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The functions of MIS

MIS is acronym of management information system which can do collection, transmission, storage, processing, maintenance and use of information, composed of human, computer and other peripheral equipments. As an emerging science, the main task of it is to strengthen the information management of enterprises by taking advantage of modern computer and network communication technology to the largest extent, and set up the correct data based on the research of human resource, financial resource, equipments, technology, etc. owned by enterprises, and provide timely various of processed and systemized information data to the manager so as to make correct decisions and improve continuously the management level and economic benefits of enterprises.

At present, MIS of enterprises has been the main resort to reform technology and improve the management level. The office and management of a enterprise will be towards a effective, rapid and paperless direction. MIS is generally used for system decision-making. For instance, enterprise employee can make use of MIS to find out problems that need to be solved urgently and feedback in time to the upper managers in order to make them understand the current progress and its shortages. The main functions of MIS are as followsc
data processing
It includes the collection, transmission, storage, processing and output of data. It simplifies the statistics and reduces to the lowest cost by supplying an unified format.
function of prediction
It predicts the future situation by applying modern mathematics, statistics or simulation.
function of plan
It arranges reasonably the plans of each functional department in accordance with the restrictions afforded by enterprises and provides the appropriate planning reports according to different management.
function of control
It monitors and inspects the operation of plans and comprises with the differences between operation and plan in accordance with the data afforded by every functional department, and be assistant to managers to control timely each method by analyzing the reasons why the differences comes into being.
function of assistance
It derivates instantly the best answers of related problems by applying to various of mathematics mode and analyzing a plentiful data stored in computers in the hope of using rationally human resource, financial resource, material resource and information resource for relative abundant economic benefits.

About the author: MIS is acronym of management information system which can do collection, transmission, storage, processing, maintenance and use of information, composed of human, computer and other peripheral equipments.

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  1. Jobs in web development? (UK)?
    If I start to learn HTML, Javascript ect will I be able to get a job in web development? Or are there too many web developers already?

  2. yes there are if you have the skills that are required by the targeted clients and if u can initially design for a small value. Collect your clients as u go and we would loose our companies in the sub indian islands.
    It is just a shift in the geographical location but if the talented designers are made in the uk , the saying that every IT job require an indian brain will vanish in no time.

    Start learning the basics of HTML , CSS, WORPRESS. bit of graphical manipulation. And u will have your company full of clients.

  3. Apprenticeship in Web development ? UK (North East)?
    I have been looking for a while now and have been to direct gov and most sites like it but there is either the job near where i live without the apprenticeship or the apprenticeship but no where near.
    I live in Grimsby, i am 16, moved out of parents house, unemployed and getting very desperate.
    Found anything ? and try this site, http://thenewboston.org/

  4. Apprenticeship in Web Development ? UK (South East)?
    I am looking to maybe become an apprentice in Web Development.
    For starts, do they do these kind of apprenticeships?
    And if so does anybody know of any Web Designers, or companies that may be able to consider taking somebody on in the UK ?

    Many thanks x

  5. Websites for Web development jobs in UK?
    I’m trying to find Web development (specifically PHP) jobs in the north east of England. Aside from the big sites like Monster, Jobsite, the Guardian and Totaljobs, can anyone else recommend job sites I can sign up to for this sort of work?
    Many thanks.

  6. Have you tried Craig’s List?

    also-if you don’t mind is your avatar name significant-it’s a exact spelling of a family’s name I know that’s unusual-(e-mail me pls)

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