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What Your Graphics Communicate To Your Visitors

Your graphics say who you are as a company.

Loud companies need loud graphics. Clean companies need graphics with lots of clean spacing. Green companies need graphics that communicate environmental friendliness and that are green. What does your company doc Is your company focused on being the cleanestc Then that is what you emphasize. Does your company offer the safest solutionc Then you want graphics that communicate safety.

Remember that the first impression is the most important! The biggest thing on the website should be the thing that they are interested in the most. You have to communicate that most important thing in a way that is consistent with the customer’s values. When they first land on your page they will form their opinion very quickly. Your customer takes in the colors, and she decides if you offer what she is looking for. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll leave! You have missed an opportunity form a relationship with a customer and generate positive feedback for your company.

Watch your attitude

Pay attention to the images and fonts that you use. Everything needs to be consistent. When people sense inconsistency, they will think that your company does not have its act together. Then they will leave and not buy your product. The fonts you use have to fit in with what you are saying. The people in your pictures have to have the right smiles and the right clothes in order to fit in with your message.

If you want followers, be passionate about what you do.

As a company you have to stand behind your products and services. You have to believe 100% in what you do! If you aren’t passionate about what you do, then your graphics and products will not be high quality and word will not spread about your business. Then you don’t make money.

If you use graphics and videos, make sure that your communication is enthusiastic and easy to like. Don’t just tell your customers that you value them and care about them, show them! You can show them by make sure your products are high quality and that you share their concerns!

Think about the last time you walked into store you thought you would enjoy. You entered the store, and you discovered that the store was messy. The representatives were rude. The bathrooms were disgusting! This bad experience has caused you to form a negative opinion of this store that you thought you would like.

This happens with websites too! You see a logo that you like that is linked to a company. You click on the logo hoping to be directed to a really fantastic website. You get to the site and discover that you can’t find any material that interests you and you don’t know what to click on! The graphics do not offer you any specific benefits and you feel like your time has been wasted. Make sure you know what your customer wants. Always listen to your customers. Ask them what they’re looking for.

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