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Is There Something Fishy About Mymoneyfish Matrixc

There’s a tsunami occurring in the sea of the internet about, the home based business opportunity that launched earlier this year. I wanted to give you some straight forward information about it just in case you are thinking about parting with some of your money.

What’s it costc

Its subscription costs you .95/mo. which in my opinion is extremely inexpensive and that’s my first “red flag”. Most of us think if it’s so cheap it must be junk and not worth our
time or effort, the “you-get-what-you-pay-for” mindset.

What do I get for .95/mo.c

If you join MyMoneyFish, you have access to a back office which holds 3,000+ digital marketing tools that you can download to your computer. These tools include software,
e-books, reports, web scripts, audio and video files and up to 30 additional new products every month which are no older than 2009, plus the newest 2010 products.

These products come with Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights that you can use 100% rights-free to generate traffic, sell as stand-alone products, or to giveaway as bonus
materials to your prospects or clients. That’s potentially 3,000+ income streams if you implemented all of them.

Some of the products include splash page software, website
creation software, banners and promo tools and even autoresponders plus there are many educational e-books by
people like Jimmy Brown, Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian and Yanik Silver.

Alot of the home based business opportunities that I run across offer trashy, outdated digital downloads. I think that MyMoneyFish separates themselves above the rest and actually offers value not only because of product volume but because of the contemporary products they add each month. Many of the products are really very good.

Can I make money with MyMoneyFishc

Your monthly subscription is what creates your residual income, it not only gives you the right to receive all the benefits as an active member (self replicating site, monthly
products, etc.) but it is what helps you and everyone else receive an ever increasing monthly income.

The commissions are residual at for every person in your matrix, whether they are on your first level or your fourth level. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but it really can add up quickly!

My Money Fish is a cleverly designed 10×4 Forced Matrix. A Forced Matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any member can have placed directly under them in level one. For example, with this matrix width of 10, a member can have a maximum number of 10 referrals for their level one. Any more referrals will automatically be placed below one of the 10 members he/she referred right below him/her, forcing the matrix to fill up faster.

It is a pretty simple structure. The .95 to join makes it accessible to everyone, thereby giving it mass appeal. You then pay .95 monthly to maintain your membership, and as soon as you have ten people directly under you (referred by you or as a spillover), your overheads are totally paid because it generates commission paid from their joining fee.

The 10×4 Forced Matrix means that those first 10 people that are placed under you, either by your own efforts or because of the spillover, are on your first level. As soon as those start inviting people to their site and/or get people under them because of the spillover effect and so on… it will continue growing exponentially. I don’t necessarily recommend that anyone rely on the spillover, but it is a very real possibility.

The logical addition of this is that this doubling effect can happen in only days and it will quickly have thousands of people involved.

My Money Fish matrix offer is capped at ,220 a month, what this means is that the matrix fills out to only 4 levels. Once this matrix is filled you have secured a monthly income of ,220. My Money Fish will then expand the amount of people you can receive in level one and thus allowing you to work another matrix and you will be able to continue this process many times.

When you think about it the idea has been around since we first ditched the barter system for a monetary system of coinage. You could create a system of growing money by making entrance to the system affordable, rewarding people for bringing others into the system, and using leverage to build volume and profit. That’s what’s called a Forced Matrix, and it is just one of many variations of using money to effectively create money.

They had a few gliches when they first launched which made people skeptical (naturally) but most problems occured due to the massive popularity and their servers weren’t prepared for the traffic. They originally only made this available in the US but now have opened it up to other countries and have recently added a Spanish site. So even if you don’t make a dime with this I think for the ten dollars/mo. you can’t go wrong, many of the products they offer for instant download cost way more than ten dollars if you buy them individually on the internet.

I feel there’s nothing fishy about MyMoneyFish and it is not a scam but a legitimate home-based business. The products are useful and can be resold for added income. The site is easy to navigate and there are plenty of promotional tools and marketing ideas in the back
office. So have some fun and make some money at

About the Author:
E. Elizabeth Edwards – online entrepreneur and author shares her insightful articles and tips about Internet Marketing to help you improve your ability to make income online. Get her free ebook on How To Make Money With Your Blog at
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10 thoughts on “Website Creation Software”

  1. What is the best website creation software?
    I am really interested in buying some software for website creation/design, but I am unsure about which to buy, I definitely want to buy the best out there, any suggestions???

  2. What is the best website creation software out there?
    I’m looking for a great site making program that will help me make professional and attractive looking sites. I need lots of features like image/text effects, flash, etc.

  3. Website creation: What software is commonly used?
    I need to become a website creation jedi immediately. What are the most common pieces of software used? I have heard of Dreamweaver from Adobe, is that any good? Is anything else better or easier for a newbee? I am a quick learner.

    If Dreamweaver is used, can it work alone or does it need other Adobe products too?

    Thank for your help!

  4. Well if you want to buy, there’s a lot to pick, choose one of them and try to master it. There’s no such thing like instant web master… Website creation software is nothing more than just a tool.

    Try Dreamweaver CS3, its easy and excellent in many ways. It’s US$399. You can see it’s features at:
    Download it’s trial first and try it for sure… US$399…

    Personally, it’s really doesn’t matter which software… In my experience, it is creativity that makes a big difference.

  5. What is the difference between Website creation software and Web design software?
    What are there pros and cons and what is your knowledge on them. Also in what category does Dreamweaver fall into.

  6. You heard right. Dreamweaver is the number 1 WYSIWYG website editor for professionals.
    Does it stand alone? Yes it can stand alone. However, you still may want the other Adobe Products like PhotoShop, to create the images, and Flash to create Flash objects.
    Dreamweaver is somewhat complicated to learn and master at first, but you will get the hang of it.
    As a heads up, some people may want server-side languages within their site, so it would be wise to learn PHP/SQL and/or ASP.
    Links are in the Source below.
    Visit to learn web design languages.
    Good Luck!
    If you need any further assistance/advice, feel free to contact me.

  7. What would be a great website creation software for a beginner?
    I would like to find a website software to help me create a online store for my wife to get off Ebay. I have some time and learn quickly and also have all kinds of picture and some graphic software to help with the process but know very little about creating a website. Can anyone give any pointers or advice?

  8. Web design software is for creating pages. Website creation software is for designing pages and managing your web site (all pages). Only a slight difference in most programs.

    Dreamweaver is a web site creation program and can also design single pages easily.

    Pro: Website creation software is good at keeping track of your entire website – and updating your site.

    Con: Website creation programs are more complex and generally harder to learn.

  9. Creating an online store is not for beginner software. In addition to html editor you need shopping cart and ecommerce merchant sortware. A good shopping cart should support database access so that you do not have to learn database coding.

    Your web host must support ecommerce. If you want to accept credit cards you will need a security certificate and a dedicated IP address.

    I use CoffeeCup software and for hosting.

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