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Evaluating Website Builder Software

The internet is evolving everyday to such a degree that we rely on it in order to complete a wide range of tasks. From checking the weather forecast to buying our groceries; we are able to do almost anything courtesy of the World Wide Web. It is due to this huge boom in the internet that many of us are looking to create our own website. Whether it is for the purpose of business or simply a personal blog, having your own website opens you up to a whole new world. However, although the dream of wanting to have our own website may come easily enough, if we are not as tech-savvy as we initially think, creating a website from scratch can appear to be no easy task. However, with the use of website building software, we are provided with a user-friendly means in which to create our own website with ease, incorporating our own touch in terms of design and content. Even if you are completely unaware as to what HTML and CSS is, your website builder software will eliminate this issue, providing you with a functional and professional looking website.

How to choose the best softwarec
There are a number of different website builder software’s on the market at the moment and if you are an internet novice, it can be increasingly difficult to know what features will be most beneficial to your needs. Your chosen software firstly needs to aid you in designing your web pages easily although some software’s also include a range of advanced features which can help make your website look more professional, thus more alluring to web users. Features such as “search and replace” are great for quick modifications along with graphic editing features, transition effects, and templates, etc.

Templates can be extremely useful as they simplify many of your tasks related to the website development. Depending on the software you choose, you may be provided with hundreds of templates which will provide a different look and level of professionalism and style. A vast majority of website building software’s house a drag and drop feature for quick and easy use and the entire HTML coding, etc is translated by the software so in the event you are not knowledgeable in HTML, you can decipher how the page will look. Simply drag and drop your desired images, animations, fonts and formats from word etc and place them into their chosen location.

Media and e-commerce:
Many website owners are looking to advanced forms of media content such as flash, video and audio in order to keep their websites up to date with current trends and their competitors. A website building software can also aid you in adding these features, taking care of all the required coding for a professionally designed and tech-savvy website. Due to the simplicity of website building software, many programmers are fans of this method of modification due to its simplicity. However, in the event that you are looking to create an e-commerce website, this may not be feasible using a website building software package. An e-commerce site will require payment gateways and secure transaction details to be sent across the web which cannot always be created using this form of internet software.

Selecting the right software is extremely important as it will decide the end result of your website. Although one software may be cheaper, a slightly more expensive software will offer more features, thus will help to create a more attractive and professional looking website-this is extremely important if your site is intended for business use. Before investing in any website building software, firstly identify the purpose of your site, what your requirements may be and what your competitor’s sites are. Not only will this ensure that you do not purchase any software of which you do not require, but will also ensure that your website is the best that is can possibly be.

About the author: Jason Kay recommends that you read reviews of website builders to find the best one for your needs.


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  1. What is a good website builder for students aged 11 to 13?
    I’ll be making a website with my grade 7 and 8 class this year (each of them will make their own web page). I’m not entirely sure that they will get a full grasp on HTML coding, and would therefore, like to try a website builder. Does anybody have any ideas, or other suggestions on other programs that would be useful for students around this age.


    Kafafa enables the user to create professional-looking websites with no programming knowledge.
    Lifeyo lets people make websites. It is a simple and free website creation tool that lets anyone have a great looking website.
    Stiqr delivers on-demand site editing tools and applications to your site without any coding on your part
    Create, publish and manage easily your community on your website. Get your own social network in a very short time.
    Moogo is a free website creation service for small companies, associations and private persons. Moogo has dozens of features like web stores, blogs, photo albums and mobile pages.
    Rowdii generates a discussion forum next to every website in the world so users can provide feedback about products, and services online. The service also allows you to create links between related websites.
    Make the site you’ve always wanted now, instantly build, publish share. Create interactive, stylish ad-free pages, with Webon’s powerful site creation platform.
    ComfyPage is the tool you need to create simple, smart and super quick websites without the worry of hiring expensive web developers and designers. You get everything you need to build a website and have it live to the world.
    Jimdo is really easy to create web-pages, just sign-up, follow the link to your own Page, integrate pictures, videos and texts in seconds, change the design with a click, add as many pages as you want…and show your swifty Jimdo free page to your friends
    clickbooq is an easy-to-use website creation, management, and hosting solution developed exclusively for professional photographers like you. With clickbooq, you can create a professional, fully-featured Flash website in minutes. Customize your site with near-limitless options.
    Webs (Freewebs) is one of the easiest site building tools around that helps you create professional good-looking site for your family, friends, customers or just for yourself. Users are given 40MB free space and 500MB bandwidth per month.
    infogami lets anyone build good-looking, easily-editable web sites. One-click editing lets you fix typos instantly. With customizable templates your site looks just the way you want it to. Detailed graphs let you see how many people are visiting your site and many more.
    Easysite is an incredibly powerful, easy-to-use website builder. – Change the entire look and feel of your easysite with a mouse click – Pictures are a piece of cake with Easysite –
    Weebly is the easiest way to create, upload a website, and share it with the world for free. From personal to professional sites, Weebly will enable you to spend your time on the most valuable part of your site, its content.

  3. Yes, it’s called SiteBuilder, and there is a new version out. Before you download again, I would Start>All Programs>Yahoo!>SiteBuilder>Update SiteBuilder (in case your program only has a corrupt file). Yahoo will update your program for you. If the program is completely gone, here is the URL:

  4. Website Builder?
    I am looking for an open source tool that will allow me to create websites. Does anyone out there knows of such an open source website builder?

  5. I use Joomla for most of my websites. It’s a great open source CMS, very flexible. You need to have a host with a linux account, php, MySQL.

    I love Zen Cart for e-commerce.

  6. Who is the best website builder and marketer?
    I am looking for a reliable website builder and marketer with a reasonable price to teach me how to build a website and market it for e-commerce. I have read several books of online storefronts and I have found several companies offering this, but all seem to be a scam. Does anyone have any ideas?

  7. Website builder?
    Can a website builder really create a website the way that you want it??? i have a host with host monster… and i don’t have alot of knowledge when it comes to css and the more advanced but i know a little enough to keep me going. with the web builder that they provide would i need to know some more knowledge of css to use the site builder??

  8. I have a few websites The biggest One now im using its very helpful and gets it up fast.
    hope this helped mark.

  9. Well …. the website builder i strongly recommend you is Macromedia Dreamwaver. It is both used by beginners, intermmediate and proffessional web developers. It is very user friendly and you can work on Design Mode if you are not very well prepared with HTML codes. The Answerer above me said that is is paid. It`s true, but you can find it on torrent sites, that`s how i got it.
    The thing is that you can easily create good looking pages without advanced knowledge ( like css or php or mysql ). You can create your site without making a connection ( like proffessionals do ) with dreamweaver and the host you have. You can create your pages and then post them on the host, with a file manager.
    I have been using it since i started mu activity in the web. I managed to do resonable looking website with absolutely no Knowledge. There is always Help menu ! Remember that .

    I hope I heped you ! Goodluck with the web site!

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