breed Of Website Marketing Services You Should Use In Promoting Your Central Coast Bus

Small Businesses within the NSW Central Coast can now benefit from an innovative new range of Internet Marketing Services. As I write this, my research shows that only a few businesses from the Gosford, Wyong, Tuggerah, Erina, or Peninsular areas have gotten that page one ranking necessary for future survival.

Until recently, there have been only two methods to get noticed on line. One was to compete with millions of other websites for page one position in Google, and the other was paid advertising. The latter works fast, but as competition increases, costs escalate to the point where it becomes uneconomical to complete.

Google Maps

If you type “electrician” or a similar phrase into google, you will find a number of listings on the 1st page having a location attached to them.

They are local business listings, and in the future this internet real estate will become very competitive. For now, almost no people understand how Google allocates these places, so those that optimise their internet presence now, might get top ranking and stay there for years to come.

How Do You Get A Top Rankingc

This is where expertise comes in. Basically it’s a combination of directory listings, photos, videos, articles and citations, all co-ordinated in a way that tells Google you could be the expert in the field. As we continue to market you, you become the authority in the area, the corporation by which everyone else is measured.

Are you able to imagine what this might mean for your business. Here i will discuss some of the numbers of people searching for common terms.

Keyword Australia Sydney Central Coast Approximate CPC (AUD)

electrician 301000 8100 3,682 .62
plumber 368000 12100 5,500 .77
mechanic 201000 6600 3,000 .66
dentist 550000 18100 8,227 .36
financial planner 74000 1600 727 .11

The above figures indicate that 100 people per day are looking for a Mechanic within the coast, and 25 people a day are searhing for a Financial Planner. In each of these instances we’re only talking about one keyword phrase, and for many of these business there are lots of others.

What Does It Mean For Youc

It is quite simple really. Based on a Melbourne based SEO firm, a survey produced results that over 90% of people now check out Google before reading the Yellow Pages. Research reveals that 60% of people consider the 1st three Google Places listings and decide who to call. Any time you do not have that first page position, you are simply missing out on business!

It doesn’t cost the earth so you can get on page one and once you are there, we could make it very difficult to your competition to catch up. Just by reflecting on the figures, we are sure your head is spinning with the probabilities of additional business. You will discover out where you stand by doing an easy Google search and seeing if you’re visible. If not, it might be worth a call to discuss your options!

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Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/There-s-A-New-Breed-Of-Website-Marketing-Services-You-Should-Use-In-Promoting-Your-Central-Coast-Bus/3692254

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  1. Which of the following European countries are best for running your own small web design business from home?
    I have a small web design business.
    Really I want to write some books, but my job is working from home with my small business doing web design.

    Please choose the top 3 for best regarding being an entrepreneur in web design:
    * Sweden
    * Belgium
    * Holland
    * Switzerland
    * Other nearby caucasian country

  2. How do I start a small web design company?
    I have extensive knowledge on various technologies like HTML,FLASH,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,PHP,JAVA, NET,J2EE . And How do i do marketing ?

  3. I’m thinking of starting a small web design business, and tips or ideas?
    I’m thinking of starting a small web design business.
    I was laid off at work and need to do something. I would love to work from home and have to use what I have for hardware and software to start.

    I have FrontPage, digital camera, scanner, fast connection, and understand the basics. I have put up a few basic sites but nothing for money to this point.

    I have no real design skills, as far as page content and layout. I don’t really like the templates in FP but know that what I have done can be a lot better.

    Also, any marketing ideas for this type business on a very short shoestring?

    I’m going to use the few examples I have, put together some marketing materials, and hit the street.

    A few of my thoughts and ideas are to:

    since I am small I will focus on small and micro businesses that do not have sites

    I am going to focus on target markets – used car lots, auto repair, carpenters, masons, etc. Get a feel for there needs and go one market to next as I use up leads

  4. I’m starting a small..Really small design business, Where can I get cheap web hosting with domain name and EM?
    EM= email. I work as a graphic designer for a company, but I’m starting up a company to handle smaller jobs like web design, logo design fliers, etc. (my boss doesn’t mind, since the company doesn’t handle that) What are some recommended cheap web hosting with domain names and email?

  5. I run several moderately sized sites, with a few thousand visitors a day each.
    I therefore recommend and personally use: (been using for 2 ears now)
    They have unlimited space and transfer.
    They give you a free domain for life.
    They have php and mysql if you ever use those.
    You can also add as many domains (.com, .net, …) as you like so you can have many different sites for 1 hosting price.
    They also give you free $50 Google Credits for advertising your site.

    If you go with them and have any trouble making your site feel free to PM me, I have a lot of experience there.

    Whatever you choose, the best luck to you.

  6. hi,i need a designer to help me with my websites…can you tell me whats your fee?and yes,free marketing can be done by posting free ads and in forums

  7. You are entering one of the most competitive fields in Internet services. There are hundreds of thousands of people offering their web design services. If you go to onfocus.com and use the googlesmackdown tool you can see how many web sites are currently offering a web designer (666,000 as I write this). And the number of web sites advertising as a web design business, 34,200. You will absolutely need to develop a very specialized skill set and it would be to your extreme benefit to have many thousands of personal contacts to help spread — word-of-mouth advertising.

    My business contracts with web designers, web developers, and web programmers almost daily. There are very few who actually know how to design a web site that provides customer loyalty, sells a product, provides search engine compliance and marketability, provides Internet directory compliance and marketability, and promotes brand awareness. All of which are absolute musts for an online business.

    Hope that helps stimulate your business ideas.

  8. Hey what is the coolest (astronomical) business name for a small web design company?
    I was thinking about

    Quasar Web Development (but some have already taken that)
    Pulsar Web Development (taken)
    Galactica (there is a tv show called this way)
    Supernova (too many use it)
    Nebula takenn 🙁

    Is there any cool Galaxy names you know?
    I’m looking for something unique any ideas?

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