Web Site Design Prices

Website Design Prices

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Most of the people think that web design is all about pasting some words and pictures together and posting them online. No doubt that sort of attitude has created some of the terrible and non-working web sites we see out there. At Webley Infotech Pvt.Ltd., we know that web design involves a lot of work – and we’re not scared to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Our professional team of web designers excels in designing high quality and business oriented websites. Our experienced web designers follow a set approach to ensure we give you the best design that speaks out for itself and scores well on usability and professionalism. Our website designs are done keeping in mind your target audience and your business purpose/vision. We make sure all our designs are compatible with all the browsers and are perfectly validated with W3C. Our designers are proficient in XML, Flash, HTML, CSS, XHTML, Web 2.0 standards, ASP.NET, php. net, AJAX, JavaScript and more.

Our Web Design Company in India has been providing Professional Web and Graphic Solutions in India, E-Commerce web development, Indian Web Designers and Web Developers to Offshore Companies. Web Agencies, Marketing Consultants and Small Business Web Design Services outsource to India for affordable Web Site Design prices. We offer web design service for any kind of business or industry. Our creative team of web designers spends time to understand your business and plans out strategies. These strategies are then repeatedly refined with your feedback and inputs to make sure we give you what you like. Interactive features and functional tools are important to keep interest of users intact and to ensure users return visits on the website. Maintaining a fine balance between look ‘ n ‘ feel, theme, interface and navigation, form the essence of our website designing services. We help clients generate maximum value for their money. By understanding the quality of designs new web-age demands, we have formulated mockups that help our clients grow big, swiftly. Our ability to evolve unique and commitment to serve excellence has won us accolades from our global clients. Motivated by the deep conviction to deliver Distinctive and Expedite, we have excelled as a reliable web design company among business giants.We deal in template and customized design websites. Through sound industry understanding, professional approach and techniques, web designers at Webley Infotech Pvt.Ltd.India help global clients in making acquainted and eye-catching custom website designs in order to increase website’s conversion rate.

About the Author:
Hi! I am Manish Kumar, Sr. SEO by profession in Webley InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.I m very passionate about my work n always try to improve it further. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an art of creating or modifying a website or a web design so that it can be properly indexed by major search engines. Web Design is an art of content presentation to a customer through World Wide Web.

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10 thoughts on “Web Site Design Prices”

  1. Prices for a web design site?
    Me and ma mate steven are thinking off making a web design site, where people pay so much up front we make it and then give it to them and they give us the rest.

    Hosting + Site Design + Email = ??
    Site design + Hosting or Email Address = ??
    Site Design = ??
    Hosting = ??

    We are completly stuck on what prices we should have and i thought i should ask the community.

  2. This is a tough question. There are a number of ways to go.

    If you are just starting out, you probably dont want to lose any potential money. So if someone wants just a quickie for $200, or lots of work, unique logos etc, updates up to $2000.

    So either way, i would be tempted to offer a complete package, that makes it simpler.

    Basic Website-Email, Autoresponder, Newsletter center, advertising credits etc. etc.
    I would use WordPress to create the site, Give them a custom header only, give them the login and password.
    All they have to do is plug in their info.
    Give them one support free
    additional support at $25 each occurance.

    Professional Website- Everything above plus custom graphics, you will input two or more pages of their info, small updates each month, two basic support issues each month etc.
    You will advertise and promote the website with Google etc.

    If you dont now, I would start up a small demo website on a professional host. An example of the basic website, such as a sports store or bookstore.

    A pro host right now will only cost about $40 per year.
    Anyway thats my thoughts. Good luck.

  3. where to find a company that makes web site design with really cheap prices?
    companies makes web site

  4. heck i’d make one for you dirt cheap

    how extensive do you want it to be?

    are you going to pay someone to maintain it , or do that your self?

    those are the questions you have to ask yourself

    if you are smart you can just find a site you like, copy, paste, and “modify and alter” the source code, and walaa

  5. Web site design and building for stock investment?
    Anyone know of companies that build investment type web sites, preferably in california. The site will have stock prices, technical indicator’s, charts, etc. Willing to tallk with freelancers also.

  6. Can you recommend an online company that provides domain registration, web site design and hosting all in one?
    I am looking to open a small volunteer tourism website and need a company with reasonable prices and good service to register to my domain name and provide web design and hosting with some e-commerce as well.

  7. I use HostMonster..HostMonster offers the absolute best value for web hosting available today. They have the best combination of features, reliability, speed, and price, as well as the ability to consistently maintain the best customer service in the industry. They also allow you to host UNLIMITED domains and UNLIMITED subdomains with 1 account! They offer UNLIMITED email accounts, extremely generous storage(200G!!!) and bandwidth(2000G!!!) allowance, eCommerce capibility, free setup, free domain for life, tons of free scripts and bonuses, they accept Paypal, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. They also support PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby, SSL and more!

    HostMonster offers tons of additional useful web applications such as 100 free MySQL databases, spam protection, web templates, Agora Shopping Cart, OS Commerce, Fantastico script library, Form mail, Guestbook, Bulletin Board, PHP Nuke, Chat, Blogger, Promotion Tools, Image Galleries, Poll/Surveys, Web Auctions, and search engine submitter amongst others.


    Whether you are looking to host a personal hobby site or multiple, high-traffic, large eCommerce based storefront sites, HostMonster is currently the best value available.HostMonster also guarantees 99.9% network and server uptime.

    The price is only $6.95/month!!!


    Good luck!

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