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Advantages Of Having A Website Template.


This article briefly discusses why should one use a web design template and what are the advantages of having a website template.

Why use a Web Design Templatec

Just image the good old days (early 90’s) of website creation process, when a web designer would start creating a website design from scratch. The designer spends a significant amount of time to “mould” his new design. Then either the designer himself creates the website based on the design or the design is handed over to a web developer, who completes the website creation process.

Then came website templates, which made website creation easier, affordable and cut down significant amount of time to develop a website. for visit to :-www.instant-squeeze-page-mastery.com A good template costs anywhere from -0, whereas a custom built web design can cost you anywhere from 0-00. Pioneers like templatemonster.com made a big impact in website template world. Simply put, a website template is a quick tool to develop a quality website and makes the website creation easy and affordable without losing quality.

A web developer perspective: Availability of website templates opened up a new world of opportunity for web developers, who could now, create more quality websites in much less time, thanks to many of the template websites available today. A web developer quickly chooses the template(s) he needs and completes the site creation process. It is no surprise that number of quality websites created in recent years exploded exponentially.

Business perspective: Entrepreneurs or small business owners now have more choices as to what design they need for their website(s). By visiting a quality template website/vendor, a business owner can choose the design he needs and hand over to the development team for website creation process. There are significant time as well as cost savings here, considering the fact that a new web design process takes time for completion.

Web hosting perspective: Once website templates became common use in design, a plethora of web site builders evolved and this was a great business tool for web hosting companies, who gladly added templates and site builders to their shared hosting environment. more visit to :-www.instant-website-security.com This made site creation very easy for novice people who do not know programming or html.

Web designer perspective! Once template websites evolved, lot of freelance web designers emerged, who would create their own template design and sell it through template vendors, raking in $$ dollars.

As you can see here, the concept of website templates opened up new business opportunities, jobs as well as cost savings.

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9 thoughts on “Web Design Template”

  1. How would I use a Web Design Template from Photoshop?
    I am a high school student who took a course in web design and learned HTML and how to use Frontpage. I have seen layouts for websites done in photoshop and I was wondering how one would use a design from photoshop and use it in a web design program like Frontpage.

  2. How do you charge for a web design template that is going to be applied to over 100 sites?
    Long story short, a company wants me to make a template that will be applied to over 100 sites. Should I charge per site, an initial fee then a small fee per site, or just one price for all?

  3. How come when I upload a downloaded web design template, the website has no style when published?
    When I previewed it on notepad it was perfect but when I published it, the background was white, the links were purple, and the font was black. In other words no style.
    I’m not familar with css. Also what is the directory? Thanks.
    I am using Bullet Proof FTP Client 2.45. I am uploading this to a domain I bought through GoDaddy.
    Do youe mean that I have to upload the file named “style” to /public_html/ ?

  4. it seems that u didn’t learn about HTML and CSS yet.

    before u build a website, the 1st thing u must know is what is ur website do? and how it looks like?
    so they design a webpage in photoshop and take it as a template, then they will coding follow this template using HTML and CSS. When the css cannot follow the style of the template (normally background) they will crop the image from the photoshop and and use it (for background, shadow ..)
    there are many tools used to build a website (notepad, Frontpage, dreamweaver notepad++ … )

    practice more. u will not wonder about this question anymore.
    cheers . 😀

  5. Make sure that the css file is uploaded to the same directory.

    it will be the file that ends with .css and is called a ‘cascading style sheet’

    without it, a lot of your style will not appear.

    if it has been uploaded, look through your .html until you find a line that says something like

    make sure that the filename that href= points to is the name of the .css file.

    Good luck, If you get stuck edit this question with details and i’ll be back later to help.

    EDIT: what method are you using to publish your site? Are you placing it somewhere on the internet?

    if you need help, you can IM me, my yahoo screenname is my answers name.

  6. Where can I find a Web Design Proposal Template?
    I’m tendering for a website design project and I need to create a web design proposal but have no idea how to write one up. Anyone know of any good templates, please. Free ones that is.

  7. What is your client going to accept?
    Who retains the rights to the work? If they do, then you can’t really charge per site in the future, as the template is theirs and not yours.

    If the bid is already in place, and you retain the rights, then charge per site.
    If you’re bidding against others, there’s a chance they won’t buy your service, or they own the final product, I’d say one price for the template, as nobody likes to deal with maintenance fees when extending their web presence. This is probably closest to billing by the hour.

  8. how can i learn to design a web site template?
    how can i learn to design a web site template, i need a complete references such as book, is there any book ?
    i want to learn “tableless” template design.
    tanks to any answer, beforehand.

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