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PHP in Website Development & Acceptance of PHP Websites at Global Level
Among number of programming languages for website development and various web supporting & developing tools, PHP developments are widely admired by the developers and nowise people as well. Various technical and non technical properties of the PHP provide power to web development. Since the inception of PHP, developers have derived great solutions for the development & designing the websites. The latest version of year 2008 of PHP is 5.2.8.
Developing websites in PHP allows the developers doing various experiments which become cause for the new innovations in the field of web development. Developing & Implementing content-oriented web pages and flexibility & power in designing is a main cause of using PHP programming language for the number of web development works. Popularly PHP websites known as dynamic websites, most of the ecommerce websites are developed by using PHP and developers enjoy developing fully functional & efficient websites. Modifications & up-gradations are very easy in PHP developed websites as this programming language use to provide powerful rights at administration level. For the creation of websites which should allow multiple platforms and browser independency PHP is said to be very useful tool, end users of the website enjoys platform independency which adds more value to easy to use and flexibility feature of PHP websites.
Most of the popular databases prevailing are supported by PHP such as MySQL, Oracle, Solid, Generic ODBC, Sybase, Informix, etc. For the development of complex websites PHP is the best programming language according to industry experts as well as it allows changing the whole functionality according to needs. Not only in the area of website development but PHP is proving its versatility in development of enterprise applications also and recognized as fourth popular language among other website development programming languages.
Every business organization likes to present products & services attractively and PHP driven websites are so popular among business world for providing fascinating looks. Most of the small & medium sized companies use to prefer PHP development for their web development needs because they prefer cost effectiveness. Open source products are popular among developers and they always look for good compatible programming language for website development. Fortunately PHP accepts integration with all open source products and produces very interactive and functional websites.
PHP website development is globally accepted, numerous web development companies are providing customize services in PHP web development to outsourcing companies. Most of the offshore outsourcing in website development demands for PHP solutions due to its dynamic presentation features. For the last many years PHP website development is serving the business world constantly for online ventures.

Tips for ECommerce Application Development for Non Professionals
From the older day of barter system to eCommerce applications the escalation of technology has brought advancement in selling and buying habits of the people. Living styles, computing styles and the way of conducting business have changed and changing at great pace with regular development in the technology. Latest way of conducting business in most developed society is eCommerce.
It is the age of internet, in which business is going under its latest form and regular demands for new or fresh designs, development techniques, smooth communication for error- free commercial &non commercial transactions, platforms, tools, etc. ECommerce Application Development is the process of providing solution to conduct online business for product & services. Development of eCommerce applications is the sensible process of integrating various IT technologies and technical processes for performing online commercial practices. Developing the eCommerce web application is critical without professional and technical expertise. Prior to anything a developer should have knowledge of business nature and complete know-how about the products and services to make rough idea about the application. Another important issue is the nature of customer base, developers must study the consumer behavior before starting any technical process.
Contemporary eCommerce customers are smart and active and expect quick navigation system to get the overview of the site in less time, so designing of the eCommerce website should be able to make all the products visual in very initial round of navigation. Feature of order history is a best way to implement for helping the customers, storing the favorite products on one page for further ease in purchasing, easy processes are always help customers such as no need of repeat registration for purchasing new product, shopping cart should be user-friendly to welcome customer again, simple billing & shipping processes and application should allow customers for maintaining multiple billing address. Moreover, simple checkout process & decent customer services are best practices to please customers for more visits.
Strong administration is the basic requirement of any eCommerce application which offers to control and manage all the commercial as well as non commercial functions. Through admin panel administrator can change or update the product catalog, maintain orders, work of printing necessary things such as packing slips, creation of sales reports and inventory reports, catalog settings, uploading images, content addition, marketing & promotional activities through integrated mailing system and providing solutions to customers queries.
ECommerce application development is critical for the non professionals as it demands for a variety of features to satisfy the customers as well as sellers. Contemporary online business requires professional approach for the desired success.

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  1. What technological factors do web developers need to consider before they can publish their finished site?
    What technoligcal factors do web developers need to consider before they can publish their finished web sites?

    What impacts do these factors have on the deesign and development of the web site, and what steps can you take as a web site diesner to minimize the effects of the technology?

  2. Any good web developers and designers in Australia?
    I am currently planning to start a website and would appreciate it if any of the beautiful people out there could forward any information, links or advice of professional web designers and developers in Australia?

  3. What are good resources to locate independant Web Developers in my city?
    I don’t want to talk to someone in India or far away, I want to meet in person and discuss a web based business I am contemplating. I do not want to POST my job and have others respond, because there are Intellectual Property issues involved in that. I want to locate self employed or independant Web Developers in my city to discuss possible designs. Any suggestions other than Craigs List will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  4. Start with something open source, you can load up the basic program then just download hundreds of modules and templates other people have made to do what you want. Open source software usually has lots of guides and tutorials too. This means you can do it yourself or the person you hire will be MUCH cheaper.

    It’s silly hiring someone for 15-20k to fully recreate things that other people have already made and you don’t want to get locked into one program that only a few people know how to use.

    If you go with something lots of people know how to use, it will be much cheaper and easier to set up or make changes. In the future you might want to change the website and you don’t want to have to find another expensive expert in software that most people don’t use.

  5. a website have to be on a server that have good uptime
    big bandwidth, not many people share the same machine

    and u have to make your website accessible for disable people

    the server must support the dynamicly script that u have write it and many more

  6. How can find web polish developers for hire ?
    I’m looking for qualified Agile web developers, and I’ve heard polish web developers are usually extremely qualified and reliable. I’m looking for polish developers because I want to be able to meet them before hiring, and because they are less expensive than UK developers.
    please no Indian developers, as I want to meet the developer regularly.

  7. There are dozens of sites, but these are some good ones I know:


    The virst two are particularly good ones. The last one I know is best for Flash related work, but I bet you could find a general web developer on there as well.

    You should really ignore the second comment, the one about just Googling. Just because someone is high on Google does not mean they’re good. There are ways to get high on Google that are actually illegal and would get you banned form a search engine if you were ever caught. Likewise there are literally thousands upon thousands of developers.

    Your best bet is to head to a good site with job postings for developers and post a job and see who responds.

  8. hi I’m from India and I’m looking for freelance web page designing, logo …..if u want i can build and host website for u!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How much web developers charge for social networking website?
    I am planning to create social networking website like facebook.
    Please any one tell me if I hire freelancers or professional companies, how much do they charge?
    Give rough idea for both of them.
    Also, If I hire web developers from India or China, how much it will cost me?

  10. From India, if you hire an outsource company, expect to pay $8 to 10 per hour.
    If you hire an individual from India, expect to pay $4 to $6 per hour.
    Expect it to take twice as long and be half as good. I have no experience with IT from China, but I can tell you that if my experience from India IT is any clue, the people that do web design for outsource companies in India get about $4/hr and if they were in America, they would still only be worth $4/hr. (I warned you)

    Expect to pay anyone in the USA $2000+ depending on features. This is a “getting started” price for basic Facebook functionality.
    Expect that coming close to what you get from Facebook will take a very long time and probably cost over $6000++ when the details are finished.
    You could easily pay over $50,000 depending on who you hire and what the project details are.

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