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Website lingo explained

Finding a trustworthy web company to design and build your business website is near on impossible. There are so many web companies out there and they are all very quick to baffle you with their web talk and scare the life out of you by their costs! So how can you find a company that legitimate and able to offer you a good quality professional looking website at a decent price with no quibbles i.e. no rip-offc

First you need to know what you want and to do that properly you need to learn a little of the lingo. If you’re starting with nothing i.e. no site at all, you will need a domain (the www.my-business-name.co.uk) bit. These cost from as little as 2.99 for two years, some domains are more expensive than others. Just search on Google or any other search engine for domains and you will get plenty of sites offering domains. Then you will want hosting, this is the space on the internet where the physical files of the site will sit. Hosting can start from 40 a year.

So far that’s all pretty cheap. Now you want a design. If you just want a small business website with say 6-10 pages and you don’t want the ability to change the content on the site then you just want a basic html static site’. This should be the cheapest type of website and should only set you back a couple of hundred pounds tops.

If you want the ability to add new pages and change the content then you will want a content managed website, known as a CMS (content management system). Many companies have built their own and will offer you their all singing and dancing CMS system. But this is where you should beware. Many are not built with the search engines in mind. A simple static html site I spoke about before is fine for search engines, but more technical sites such as ones that have a CMS are built using different code making them dynamic. This code might make the website not visible in the search engines meaning all the new pages and products you might add will not get found when search for in Google for example. Try remembering one simple word SEO’ (search engine optimisation). If a content management system is SEO friendly then you know it will show up in the search engines.

About the author: Moustique Design are an affordable web development company offering SEO friendly website design london including business website design.

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  1. could you find a web page on uk garden dog kenel designs?
    we want to build dog kenels in our back garden could you find any web pages in the UK that have pictures and designs that could give us a few ideas?

  2. Web design UK – which company to choose?

    I have the job of finding a web designer that will design a new website for the company I work for and provide excellent optimisation in a competative UK market. I would like to know if anyone can tell me of any ‘go to’ companies that are good at both the asthetic designs and SEO. We are based in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire/Sheffield.

  3. What university in the UK offers a Web Design Degree?
    I currently live in the US and want to move to the UK to study. However, I’m interested in a Web Design degree (or a Digital Arts degree with web courses). Basically something like this: http://www.fullsail.com/web-design/overview.html

    I’ve been looking at universities but haven’t found one with that sort of degree yet. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  4. What are the best websites for finding different colleges in UK offering various web design courses?
    I mean like similar to the Access to Higher Education website showing a database of different colleges in UK offering various Access to HE courses but in this case web design courses. Thanks.

  5. Hello,

    Im based in Sheffield our website is here http://www.treendsolutions.co.uk you can find some samples on our portfolio.

    Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, our prices are very competitive and will help with all areas to get your site up and running no matter how complex, if you could send over your requirements, design preferences etc… i would be more than happy to help.

    We have a few reviews on our site, or here: http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(treend-solutions)_149604.htm.

    Hope to hear from you soon, if not then I hope your search goes well.

    If you need any free advice regarding SEO then please feel free to get in touch

  6. Any body knows the best Web Design and Graphics design company at UK?

    I want to know the best Web Design and Graphics Design at UK?

  7. Try looking at the UCAS website, they have lists of all courses available at UK universities (www.ucas.com).

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