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Hair Salon or Hairdresser Web Template: Why You Need Itc

It has now become vitally important because many people search for things online before use them offline: be it goods, services or information. This guide is suggested to hair salon owners to be shown to web designers who are going to create a website for you.

It will cover the basic elements the template should have to give a clear representation of your services, their quality and new-bees available. First of all you should think of website logo design.

Well it is actually the face of your brand and company and it is the most important part of the hair salon web templates, so the designer should pay much attention to the thing. It must be unique, attractive and easy recognizable.

Next thing is the header of the web template. I think that you can place a photo of the best hairdo that was done by one of the best masters of the salon. In case you have many good works to show off with, you still need to place the most attractive and, probably, the most complicated in the header and others should be placed in the gallery, where you can publish the best and the newest work of your masters or even your own work.

Navigation is another important thing you should care of while creating a hair salon website template. You need to make all important items easy accessible, so that the visitor could quickly find all information he or she needs on your website. The links should be big enough and the text should be easy readable and clear for understanding.

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  1. How do I get my new web template customized?
    I just purchased a nice web template but I need somebody to customize it. Where can I find some template customization at a cheap price?
    I was told that buying a web template is much cheaper than having a website done by a web designer who can cost hundreds of dollars.

    Thank you for your time.

    PS: It is a Flash Template that I purchased so I need somebody good at Flash Customization.

  2. web template?
    i bought a web template from templatemonster.com , now I unzipped it and try to follow the instruction for
    modification… BUT it keeps asking about database… does this one
    already has data base or should i make it? how? if it already has it,
    where is it?

  3. How do I get a web-template from photoshop to my website?
    I followed a tutorial for designing a web template in photoshop for my website… now it’s all in this one psd file.. how do I take this entire thing and use it for my website?

    There’s so many tutorials on designing web-templates in photoshop but I can’t find any on how to actually put those on your site to make them working?

  4. Is it possible to download web template with user registration and forums?
    I know you can use phpbb and there are many scripts and tutorials how to create registration and login. But my question is, if you can download web template already with registration and forums (possibly for free) and some guidelines of how to make it work. Thank you.

  5. How to Do Templates:

    How to Download and Edit a Template Video Tutorial: http://www.clantemplates.com/video/How_to_DL_and_Edit/How_to_DL_and_Edit.html

    How to Make a New Page Video Tutorial: http://www.clantemplates.com/video/CT_How_to_Make_a_New_Page/CT_How_to_Make_a_New_Page.html

    How to Upload Your Template Video Tutorial: http://www.clantemplates.com/video/CT_How_to_Upload/CT_How_to_Upload.html

    You could have made your own site for free. Lots of free hosting available along with the Visual/HTML Editors, free graphics programs and tutorials on how to make a web page.

    Flash sites are not Search Engine friendly so enjoy it. BTW, you could have made a flash site for free at http://Wix.com/ .


  6. First you need to convert PSD file into HTML markup. You can do it yourself, using PSD to HTML conversion service providers, or use automatic PSD to XHTML conversion service like http://psd2htmlconverter.com/en/.
    After you have markup you will probably want to add some functionality, like users registration, login, any other human-computer interaction, etc.. Also you probably would like to store some info in the database (DB). You can use PHP programming language to do that.

    Hope it helps,

  7. Is buying a web template and customizing it for a client considered cheating?
    Im a work at home amateur web designer and this is my first project. Is it ok if I buy a template and customize it and not tell me client?

  8. the better question is what exactly are you trying to accomplish… if you are simply looking for a forum there are several available
    phpbb (of course)
    what hosting package do you use? if your host uses c panel just install it with softaculous. if not dl file, upload to website extract etc. its kind of hard to tell with the vague description you gave what exactly you are looking for. and why you didn’t like phpbb

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