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I Want To Become a Web-Developer. What Should I Doc

Intercourse of contemporary world is performed through Internet. And all the applications, sites, e-mail and other services must be provided and they must work perfectly. Every morning we want to read fresh piece of news on our favorite web-site or we make money out of Internet. But who provides us with all these sites and other facilitiesc Web-developers, of course.

Pros of Being a Web-Developer

You can work at home. You don’t have to get up early in the morning and drive to your working place. You don’t have to spoil your mood in traffic jams, etc. you just wake up with good mood, drink a cup of coffee and start working in a good relaxed atmosphere;

It’s up to you to decide the time when you start working and the volume of your work for today. No one can force you to start only on particular time you are master of you;

Also, it is you who decides how much will you earn this month;

Being a web-developer you can easily outpour your personality in your works.

Sounds really goodc But there are still some bad points.

Cons of Being a Web-Developer

You have to take into consideration a lot of factors before starting to make a project, such as customer’s demands, art concepts, ways of realization, optimization, etc;

Also you have to be a good psychologist and be extremely tolerant, as customers tend to change their mind during your work over projects. Besides, you’ll have to confirm customers in better ways of solution of their problems if you see that what they offer won’t do anything good;

Constant spending time near PC harms your eyes and other organs, besides, sitting for a long time can cause a lot of diseases, such as piles, prostatitis, phlebeurysm, etc.

So before choosing, make sure that this is profession of your dream and you are eager to devote it the majority of your time.

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    The client is looking to launch a new Peer Review based website, on which consumers can pay a fee to become mebers and post regular reviews of various business services.

    A CMS based site is required that will allow a large number of users to upload content. These users will sign in through a secure login facility, and will have paid a user fee through a secure payment system.

    I am looking for a good web development company who can take over this project at a competitive price. Quotes ASAP

  2. I am a webdeveloper in php and mysql I want to change my domain to Oracle DBA?
    I am php programmer in php and mysql. I am having 2.8 years of experience in web development with php and mysql and .net as well.
    I want to change my domain to Oracle. If i do OCP certification and if I am having good knowledge in rdbms. Whether i will be able to change my domain or not.
    I am a PHP developer i found this is having less opputunity in MNC. So i want to go for OCP certification. Please suggest me whether it is possible to get job OCP by showing my previous experience

  3. What is a better webdeveloper tool? Firebug or Webdeveloper?
    What should I learn as a beginning HTML, CSS, PHP webdeveloper?

  4. Yes Ofcourse.

    Firebug is a wonderful tool.HTML,CSS is an essential one.By this tool,You can change the HTML,CSS code from that changes can be made on the webpage.

  5. In my opinion, to be marketable you must fill yourself with relevant knowledge. it is less about what certificates you have, but what you can do and contribute to the company (IT dept). Having OCP is good, but able to tangibly contribute to the company far more important.

    While economy is bad, it is good to always upgrade yourself.

    Good luck


  6. how to connect Css file with Html in office webdeveloper?

    i need those two work together, any ideas?

    have a great day&thank you

  7. Put the following between the head tags:

    If using an XHTML document type:

    If using any other doctype:


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