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Top 10 Web Design Tools

Looking for the perfect tool to help you in designing a websitec In today’s modern web designing trends, many kinds of tools were introduced to help designers better design a website which conforms in W3C standards. Here are some of the most popular tools commonly used by many web designers today.

For inspiration

Deviantart is a social networking website (like Facebook) which is made entirely for graphic artists and other artists. This website is mostly used by graphic artists to showcase some of their artworks, however, many have also used this to showcase some website designs. This is then used by other web designers as inspiration for their own websites.

Web Design Library
Compared to Deviantart, this website is built only to showcase web designs. However, it also showcases how websites should be built effectively and efficiently.
Style Vault
This is website is very similar to Deviantart in terms of allowing graphic artists to showcase some of their artworks to the world. And similar to Deviantart, this is also used by web designers to build up their inspiration.

For dummy texts and icons

One of the most popular icon search engine used in by many web designers today, such as those from web design Philippines companies. This website boasts thousands of icons which can be freely used by any designers.

Lorem Ipsum
A website mainly used for its dummy text. This is used when designers would want to see the design of their website complete with content.

For designing

Adobe Kuler
A popular tool introduced by Adobe. This can used to create color themes for a website. Other than that, designers can also share their themes with other web designers.

Color Hunter
This website is used to make color palettes from images, allowing web designers to choose the right color theme for their website.

A very popular web design tools used by many designers, such as those from web design Philippines companies. This is mostly used for creating your own font through the use of geometrical shapes.

This website showcases one of the widest collection of fonts. Some are provided for free while others are paid.

For uploading

A Firefox web design tool which is widely used by many web developers and designers, such as those from web design Philippines companies. This tool is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.
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About the author: Margarette Mcbride is a copywriter of Optimind Web Design and SEO, a web design and seo company in the Philippines. Optimind specializes in building and promoting websites that are designed for conversion.

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9 thoughts on “Web Design Tools”

  1. Which web-design tools and methods are right for me?
    How should I approach web design?

    Suppose want to develop PHP websites and already have a good programming background. How can I make sites *look* good?

    Do you recommend a tool? Should I use an Adobe product to design the front-end’s view?

    I need to be able to quickly design good-looking, php-driven sites.

  2. Do you know of any comprehensive references to understanding the basic tools of web design?
    I keep hearing about My SQL, PHP, Java Script, etc. and I have no idea what that all means. I’m looking for some references that can guide me in understanding the basic technologies used in web design and how they all interconnect and what they actually do. AKA I’m looking for references that explain technologies without using web design jargon. I need the 101 version.

  3. BlueBoden, I’m pretty sure the guy knows what php does, he pretty said he was good at it. He just wants to know how to make professional looking templates.

    I know how you feel (i am the same way). I am good at programming and coding but as far as graphics go, i couldn’t make a nice looking image to save my life! Luckily for me, I have a talented sister for graphics design. I can suggest what she uses though. Adobe products are amazing for graphics design and templates. Try to get Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and play around with them until you start to get a good feel for it. Photoshop is raster imaging and illustrator is vector imaging. they both have their advantages over each other but just play around with them to see what fits you.

  4. where can i go for free online web design tools?
    i am designing a wiki site for school and i need to make it look awesome! is there any site that has free customizable gifs, banner, graphics, etc, with html.

  5. What is the best free web design tools i can get?
    I am working on a website and i need a realy good but free web design kit if anyone has any suggestions i would be thankfull.

  6. Put the word “free” in front of each of those and Uncle Google will find you all the sites you can use. Or, use any good graphics editor to make your own.

    Other Free Online Banner/Header Makers:

    Online Banner Makers (List of More Generators): http://www.angelfire.com/biz/WLAW/banner.html
    3-D banner Maker: http://www.xtvworld.com/free_logo_creator.html
    3-D Logo/Banner Maker: http://www.thepcmanwebsite.com/logo_creator.shtml

    Online Logo Maker:


  7. Do i need professional web design tools?
    Do i need professional web design tools to be able to add colours, interactive graphs/tables ( that content can be added to it through a different pop up window ) etc o can i just do this by myself?

    I f i do what one would u recomend? From all the info i have read about them i thought Microsoft expression would be good for me?

    Whats your opinion?

    I need the site to look pretty good.


  8. hey lisa..
    there are so many softwares in the market through which u can easily create ur own website. software like DREAMWEAVER, JUMLA, WORDPRESS and few more.. are esily available in the market u can purchase then or u can download them through internet with their cracks.. so no need to purchase. DREAM WEAVER is quite famous in building website.. but all u need to get a little training for how to use the tools.. u can get tutorials from internet or youtube so it would help u alot to learning tools.

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