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Features And Advantages Of Object Oriented Programming Languages

An object-oriented programming language (also known as OO language) is one that allows a website development service to use object-oriented programming techniques including inheritance, modularity, polymorphism and encapsulation. The first language to boast primary features of an object-oriented programming language was the Simula. The Simula was released in 1967 followed by Smalltalk, which was in huge demand between 1972 and 1980. In fact, Smalltalk is one of the best examples of object-oriented programming.

“Pure” OO languages have everything in them treated as an object. From primitives to prototypes, classes, blocks and modules, these languages were designed to enforce and facilitate OO methods. Examples of pure OO languages include Eiffel, Ruby and Smalltalk.

A custom web development expert employs object-oriented programming languages in the web development process. Here are some features of Object-oriented programming languages in website development services:
Quick Turnaround Time: OO languages have a comprehensive code library that a programmer employs in developing websites. With an extensive code library, the programmers can develop web sites in a quick, competitive and economical manner.

Quick Output: The coding under Object Oriented programming language is highly systematic and organized. Programmers can on a project with ease without affecting the pace of web page development.

Objects and methods developed can be reused in other programming languages: Object oriented programming ensures development of reusable code library. Programmers can reuse the objects, block and modules in other projects and programming languages.

Modern-day Object Oriented programming languages run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix operating system, Palm Handhelds and .Net virtual machines. Here are some benefits of using a modern-day object oriented programming language in websites development:
They boast exception-based error handling techniques They feature high level and dynamic data types There is a natural expression of procedural code OO languages include high level third party modules and extensive standard libraries
Most OO languages are flexible enough to handle any domain problems. Some OO languages such as Python allow programmers to build web servers in three lines of code. This ensures error-free web development.

About the author: I am the webmaster at www.synapse-consultants.com a custom web development company offering numerous services, such as content management, offshore software development, online marketing, search engine optimization, search marketing, and website maintenance services.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/programming-articles/features-and-advantages-of-object-oriented-programming-languages-814015.html

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  1. what would you consider the best web page development program?
    im 17 and am currently learning how to build websites using dream weaver. i really enjoy it and am getting pretty good at it. i was wondering if anyone knows the main programs used in the real life industry for web page design. all answers are welcome. thank you

    check out my website at consumersfurniture.com
    its my first one ever so give me a break. but any tips and tricks wuld b greatly appreciated . thx.

  2. Any suggestions for web page development software for home use?
    MS Expression Web seems interesting, but I’m not sure. Thanks.

  3. Hey Zak,

    Dreamweaver is the de facto standard so that’s certainly not a bad one to be learning. In my opinion though if you truly want to be a good web developer you will learn to write all the code by hand rather than using some kind of WYSIWYG editor. My personal recommendation is Slick Edit ( http://www.slickedit.com/ ), it’s a great editor for a lot of different languages – but it’s not free. They do have deep discounts for students though. If you don’t want to spend any money then something like Notepad++ would probably be just fine too.

    Photoshop (Gimp is a good open source alternative) is also a de facto standard.

    Now as for your website… I’m not trying to be harsh, I’m only trying to help you get better at what you want to do.

    Let’s start with looks. The color scheme is hard on the eyes. How often do you see a darker green background like what you’re using?

    Your menu buttons (Home, Products, Specials, etc.) they really need some padding around the text so it’s not so close to the edge of the button. The buttons along the left hand side – some of them are hard to read due to font family and font size. Drop shadows are kind of neat looking but they aren’t doing you any favors here.

    “Accesories” on the right hand side is spelled wrong. It’s “Accessories”. This happens a LOT because most of us are not the best spellers in the world. You either have to get better at spelling or find someone else to look over your work and point out spelling/grammar errors.

    The best thing you can do to learn how to make a more attractive interface is to look at a lot of other sites. See what color schemes they use. Notice how they use curves instead of straight lines.

    And now a bit about the technical stuff… I notice you have a “Products.html” page and a “specials.html” page. It doesn’t matter whether you capitalize the first letter or leave them all lowercase – but it’s pretty important that you get in the habit of being consistent. It will make your life a lot easier if you always do the same thing.

    Table-based design is a habit you should break right now. Learn how to use CSS to control the look and layout of your pages.

    All CSS and Javascript should be external files and they should be packed/minified. You can find a Javascript packer here: http://dean.edwards.name/packer/ and a CSS minifier here: http://www.cssdrive.com/index.php/main/csscompressor/

    There are some very helpful extensions you can get for the Firefox web browser that will help you:
    Firebug: http://getfirebug.com/
    YSlow: http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/
    Web Developer: http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/

    That should be plenty to keep you busy for a while. Keep on learning!

  4. Is it important to have a degree in web page development?
    I use to be attending school to obtain a BS in Digital Media. I recently left the school because of the cost of tuition and deciding the major there wasn’t right for me. I’m currently at community college getting a degree in medical office technology and finding the classes extremely boring. I’m engaged and to be married in 2009, my husband will have still a year left for his degree so we’ll be living in an apartment while he finishes. I will need to get a job immediately so I don’t have time to change my major right now since I have a short time frame to finish my degree while working part-time.

    Though, after my fiancĂ© finishes his degree I’m considering going back to school for web page design. Though, I’ve been told before depending on how good your portfolio is you can be a web page designer without a degree. I’m still assuming it’s very important to have a degree no matter what you’re doing. For you that are already web page designers how important is it to have an AS or BS?

  5. Unless you are trying to get a job with a company that requires a bachelor’s degree, I wouldn’t really say it’s necessary. In fact, with most computer related fields I think it’s more important to know what you’re doing than to have the degree.

    If you have the know how, you could try getting a job at a web design firm, or you could do it freelance.

    What might actually make you more marketable than a degree is certification in the relevant languages/programs. I don’t know what certifications would apply specifically to web design, but you may already know enough to pass some of the exams.

  6. how much i can charge for a basic web page development?
    i like to do some web development projects,really i dont no about the charges, so i need ur help,can u tell me the basic retes for the web page developments?

  7. What program to use for web page development?
    So I already know some HTML and Javascript but I am curious as to what people use to make pages like well..yahoo answers. I don’t see how you could make this kinda page with html unless you had lots and lots of code. Anyway I would really appreciate an answer from an actual programmer but if you know the correct answer please answer!

  8. I use WeBuilder 2010.

    Every webpage is made of HTML, even Yahoo! answer (right click > view source). The key thing is that Yahoo! and every other dynamic website use dynamic web languages and databases to present and store information.

    So basically the dynamic web language (like PHP or CGI) generates the HTML.

  9. Look around your area and survey companies that provide the same service and find out their rates. Judge your experience level against theirs, and then decide how close to their rates you feel comfortable charging. If you charge too little, people will not use you because they will think you are not good enough. If you charge too much, nobody can afford you.

    For example:
    You polled all of the companies in your area, and they charge 100 units per hour. If you think you are just as good as they are, then charge 95 units. If you think that they are better than you are, charge 75 units. If you think you need to charge less than 75 units, you shouldn’t be doing the work.

    I say Units because I have no idea where you are from or what the economy is there. The numbers can easily be converted to a percentage and used with any local currency.

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