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Web Site creation requires a set of skills that are not easily obtained. However, there are a set of website creation tools that automate this process and make it easier to create websites. There are two levels of tools that can be used. One is the template based tool and the other is the stand alone program.

Stand Alone Web Site Creation Tools:

These applications offer the most flexibility in creating custom websites. There are a number of standalone website creation tools that allow the coding of a website from scratch. There also are tools that are specialized in creating one aspect of a website. Then there are applications that allow you to perform the coding of the website and that provide applications for image manipulations.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a great application to use for the base coding of a website. It was one of the original complete suites that offered a standard feature set for website creation. This software lets you have a graphical interface, syntax color and debugging tools. The most popular application for image manipulation is Adobe Photoshop. It offers the most extensive feature set. However, it is hard to use and is also very expensive. A good free alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. A good tool to use for animation is Adobe Flash.

Stand Alone Website creation tools are designed to be used by professionals in website design and development. They are not easy to use and require a certain level of technical knowledge. However, these tools are not very difficult to learn. If you take some time and learn how to operate these tools, then they allow the greatest level of customization and flexibility to create a website.

Template Based Tools:

These tools are much easier to use. These tools are often a part of the services offered by a web hosting company. They offer a choice of already existing design templates for your website. They are meant for completely non technical people and are very easy to use and modify.

In order to use a template based site creation tool, you may need to sign up for a monthly service plan. However, the very low cost of these tools is their key selling point.

Though many of the template based tools allows you to customize the website, the level of customization that they provide is much lesser than the stand alone tools.

An example for a Template based Website creation tool is Website Tonight. The advantage of a template based tool is that you can create a website by just spending a few hours on the tool. You can even reset the template and start creating a website again if you dont like the results. Website Tonite gives you complete control on the look and feel of the site, navigation and content. There are no limitations on how much content you can add to your site. One last thing is to make sure the tool you use is compatible with your web hosting package. While most are, its always a good thing to check.

About the Author:
About the author:
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10 thoughts on “Web Site Creation”

  1. Where can I get templates to use for mobile phone web site creation?
    This means I want xhtml templates to BUILD the web sites for mobile phones, NOT templates to use for the sale of mobile phones. I already have a host, I just need the software and templates. Thanks.

  2. What’s the best web site creation software for a small business site?
    Also, is there good free software to use for personal sites?

  3. What’s the best PC-based software for Web site creation?
    I have an idea for an online business that will require a Web site with a back-end data base, i.e. people will post information and it will automatically be sorted by category, like for buying and selling stuff.
    I have skill in this area, used to be a Web master for a publishing co.

  4. Programming a web site is not a quick and easy task. I’ve been using Dreamweaver and ASP to create a Customer Resource Management (CRM) web site for over a year now. I’ve got some really good stuff on it, but it still has MANY broken links because I’ve not been able to complete the pages.

    If you have an idea and need a web site and you are asking this question you are failing to realize you need to HIRE someone with appropriate skills and this will not come cheap – probably looking at $3000-$30,000 (custom programming is NOT cheap – why do you think I’m doing it myself – and I have some skill in this area (by no means an expert)).

  5. What do you think is the fastest and most reliable way to learn web site creation and management?
    My first reason is for a job that requires web site management as one of the qualifications. I may not have to do the actual upkeep myself.

    Second is that I want to create a site that will be a tribute to my late partner to showcase his writing.

    I need to learn ASAP as the job interview is next week. (No disrespect to people who do this professionally. I just have to show that I am committed to learning and have learned something already. (I have two videotapes on writing HTML).

  6. I’ve created a website to help you get started creating your own page. I let you know about the best free web hosts, domain names, and more. I have listed free software you can use to make your page, as well as free premade graphics, how to learn HTML and the list goes on. Also, I tell you how you can make money with your website.

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  7. I want to learn web site creation and design & basic programming. Could you recommend any books or websites?
    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate any help

  8. If you want to go with the free route, check out http://www.w3schools.com

    What I did was read these books:

    1.) Sams Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours – http://www.amazon.com/Sams-Teach-Yourself-Hours-Coverage/dp/0672330970/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315964178&sr=8-1
    This one contained a lot of mistakes and wasn’t great explaining HTML and especially CSS. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    2.) Javascript: The Definitive Guide – http://www.amazon.com/JavaScript-Definitive-Guide-Activate-Guides/dp/0596805527/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1315964242&sr=1-1
    An excellent book that helped me understand Javascript. Slightly long, however (1098 pages). Would recommend if you have the time to get through it.

    3.) PHP and MySQL Web Development – http://www.amazon.com/PHP-MySQL-Web-Development-4th/dp/0672329166/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1315964333&sr=1-1
    I’m actually reading this book right now. So far, it has been great. That being said, I’m only on page 326 out of 1008.

    Good luck.

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