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Why Web Banner Designs Cost So Muchc

Go to myspace or just about any commercial site or blog and you will see a banner of some sort displayed somewhere within the contents of that page. It’s like a cattle run – the ‘banner design’ industry probably boomed when ‘google adwords’ was born! Pay to have YOUR banner or website seen on their affiliate pages or elsewhere on the web, i.e. google itself. And to be honest, it probably works.

Web Banner Pricing is not often questioned but it should be. Yes! They are absolutely valuable that is not the issue – website banner cost is!

More to the point – while recently ‘driving’ through the information highway we so lovingly refer to as the internet (for which I could certainly NOT live without), I noticed a plethora of websites that capitalize in this industry. The problem is, these companies are not really explaining why their web banner price is so high. Customc Premiumc Uniquec No, it has more to do with the fact that they are very cheap to produce compared to web banner costs their customers are paying! Just google “web banner design” and you’ll see. There are approximately 15 MILLION websites out there that refer to that keyword phrase alone!! Upon closer inspection, I realized that you would be hard up to find a company out there that will charge you less than .00 for ONE design.

Well, that’s not really much is itc Think again! The average time it takes to design a premium banner is about 15 – 20 minutes. So, lets calculate that – for the sake of it – lets say it takes 20 minutes to design a well created ad – and the company is charging .00 per design – they make 3 banners in an hour – that’s .00 PER HOUR! ,000 a year if they work approximately 30 hours a week! That is incredibly steep. Yes, banner design programs can be costly but they’ve basically made their money back with just two or three designs! Website banner cost has become quite ridiculous! Necessary evil is what I call it and should be frowned upon – let’s face it – with the web banner costs these design companies are charging THEY ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!! Do website banner design ads really drive more trafficc Yes! It has been proven to work – but is the web banner price really justifiablec Not at .00 a pop!

Shelley Joslin

Cheap Banner Design

About the author: Graduated in History and Political Science. Strong skills in web based designing. Favorite past time would be reading and spending time with friends and family – also watching comedy and horror movies.


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  1. What resolution would you recommend for a website banner?
    I am going to create a website for my company, I am new to website design however I am capable with technology and will be able to make a professional website.

    I am going to buy royalty free images on-line to use on my website, for example a banner at the top of my website, what resolution image would you suggest i use so that the image will not be blurred and to ensure quality is kept high.

  2. Does anyone know where I could find someone who would do a website graphic design logo/banner for free?
    I have just launched a really great wedding blog that will feature wedding resources and showcase event professionals and their services. I will have many top name event professionals who will be featured on the site and high traffic. I need to find someone to create a graphic design banner for my blog to sort of set the tone and so I need to find someone who is able to put together a really unique, but simple website banner/logo for the blog. I would credit them for their work and link them since many people who visit the site would be in need of graphic design for their ever-expanding websites and projects.

    Does anyone know a website that barters simple work for credit on a site? I know it would bring further work for them from visitors on my site, so does anyone know a site that has anyone who can do graphic design to make banners to build up their portfolios and do free gigs to showcase their work to others?

    Also, if interested, you can email me at

    It’s nothing hugely elaborate but just unique, funky and rock’n’roll vibe.
    If you don’t have anything resourceful to say, don’t answer the question, it’s pointless. Many new graphic designers do free gigs to beef up their portfolios and design free logos to be featured for credit to be linked. It’s not unheard of and I have seen it done many of times, so I don’t think I am asking for someone to grab the moon for me. I am looking to barter and get some help in return to help feature someones work. There is nothing wrong with that, so if you aren’t interested in pointing me in the right direction, buzz off and take your negativity somewhere else.

  3. Website banner design question?
    I am trying to design a banner for my website which changes the image every few seconds. This is what i’m trying to do -> The blue banner on that website changes the image after every few seconds. How do i do that in xhtml and css?

  4. Which search engine category should my Logo and banner design website list under?
    I need to list our website and most search engine categories are Arts, Business, Computer/IT they don’t always break it down to graphic design, website graphics.. The site is mainly for logos and custom banner design. If you are familiar with submitting to search engines, or where this type of website should be categorized, please give your opinion. Thanks.

  5. You need to submit your site to free directories and classified site which can help you expand your site link on search engine, Most of the directories also give its own search box where people can search site which include in directories.
    You should choose Business category or Computer/IT .

  6. aplication to go on my website for design (logo, banner etc…)..?
    Hello, im looking for an aplication to go on my website for design (logo, banner etc…) where the customer can design and see it before they buy, do you know where i can get this sort of aplication?

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